What Is Sustainable Fashion

What Is Sustainable Fashion

In the Spring of 2019 I was extremely happy to accept a new role as a

Brand Ambassador for PIHKA collection

Outlandish Blog is all about bringing a more sustainable edge to personal style, and the way we look at and consume fashion. I’m an advocate for brands that have sustainable values imbedded into into their operations throughout the company and production.

PIHKA collection is a small company founded in Finland that designs and makes leather accessories from sustainably produced veggie-tanned leather.

Always in fashion,
sustaining charm

Their aesthetic is flawless, as you would expect from a Scandinavian company, and their products are of such good quality that they will last in use for decades. And in case of breakage, the PIHKA girls are much more willing to fix the damage for you, than allowing you to throw away such a quality item.

What Is Sustainable Fashion

Sustainably produced and veggie-tanned leather is the most ecological material available. You can read more about the brand’s story from these articles:

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or how I participated in their workshop:

#IMadeMyBag – PIHKA collection Workshop In Helsinki

And if you’d like to start leading a more sustainable lifestyle today, here’s a little treat for you:

Use code


for 10% off all PIHKA collection bags on their online store.

If you have any questions or hesitations about sustainability in fashion, or on how PIHKA acquire their raw materials, how those raw materials are treated, or how the bags are made, please do not hesitate to ask.

I have straight communication links to the wonderful PIHKA girls, so this is your opportunity to learn about what sets sustainable brands apart from the rest.


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