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I look forwards to hearing from you in regards to any feedback, collaboration ingueries and suggestions on what you would like to see on Outlandish Blog in the future!

Please e-mail me here for

– any commercial queries related to advertising, modelling, sponsorship or collaborations

– event invitations

– possible samples you would like me to review on Outlandish Blog.


I want to provide you all with an easy-to-navigate space with useful, fun and inspiring content in the form of pictures and text. To be able to do this I would love to hear any comments, positive or negative, you might have about the content I have previously created, or content that you would like to see in regards to Fashion, Lifestyle or Traveling.

When it comes to product samples I unfortunately cannot promise that all samples might be reviewed on my blog; I want to provide my readers with trustworthy and reliable information on products and services that I would use myself, and all samples might not meet these specifications. To avoid sending products in vain, please e-mail me first to discuss the product/service and how we could arrange the collaboration.

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