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Secret Revealed: The “Why” Behind My Blog


My very first diary entry is from the age of about 4: I had just learned to write and with cat-sized letters I spelled out the undying wish to one day be allowed to wear the kinds of shoes that my mum did that went clip-clop clip-clop. I’m happy to say that wish came true within just couple of years from making it.

Since then I’ve written a diary. Especially as a teenager diary was one of the most important and beneficial ways to let off steam or ponder on the multiple problems that adolescence brings with it. I also wrote a book when I was a teenager (a book that I never actually finished because I couldn’t come up with an ending) and drew comics. Still at this age I love stories and fairy tales so I guess it’s natural that I have the need to write stories (mostly factual these days) myself as well.

So there you have them, the 2 essentials of me; the need to document my life and the absolute love and adoration for beautiful shoes.

When blogs became a thing I was about to move to London so starting a blog where I could dump all the pictures and stories for all my family and friends to see was the best idea ever! I saved loads on the phone bill.

That was around 2010 when the technological changes started moving forwards faster than ever so obviously blogs became a completely different thing altogether as well. You could make your blog interact with your Social Media accounts and keep track on the amount of readers, where they were from and other analytics. Also picture editing tools had become easier to use and so much fun that the quality of pictures in blogs quickly improved… or deteriorated when edited too much. A mistake that I made in the beginning when I started another blog as a new adventure came across my path:

Moving to a country I knew nothing about, Slovakia. Living there really inspired me to start looking after my blog properly. I started following statistics about how many readers my blog had and from where, which motivated me to improve the quality overall. I started paying much more attention to the little things and wanted to write relevant and interesting texts with good pictures. Thankfully Slovakia provided me with enormous amounts to write about: trips around and about Europe, interesting cultural differences and just things happening all the time that inspired me to write.

Moving to Estonia sort of damaged the quality of my blog because the climate is nightmarish here, on top of which winter is the murderer of inspiration overall. It’s so dark most of the time that you can’t take proper pictures. Also getting my life started here – finding friends and things to do – proved to be a much bigger challenge than I ever expected. Often times there was nothing to write about. No picturesque surroundings worth photographing. And quickly this expensive city had drained me economically so that I couldn’t afford to even travel anywhere to find the adventures that this country refused to offer me.

But the writer inside me never goes away. Also this winter I experienced a “dry season” with my blog but with sun showing its beautiful, bright face again and with my project of moving myself out of here within a year the inspiration that the ever-horrible winter once again attempted to kill in me was revived.

My blog is my happy place. Here I concentrate on things that I like and enjoy, and ponder on matters that interest me or that I find challenging. If I can at the same time provide inspiration or new ideas to others, then that’s an added bonus that makes me very happy indeed.

So, if you are new to my blog, welcome! And for all of you I’d like to wish a sunny Thursday, it’s almost weekend peeps! ;)

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