Wizzair Review Everything To Know

WizzAir Review – Hand Luggage, Check-In And Everything You Need To Know

Wizzair Review Everything To Know

As you’re all probably aware by now, I travel a lot. I have traveled a lot all my life, mostly by air.

In addition, having been involved in all sorts of flight-impeding incidents, such as snow storms (actually, it was more sleet than snow, but you know how Brits are about anything other than water falling down from the sky), volcanoes erupting and spewing masses of ash into the atmosphere, and just plain fog being “too thick” (and I thought a radar was invented to tackle exactly that…).

I’ve flown both, tourist and business class, short and long distances, with and without stops, and I think I’ve seen pretty much everything, except an emergency landing. And let me make it clear, I wish I never witness an emergency landing!

There was a time when money was no issue for me so I could book flights with some of the most expensive airlines, with no issue, but these days I’d rather save money on travel to have more to spend at the actual destination.

So, for the past 5 years I’ve mainly flown Baltic Air or Norwegian, and I gotta say, the latter has been the most reliable airline I’ve flown with so far. Despite being a budget airline!

Now I can add another budget airline into my list; WizzAir. I was familiar with the Hungarian airline because they fly from my city in Finland to Gdansk, where my parents love to travel. So, I felt quite comfortable booking my flights to London with them.

What I didn’t expect was all the information that you should definitely be aware of before making your way to the airport; things like WizzAir’s policy on hand luggage and the fact that if you do not check in via their application, you pay.

So, I decided to write a little review of my experience with this very cheap airline, because we all know how unpredictable these budget airlines can be. This is not a sponsored post, just my own review according to my own experieces.

Hopefully this review and my tips will help you next time you opt to travel with lighter costs.

WizzAir Review

Wizzair Review Everything To Know

Punctuality 9 / 10

Before my trip I had read somewhere that for WizzAir it is very rare to be behind schedule; the flights arrive on time and leave on time.

This makes me think that their maintenance team, and the people who take care of the planes, are either super good or the company discards some essential steps. Why else would so many other airlines fail to stay on schedule as well?

In my case the plane did indeed arrive on time. But our boarding did not go so smoothly. Something was wrong, people in high-visibility jackets were running in and out of the plane and papers passed hands. We followed all this from behind glass doors.

Eventually they let us in, informed us that there was ice in the door’s lock, fixed the problem by melting the ice with a hair dryer (not kidding), and we were off. We departed 45 minutes behind schedule but arrived at our destination only 10 minutes behind schedule.

The return journey was spot on schedule. We departed on time and arrived on time. Overall I was very happy with their punctuality.

Priority Ticket 6 / 10

Just get it! It’s only a few euros extra but it delivers. Okay, I won’t deny that I’d rather not purchase anything extra, and that’s why I gave 6 points to this, but it really was worth it in this case.

If you do not purchase the priority ticket, you will be one of the very few who didn’t. If you already have tickets for WizzAir, and didn’t book a priority ticket, no worries! You can add the priority status on it when checking in on their app.

This is, obviously, a clever way to get a bit of extra money off the travelers, but it really is just a few euros (9€-11€), so it won’t make much of a hole in your budget, and in addition to boarding “in advance”, which means with most people, you also get this:

Wizzair Review Everything To Know

Hand Luggage 5 / 10

Yes, that’s right, with priority ticket you can bring a normal amount of hand luggage onto the plane without further extra charges. With a regular ticket you are only allowed a handbag. Yes, that’s it, no laptop cases, no backpacks, just a regular size handbag.

But by purchasing the priority status, you get to board the plane like any other, carrying a laptop bag and even a small handbag on top of a backpack or a bigger handbag.

Thank goodness I am the control freak that I am when it comes to traveling, so I checked everything 20 times beforehand. I had my laptop bag with me, and in most airlines it doesn’t count as luggage, but knowing that budget airlines may think differently I googled it. So, I didn’t need to start arguing with the staff at the airport about it but instead boarded the plane like any other time, thanks to the priority ticket.

Basically the priority status takes away a lot of the most common problems people have with budget airlines, such as:

Checking In 9 / 10

Most cheap airlines have check-ins as either self-service check-ins or you are encouraged to check in online. WizzAir does have check-in desks at the airport with staff included, but if you end up at the counter, they will charge you for it. So, online check-in is definitely recommended.

For the check-in you need to download WizzAir’s application to your phone. I don’t like useless applications, I’m quite particular about keeping my phone as “clean” as possible, but nonetheless I downloaded the app.

Check-in through their app was probably the most painless experience I’ve ever had in regards to technology. Even with adding the priority element to my ticket, the check-in was fast, really easy and so straight-forward that even the dummest of us could do it.

I like to print everything and take screen shots of all the QR codes and such, but this time I didn’t have a printer available. Thankfully the screenshot worked just fine the whole way.

Wizzair Review Everything To Know

Would I Recommend Them?

With an average score of 7,25 yes, I would.

Even though I would probably not opt for this airline if I was traveling with a big suitcase, but for short distance weekend trips this airline is perfect. As long as you remember to make sure that you’ve got the correct ticket, that allows you to bring a bag or 2 onto the plane, and check in in advance.

It’s cheap af, and honestly, you get what you pay for. Perhaps even more, because most of the expensive airlines, that I’ve flown with, are often late. Too often and for hours. From my experience, and according to the other reviews I’ve read, WizzAir is on schedule most of the time.

For someone who doesn’t consider flying a comfortable way to travel, the fact that you can trust the airline, makes a trip that much easier.

Have you guys ever flown with WizzAir or other budget airlines? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them versus more expensive airlines. xx


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