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About Bucket Lists – Waste of Time or a Path to Success


Pula, Croatia

I’ve never been a believer when it comes to bucket lists. For me it has always seemed like extra administration and setting unnecessary goals for yourself when you are already trying to reach all the goals that your professional as well as your personal life sets upon you. Why bother when life itself is enough of a challenge to blunder through?

But then again, maybe there are people out there whose lives are complete enough, who are content with their overall life-situations and thus can fit extra to-do-lists into their weeks and months.

So far asking myself to set any more goals than the one of getting through this day and then the next has seemed like too much of an effort. But what if setting myself a bucket list might actually help me in getting through this day and then the next?

I like trying new things, even things I know I’m probably completely shite at (like shooting… I really thought I could aim better). So, why not add a bucket list into the mix of things I’ve never done before. I think I will start small and see how it goes.

So, here goes! My Bucket List for the Spring (assuming it ever deems fit to turn up):

Walk home from work

Visit the Glehn Castle in Nõmme

Plan one trip abroad this year

Go see the cherry flowers in the Kadriorg Park

Eat something I’ve never eaten before

I think 5 is a good number to start with so let’s go with these. Not too challenging, not too much to ask even on a day when I don’t care much whether I wake up tomorrow or not. It’s quite action-packed though, but action is exactly what I have needed in my life these past couple of years.

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