Me, Myself and I


I’m Teresa, a Finnish-national with a global mindset. Finland was never quite big enough for me so at an early age I went and embarked on an adventure. And I’m still on it!

For years now I’ve written a blog about my many adventures but moving the massive package, aka my life story starting from year 2014, was too much of a task for WordPress so if you’d like to see what life was like in Bratislava, Slovakia or how the move from there to Estonia went, you can find all my previous adventures behind this¬†link.

Year 2018 brought along the idea that perhaps 2 years in the same place, a place where I have never been particularly happy, is enough.¬† Time to start planning again! I’ve given myself one year maximum to move myself elsewhere. Again.

Let the new chapter in the story called My Life commence!


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