perfect morning routine

7 Steps To Your Perfect Morning Routine

perfect morning routine

Mornings are the moments that largely determine the mood and the pace for the rest of the day. Magazines like to publish the morning routines of successful people, and there is a point to that. I have noticed the clear difference in how my days go when I do not stick to my regular morning routine.

Those mornings, when I can’t take my time to wake up, it takes me much longer to get my head around the fact that I’m at the office and it’s time to start producing stuff. Whereas after a normal morning I have no problem whatsoever in getting on top of the day’s tasks.

There are so many benefits to having a clear morning routine, even if you’re not running a million dollar business like those ‘successful people‘ on magazines. We all deserve a bit of luxury in our lives, and a great morning routine can be just that.

The main benefits are, but are not limited to:

  • having a clear routine gains you precious extra minutes each morning
  • it reduces stress
  • you are less likely to forget something.

I’ve never been a morning person myself, but through a regular morning routine I have learned to love mornings. I have changed my mindset into appreciating the little things about each morning and it has had whopping effects on my overall well-being.

perfect morning routine

Don’t touch dat snooze!

Okay, we’ve been here before. If you’re still doing this, I plead you to cease!

The snooze button was made to mess with your already confused brain when you’re supposed to get up and turn into a productive member of society within the next hour. Don’t do it! Why? I’ll tell you why;

You all know about REM sleep, right? This is the point in sleep where you should not be woken up. And it’s also exactly the thing that hitting the snooze button messes with. And when your poor brain is messed first thing in the morning, how on earth could it be at its best form for the rest of the day?

In the long run messing with the snooze button can cause damage to your physical health as well, and you will have serious problems with focusing. And if there’s someone sleeping next to you, waking up to your alarm every 8 minutes, the odds are they might not be there for long.

You need to make a decision and commit to it: you will not hit snooze anymore. I know it’s not that easy, but you can dot it! I did, and I promise you it will be worth it, even if at first it feels like complete hell.

Do couple basic stretches

Stretching in the morning ensures that it’s not just your head waking up, but also your body. Just couple basic stretches make your blood flow and thus increases your energy levels instantly.

Remember to be kind to yourself. Don’t set up a 10-minute routine you require yourself to go through each morning, and which you then learn to hate. Instead, the stretch can be as simple as what I do:

Straight after turning off my alarm I stretch my entire frame as long as I can while still lying in bed. From toes to the tips of my fingers I stretch as far as I can for 5-10 seconds, and after that jump crawl from bed. It’s a small thing that has a massive effect.

perfect morning routine

Drink a glass of water

We’ve all heard the benefits that drinking water throughout the day bring. I admit, I didn’t care about it all until I started adding water into my daily routine, and then went on a long holiday where I didn’t consume water continuously. The effects on my skin and energy levels were visible immediately.

Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning isn’t only a nice and fresh start for the day, but it also gets your metabolism going. And when your system is functioning on the inside, the affects show also on the outside as clearer eyes and nourished skin.

This is such an easy but beneficial habit to add to your morning routine. You can down a glass of water while your coffee is brewing.

Have breakfast

No matter if you like having a smoothie bowl with a sandwich and a matcha latte, or you’re just like me and base your breakfast on a cup of coffee, make sure you enjoy it.

Take your time making the breakfast and really embrace the slow living. Mornings were made for slow living (if you’re not trapped on the snooze-wheel)! By allowing yourself to wake up gently, and by learning to enjoy the process, you are setting yourself up for a good day.

My top tip is to eat your breakfast by the window. I don’t know anything more relaxing than sitting by the window watching life go by while you’re still in the process of waking up.

perfect morning routine

Don’t touch that phone

I know, I know, we all do it. Most mornings I do find myself scrolling through Instagram when I should be doing my make-up, but I do try to stay off it until I’m completely done.

I always pick my outfits the night before, and with my make-up routine being as simple as it is, I am often left with time to spare in the mornings for a wee social media update. But is it necessary? Hell no!

And truth be told, it is much better to use all the extra time in the morning on waking up properly and enjoying the little quiet time in peace before running out of the door to all the craziness outside.

We could all do this together, actually! Let’s set ourselves a rule that first we do our make-up and hair, and get dressed, and then we can pick up the phone IF there’s time to spare. Otherwise just leave the phone for the commute.

Brush your teeth

Some people like to have a quick shower in the morning, but personally I would rather jump off a bridge than remove my layers of clothing and wait naked until the water is warm enough. I shower in the evening anyway, and showering too often is not good for your skin.

Brushing your teeth suffices just fine. Such a quick and easy thing that, again, has a big effect on how you feel overall. Plus, it adds to your confidence leaving the house knowing that when you smile, it’s a bright, clean smile.

perfect morning routine

Make your bed

Every single successful morning routine includes making your bed. I remember when this was an impossible feat to me as a teenager, but I have since made it into a habit, that I don’t even notice doing.

The very last thing I do every morning before leaving the house, is to put on my clothes. My clothes are in my bedroom, so at the same time I throw on the bed covers. Doesn’t take any time or effort.

Leaving the house knowing that you will come back to a clean, safe home in the evening sets you up for the day completely differently, than an unmade bed does. Tiny thing, but tiny things are what make life so wonderful.

I’d love to hear if you guys have specific morning routines! ♥


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