Beauty favourite natural lipstick
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My New Beauty Favourite – Natural ILIA Lipstick

Beauty favourite natural lipstick Beauty favourite natural lipstick

Lipstick is probably one of the best accessories in existence; by changing the colour and texture you can tone down or amp up the volume of any outfit with just couple brushes.

I’m not a big lipstick user. Heck, I don’t have much of lips to colour up! But very recently I started experimenting with nude lipsticks when the shock of trying of bright red for the first time had faded.

This is kinda weird of me since I grew up under the complete opposite influence; my mum would’t even take the trash out if she’s not wearing lipstick and her bag, every single one, is equipped with at least 5 different shades.

My reason for not wearing that much lipstick in the past is a simple one: it’s quite high maintenance to wear. After sipping a cocktail or taking a bite of bread you need to apply more colour or adjust whatever’s left.

Yes, I’m aware of all sorts of special substances that make a lipstick stick, but there’s still the great danger of a line appearing at the inner corner of one’s lip. For some reason I detest that particularly much.

But now I’ve discovered different shades of nude, which gives one a lot more ‘range’ for trying out different shades while getting used to the feel of having your lips at center stage instead of eyes (which I tend to highlight).

Beauty favourite natural lipstick Beauty favourite natural lipstick Beauty favourite natural lipstick

As I’ve discussed here before, this year I want to take a more environmental and a sustainable approach to my blog, which is why I was very excited to discover a new brand selling natural make-up and their perfect shades of nude lipsticks.

Strolling around in New York we came across a store selling all kinds of organically produced and natural beauty products. I wanted to check it out in case they had some appealing nail polish colours available, but I ended up perusing the lipstick colours.

I came across this brand called ILIA, which I hadn’t heard of before. And the description about their brand and products really appealed to me:

“We reimagined our lipsticks to be long-wearing, truly hydrating and provide full coverage in just one swipe. Color Block High Impact Lipstick is crafted by hand and milled with customized pigments in organic castor seed oil to offer four times more pigment than any lipstick we’ve ever made.”

I can now confirm that they deliver what they promised. Their lipstick feels creamy on the lips and even in below 0 temperatures my lips stayed moisturized.

On top of which, ILIA is exactly what this world needs right now; a more sustainable and environmental approach to make-up! ILIA seems to be a true forerunner in their philosophy, since their goal is to make everything from ingredient lists to production as transparent as possible.

I’m super particular with what I put on my face. Having gone through some serious acne treatment in my teens I learned to appreciate the delicate nature of my skin.

So, naturally I consider ILIA as a brand and their lipsticks to be brilliant! I’m sure nobody wants to cover their face with led-infused concealers, but then again we can never know for sure what exactly has gone into the products that we use daily.

Thankfully the world and the people in it are becoming a wee bit more precise on what they spend their money on, which means good news to these small, more sustainable brands. xx

Beauty favourite natural lipstick

Beauty favourite natural lipstick

disclaimer: this is not a collaboration post.

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