Photography challenge outfit leather skirt comparison
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Day 14: Challenges of Blogging In Winter Time

Photograph Challenge Day 14:

Front Door

I’m starting to appreciate the difficulty of running a blog when you can’t afford to hire a photographer. The struggle to find people who can operate a camera and, more importantly, who I feel comfortable enough to pose in front of, is real. Especially now that lunch hours are the only time in a day when there’s enough light for taking photographs.

I’ve been employing all sorts of people to photograph me and my precious outfits from my boyfriend to Monika to my colleagues. Not many people probably realize but it’s not easy to pose to just anyone. The situation must be comfortable and there must be trust (yeah, I know, it’s just photos) between the photographee and the photographer.

Without the 2 aforementioned things the photos would end up looking like a Miss America contestant who’s been forced so smile for 3 weeks on end, and who really struggles to find anything smile-worthy in the situation any more.

Photography challenge outfit leather skirt comparison

Photography challenge outfit leather skirt comparison

You’d think that someone as close as a boyfriend would be the obvious choice for a photographer but firstly, my man is rarely in the country anyway, and secondly we both find the situation a bit awkward. He’s good with a camera and he likes to experiment with different angles etc., but if I can employ someone else to take the photos, I will opt for that.

These pictures were taken in Helsinki (oh yes, this is the actual city center, even if it looks like the middle of the woods) by one of my best friends who’s taken a photography course years ago. It’s so cool to compare the different styles of photographing that my amateur photographers have, but I have to say that the fact that this friend has taken a photography course really shows.

She was directing me all the time and considering all the best angles, which made the whole process easiest ever for me. And instead of needing to delete 70% of the pictures (due to 3 extra chins or looking like a complete drunkard while in the process of changing a pose) I really struggled to tone down the number of photos worth publishing on this post because most of them were so great.

So, for those people who say that blogging’s easy and it’s not a real job, blablabla, I say, FUCK OFF. You know nothing.

Photography challenge outfit leather skirt comparison Photography challenge outfit leather skirt comparison

Today’s photography task was ‘front door’ and I had a very clear idea of how I wanted to execute this. But the lack of daylight is really messing with my life big time at the moment.

I wanted to photograph the exquisite front doors found in the Old Town, maybe feature a nice outfit as well, but since lunch hours are the only periods with enough daylight, and our office happens to exist miles and miles away from the Old Town, this plan went bust before I could even properly think about it. FUCK WINTER!

So, a plan B had to be improvised. We had a Christmas party in Helsinki planned with my University friends one weekend. I was going to stay at a friend’s place so I took my camera with me and we took advantage of her front yard before it was time to leave for the party.

So yes, these pictures have been taken in the front yard, in front of a front door, but there’s not much of a front door to see. This is a nightmare situation to someone as meticulous as me; if I take on a challenge I want to execute it to perfection. But that has proven to be near impossible in these latitudes at this time of year.

BUT, since there’s always a silver lining, I gotta say my problem solving skills have been in use excessively this past month! And I’ve been able to come up with all sorts of creative solutions for executing even that 50% of the photography challenge that I set for myself at the beginning of the month.

Couple words about my outfit. As I promised in my post about Slow Fashion, from now on I intend to style the pieces of clothing that I already have in my closet. For this Christmas party we had a dinner and a Drag Queen show on the schedule, and I knew exactly what I wanted to build my outfit around; the brown leather midi skirt.

Brown is the colour of the season, and especially brown leather. So, I recommend that, if you don’t have a brown leather skirt yet, you should perhaps purchase one because it will come in style again and again and again.

I bought this skirt years ago in Reversed but because it’s a bit eccentric, I haven’t worn it many times. It’s one of those pieces that my boyfriend hates because it’s the “granny length”, it’s too hot for Summer and doesn’t go at all with a winter jacket. So, the timing for this skirt must be precise and this was it!

Photography challenge outfit leather skirt comparison Photography challenge outfit leather skirt comparison

Photography challenge outfit leather skirt comparison

skirt | Reversed  

top | H&M 

boots | Dinsko 

bag | UniqTiniq

Usually I would pair a midi skirt with shoes that leave my ankles bare. That way you avoid the ‘granny look’ and your legs look slimmer. But it’s already very cold up here, and instead of catching a flu I opted for black suede boots with a proper heel.

One should always pair a midi skirt with heels! I know a lot of people love wearing midi skirts with sneakers but that combo does hurt my eyes a little, I’m sorry. With heels the skirt doesn’t look “the wrong length” and we all know how fabulous a pair of heels can make a girl feel, right?

The top half presented a challenge; I’m cold even in the Summer. My first plan was to pair a nice looking black T-shirt with the skirt but I knew I would freeze to death in the restaurant, so I had to go for long sleeves. A nice looking black shirt with long sleeves is actually an item I don’t have in my closet. I only had this basic black top with semi sleeves, which is okay, but the fabric’s boring.

Thankfully there are accessories! For once I didn’t need to consider between statement earrings or a big necklace, because this basic shirt demanded a bling effect. Cue long necklaces with a bow included. I always need to include a twist of some sort to my outfits and if the colour palette is already simple, a splash of colour is my ‘go to’ option.

This bag is one my favourites and a brilliant example of sustainable fashion; the bag was made by my Slovak friend out of magazines. She makes personalized bags depending on whether you want a certain colour (I also have a pink bag like this) or certain kinds of photos or text. Can you imagine a better way to recycle magazines than this? I sure can’t!

What do you think of this style? Is the midi skirt too mumsie? xx


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