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What I Wore: 30th Birthday Sparkles!

What I Wore Birthday sparkle What I Wore Birthday sparkle


I never thought being thirty would differ in any way from being 25, but then I woke up on the morning of my birthday with my tooth aching like never before.

My wisdom tooth had decided to get septic on the precise morning of my 30th birthday, how ironic is that? :D I was lying in bed, thinking to myself “Right… so this is what it’s like to be ‘old’…”

But there’s no matter to the amount of pain when there’s a party to arrange and that party includes some serious sparkle!

For years now I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect sequin dress. And when the runways were covered with shine (although metallic rather than sequin) last Spring, I couldn’t hide my joy.

My hunt for the perfect sequin dress was finally rewarded in December when I stumbled upon a pink bundle of sparkle in Zara completely by accident! I saw it from afar and my mind was filled with one though:

THAT is my birthday dress!

If truth be told, it could’ve also been the perfect New Year’s dress but since this birthday was a tad more special, I wanted to save it. So, when I closed my suitcase ready to depart for Hawaii, this beauty was left hanging on my wardrobe door.

What I Wore Birthday sparkle What I Wore Birthday sparkle

What I Wore Birthday sparkle

What I Wore Birthday sparkle

I arranged my Birthday Bash in my favourite cocktail bar here in Tallinn, Manna La Roosa. They make the most amazing cocktails but the bar is worth visiting just for the sake of their interior design.

If you were ever so unfortunate that you’d attend a boring party there, the place would ensure you’d enjoy yourself regardless; there’s so much to see on every wall, corner, ceiling, chair. I can’t really describe it, you’ll have to come and see for yourself ;)

So, me as a pink, living disco ball fit in the venue perfectly. I was also the center of attention because there was nothing as shiny in the whole building that evening. I got a lot of praise for my dress from friends and strangers, and my boyfriend’s boxing coach, who dropped by to congratulate us both, said I was the first thing he saw the moment he stepped in. Mission accomplished!

The dress is so all over the place that finding shoes worthy of it might have been hard for someone who doesn’t own a shoe closet the size I do. Since I like to be a bit over-the-top I went for my favourite River Island heels equipped with gold spikes.

January is always a bit unpredictable a season, so having my birthday at such a time of year usually means that there’s an epic snow storm raging about. This time I got luckier than ever before and we actually enjoyed SUNSHINE all day! But there’s no escaping the flu season, which meant that many people were left out because they were sick.

That means that some of my favourite people on the planet missed my birthday bash but thankfully that didn’t bring the party down at all. So much so, that we found ourselves walking home not earlier than 6AM.

Pretty good for an “old hag”, right? :D

dress | Zara
stilettos | River Island

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