Outlandish blog iphone versus samsung blogger opinion winner

Blogger’s View: 4 Points On Android vs. IOS Phone


Outlandish blog iphone versus samsung blogger opinion winner Outlandish blog iphone versus samsung blogger opinion winner

I’m quite specific when it comes electronic devices; everything has to be easy and quick to use and preferably the size that I can fit in my trouser pocket. These specifications are as such probably because I grew up with the rise of the Internet and cell phones.

I remember my best friend was the first one in our school to get a mobile phone at the age of around 8. This was quite progressive in the early 90’s. Her phone was an Ericsson, but since we come from Finland, the land that gave us all Nokia, my parents got me the Nokia 3310.

In fact, I think the phone is still somewhere buried in a closet, and if I turned it on I can promise you that it would work perfectly. Back then cell phones were made to endure the world’s end.

Unfortunately times have changed and we’re probably all aware of the scandals of phone companies slowing down their phones’ batteries after a certain time, or that our everyday appliances and devices are built to last only up till the end of their warranties so that we would keep buying more. No more 80’s microwaves that would survive a nuclear attack…

Ever since the death of Nokia I’ve had to move on to other manufacturers’ phones. First I went for Samsung Galaxy S6. It was easy to use but the battery went to shit after a year and it wasn’t the fastest device to use… Which caused some gray hairs for someone like me who likes things to happen IMMEDIATELY.

After that phone finally went bust I swore “NEVER AGAIN!” to go for Samsung so I had very little choice: Huawei wasn’t in the game yet back then so I had to go for iPhone. iPhone 6S stayed with me through my time in Slovakia and it served me well. For then.

It provided me with good enough pictures to add to my blog posts (I didn’t worry too much about picture quality back then) and it co-operated with Google applications, like Gmail, so I had everything I needed.

But then I saw the picture quality on my best friend’s Samsung Galaxy S7! And I couldn’t shake the thought of it any more. Even though I had promised myself never to go back to Samsung, suddenly I had a need for it again! Especially in dark spaces, like a bar, Samsung’s camera is absolutely superior and iPhone simply cannot compete.

So, I went back to Samsung and up till September I have never been happier with a phone. It worked perfectly and it was super easy to use. But as mentioned in the beginning, after 2 years the battery started to lose its stamina. And also the receiver that catches the internet signals started to act up. There was one whole day when I didn’t have internet on my phone at all and it was a dreadful day!

Around that time my boyfriend got a really nice offer and thus ordered both, the new iPhone X AND Samsung Galaxy S9. He asked me if I wanted one of them. Of course I did!

He got the phones and immediately went for the Samsung because it had more memory in it. So I was left with the iPhone. Which was fine. I had obviously heard about the hype around the gadget and having been a happy iPhone owner before I didn’t mind one bit.

So, now I’ve had this new phone for about a month and I thought I’d write my review on it from a blogging point of view. Because blogging really is the biggest reason for me to have a smart phone. If we took blogging out of the equation I’d be just fine with the Nokia 3310.

These are my observation on

Samsung versus iPhone

Outlandish blog iphone versus samsung blogger opinion winner

Blogger’s view 1: Usability

Basically both phones are the same when it comes to ease of use. The basic functions are similar and navigation is easy and straight-forward. There’s a small difference in how fast these phones react to “orders” and on that aspect iPhone scores higher; Samsung is a bit slower in reacting and even a bit twitchy when, for example, opening an app.

The only bigger difference use-wise is that iPhone seems to rely on swiping technique whereas with Samsung you click.

For example, when closing background apps, with Samsung you just click on the left down corner and then click ‘Empty’. Whereas with iPhone you have to press and swipe to get the background apps visible and then you have to press again to get them active until you can swipe them away. I guess preference on this depends on what you’re better used to. I prefer Samsung; it’s much quicker and easier.

Blogger’s view 2: Camera

There is absolutely no competition here! Samsung wins iPhone any given day 6-0 when it comes to camera and the quality of pictures! This is a fact I can’t wrap my head around, since Apple creators MUST be aware of the superiority of Samsung cameras on phones. Why have they not made any improvements?? Because the camera on the iPhone X is just as SHIT as it was on iPhone 6.

Yes, you have all sorts of options from ‘Portrait’ (for better selfies) to all sorts of ready-to-use filters but sorry mate, that don’t cut it for me. The quality is still not up to my standards and if it’s cloudy… Forget about it!

And considering that the entire phone (iPhone X) is nothing but display it’s unbelievable that the camera’s aspect ratio is only 4:3. I even googled how to get the camera to full-screen mode and apparently you’d need to download a special app for that… Give me a break! Even if I had the full-screen in use the camera takes grainy and dark pictures.

Blogger’s view 3: Functionality of the basic apps

Now, Google is everywhere, right? Whenever we need answers we google, our e-mails are in Gmail and we navigate to places with Google maps. Google is basically like Microsoft Office for offices, it’s become an obvious part of our everyday lives. So, WHY THE FUCK does Apple pretend like one’s life could roll if you take Google completely out of the mix?

Fucking twats! is my reaction every time I check my e-mail (Gmail!) on my new iPhone or think about importing pictures from Google Drive to my phone for editing. It’s a no-go, thanks to Apple’s refusal to accept the fact that Google exists and it’s bigger and better than them. As you might notice, this is a touchy subject for me…

Let me explain: what do I use my phone for the most? In addition to browsing and updating social media sites I use my phone as the base editing unit for the pictures that will eventually end up on my blog. I bought an expensive, proper camera from which I then transport the pictures to my phone. The easiest way to do this is either to download the pictures straight from camera to my phone with Wifi or via Google Drive.

Well, guess what? iPhone doesn’t co-operate with Google Drive at all! I can’t download photos to my iPhone from Drive, I can only copy them. But a copy is only about 10% of the picture’s original quality. And that don’t play well with me! I didn’t pay a shed-load of money for my camera to have my phone destroy the pictures on their way to my blog.

The same goes for other picture apps as well: I use VSCO a lot and with my Samsung I was able to send full-size pictures from VSCO to my e-mail. Whereas iPhone, again, only lets me send copies of the edited images. When those copies are then uploaded to my blog, they are not big enough to cover the whole page. Guess how happy that makes me…

Outlandish blog iphone versus samsung blogger opinion winner

Blogger’s view 4: Compatibility with other devices

This theme continues when it comes to how compatible each phone is with, for example, my Nikon camera. I can send pictures from the camera with Wifi to both phones. The problem with Samsung is that its memory is quite small and these pictures are quite big, so the memory is full after couple dozen pictures sent. iPhone X has the memory… but perhaps only because the pictures that end up in the phone are about 10% of the original quality. This is insanity!

So, at the end of the day, from blogging point of view, the iPhone X, which costs almost 1000€, can’t even compare with Samsung or Huawei phones that cost one tenth of that! Perhaps Apple has their own apps that I could download but that’s too much to ask, tbh! Nobody should pay for a phone that isn’t ready-to-use and compatible with ALL the basic applications and devices.

Final conclusion: iPhone is useless for me.

The only positive point that I have been able to find on the iPhone is the battery; its durability is super!… Up til the day that Apple decides to slow it down to make me buy another device. Well, I can promise you one thing: when I purchase another phone it will NOT be Apple’s!

I cannot recommend any iPhone to anyone who blogs or likes to photograph. Instead Samsung I can, and I will, recommend. And Huawei as well. Unfortunately it escapes me which Huawei Honor it was specifically, but one of my friends took pictures as good as with a professional camera with her Huawei phone.

Any iPhone fanatics in? Have I gotten it all wrong, is there a way for me to download and edit proper photographs with my iPhone without damaging the quality?


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