Embarrassing Things I've Done Recently

3 Stories of Embarrassing Things I’ve Done Recently

Embarrassing Things I've Done Recently

Here’s a post you can read when you feel like you’ve embarrassed yourself so badly, you never want to see the light of day again.

We all screw up. All the time. But my personality ensures that I screw up a tad more than your average person. Thankfully I’ve been equipped with an iron-hard self-esteem and I don’t believe in feeling embarrassed for longer than what it takes for you to say “Shit!

At the end of the day, when you screw up, and you realize you’ve just screwed up, the screw-up is already history and you can’t take it back. What you can do is turn the situation to its best.

Most of the time all it takes is the ability to laugh at one’s self. When you acknowledge your mistake and have a little laugh, “Ah, silly me“, other people will chuckle along and immediately forget about the whole thing.

Because the ultimate truth is that whatever we feel sooo embarrassed about, was in fact noticed and paid attention to by… No-one else. We imagine that people around us are more interested in our lives than they actually are.

But, with no further ado, here are 3 stories of embarrassing occurrences that transpired within just one week.

Embarrassing Things I've Done Recently

The short history of My War With Life

There was a time when I had a major light-bulb moment in regards to my break-up last Spring. And I just had to text my ex about it. I wrote a really elegant message and pressed send… And the message didn’t go anywhere.

After all the heartbreak and all my efforts it looked like he had blocked me on Whatsapp. And that was the last straw! I threw my hands up like “I give up!” and immediately turned my focus from my ex to the unfair nature of my life.

I decided to declare war on my life! And my war tactic was to keep sending that bloody message. I no more cared whether my ex gets it or not, I just wanted to spite my luck and keep sending it until it goes through, just for the sake of getting that bloody message through.

It was the third day and, first thing before getting up from bed, I copy-pasted and sent the message. It went nowhere, as usual. I got up to start my day and forgot about the whole thing.

Fast forward couple hours, when I’m scrolling my phone on the bus, when all of a sudden my ex’s name pops up. He was answering the messages that had finally gone through. All 3 of them in a bulk. Apparently he had lost his phone a week before and only now got a new SIM card…

I felt so stupid that I just ignored his answer, put my phone in my bag and left it there. I didn’t even care what he had answered anymore.

Embarrassing Things I've Done Recently

Bend It Like Beckham… NOT

At my daily job I’m responsible for social media accounts. There are around 20 accounts spread across Instagram and Facebook, and they are mostly sports-related. I don’t watch sports.

So, since it’s Summer, we’ve had a lot of campaigns revolving around football. And for 2 days I kept talking about the Finnish Premier League, because the name sounds very similar to the English Premier League in Finnish.

The guys posting on those social media sites were completely confused, and even though they kept saying that I was referring to an account we do not have, I kept talking about it.

So unprofessional, totally embarrassing, and the boys were probably shaking their heads like “women…”

Embarrassing Things I've Done Recently

“Brighton out!”

To add to the mess I misunderstood a message they sent to our group chat. They were making some kind of quiz for our Instagram followers about football, and when they sent out a quiz about Brighton FC, they wrote “Brighton out!” to the chat.

I mistook this to mean that the Brighton football team had lost a game and was out of running, even though we had previously talked that there were no games ongoing just then. So, I posted a crying emoji with condolences to my former home town…

Nobody answered to my random message and the boys were probably wondering amongst themselves who the hell let that girl in the house. I felt like the little authority and credibility I had left, had just evaporated like a fart in Sahara.


For the last 2 blunders I did have an excuse; I had a particularly persistent flu taking up a lot of energy and thinking space from my head, which resulted in me medicating myself rather heavily. So, I wasn’t sure what planet I was on half of the time.

The first story is just a brilliant example of my ability to overreact and take things as far as I can possibly stretch them. Hence, I might be the only person in existence who actually, seriously declares a war to her LIFE. But I do consider this particular ‘dispute’ my win; I was going to keep sending the message until it went through, and it did!

Any embarrassing things you’ve done this week? I’d love to hear, since shared problems are halved problems! ♥


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