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My Typical Friday In 11 Photos – From Office To Happy Hour


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*post contains sarcasm

I’m not one of those people who like to execute life in any form; having that perfect smoothie bowl for breakfast with perfectly positioned bananas and nuts on it, drinking a 5-euro take-away coffee on their way to work, being busy, eating lunch in a restaurant every single day of the week, going to yoga and simply trying to reach the perfection in their life that media, and especially social media, is encouraging us to reach.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with living the kind of life I just described. I know a lot of people who need this sort of regularity and routine in their life to keep things in order, but for me living such a detailed and planned life would lead to anxiety and probably into something much worse.

I’m a hedonistic person, I like simple things and being able to do whatever I like whenever I like, whether it’s social media-approved or not. You won’t find perfect pictures of smoothie bowls or yoga mats in my blog, but what you will find is an honest and true interpretation of my life with all the rough edges included.

To give you an idea of the kind of life I lead I decided to do a picture-post of my day. My typical Friday, to be more precise. And yes, some of these pictures are staged and items positioned nicely in order to get a nice picture; I do not really wake up in the morning to a perfectly positioned array of make-up on the living room table.

My alarm rings at around 7:30. Work starts (officially) at 8 o’clock. I only take about 5 minutes to do my make-up and another 5 minutes for hair and dressing up but the fact is, I like to stretch the sleeping time to its maximum. Thankfully this is possible because nobody turns up at the office before 8:30 anyway.

I like to choose and prepare my clothes the night before so that I can just put them on in the morning. I am not capable of choosing a bearable outfit 30 minutes after getting out of bed so this saves me from embarrassing style hiccoughs.

On Fridays it’s common to go for an after-work, aka keep hanging with your colleagues, as long as it’s anywhere except the office, accompanied by alcoholic beverages (or non-alcoholic, that’s the raising trend). So, my Friday outfits need to be suitable for work and a night out. I usually carry a hairbrush and an eye shadow palette in my bag anyway. For others lipstick would do but I don’t have enough of lips to paint so eye shadow it is.

First things first, I put the kettle on and make coffee while I do my make-up. I walk to the tram stop, watch the tram leave right in front of my nose and stand in the cold waiting for the next one. This makes me extra 10 minutes late every morning.

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Outlandish blog typical Friday office building

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At the office I usually turn on my computer and go for a coffee break. It’s a tough life, but somebody’s gotta live it!

The most important and interesting time of the day is lunch break. At the end of the month I usually prepare my own lunches, due to a bank account reaching the 0,00€-level, but in the beginning of the month I like to eat in one of the many restaurant surrounding our brand new office building. Sometimes I’ve got some special cravings like pizza or a falafel pita, which means ordering in. Hallelujah for food deliveries!

Fridays are always the noisiest days at the office. People are cheery due to the prospect  of fast approaching weekend, but in an open-plan office it’s not always a positive thing: the never-ending giggling rather makes the atmosphere more tense than helps anyone’s ability to concentrate on work. But it just makes Friday an even sweeter day for leaving the office!

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The brilliant thing about my apartment is that it’s only five minutes’ walk away from the center and the Old Town. So, in case I didn’t feel like carrying a hairbrush and my arsenal of make-up with me all the way to work I am perfectly capable of popping home quickly before turning up at wherever the Friday after-work takes place.

Most often the after-works happen in the same Cuban bar because of their happy hour cocktail offers of ‘buy 2, pay 1!’ They also have the greasiest and tastiest toasties so what’s not to like.

While living in Slovakia there was a big danger of the after-works stretching until 2AM or later and finally you find yourself crawling home on all fours. Whereas here in Estonia the big divergency between salary rates and overall costs is quite a good stopper at some point of the evening; you either go home after spending 30€ on 4 drinks or you switch the paying method to credit card.

The only thing that saves me from the ‘Slovak fate’ is the fact that 2 years of living in Estonia was sufficient a time for me to reach my credit limits and using a credit card was no longer an option.

At the end of the day my Fridays are pretty mainstream. During winter time I don’t have energy to even go for an after-work so it’s always straight home from work and pretty much straight to bed if we’re living the darkest period. Now that summer is (fast!) approaching my Friday’s will hopefully turn out more interesting. I can already see plenty of happenings in my calendar for the next weekends to come; trip to Latvia, leaving parties, house warming parties, a holiday… Looking good! :)

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