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Facts About Me – 15 x Strange Habits

I listen to music when I go to bed. I put the earphones away when I’m sufficiently close to passing out.

I find cup handles uncomfortable and usually grab the whole cup or mug in my hand(s) when drinking from it.

I like reading but I’m extremely particular with the books that I welcome to my shelf; the book needs to match my explicit requirements… Except I’m not exactly sure what those requirements are.

I must always be surrounded with noise: at home, at work, on public transport, there must be chatter around, a TV on or music pouring from my earphones. Most Finns enjoy a bit of quiet. Not me, though.

I don’t believe in asking for permission. I rather notify than ask for permission because I believe in doing, not trying, and when asking for permission there is a chance of not getting that permission. And I don’t have time for nay-sayers.

Every single evening I need to plan and lay out my outfit for the next day. If I wake up and there are no clothes ready then there’s no point getting out of bed at all.

I don’t have any OCD-issues but there’s one thing in my apartment about which I will not negotiate: the clothes on my clothing rack must be colour coordinated! Whites at one end, blacks at the other and everything else in between.

Outlandish blog travel Croatia facts

When I travel abroad my handbag must contain an entire extra outfit including shoes and all underwear. Reason for this is that if my suitcase gets lost I will survive at least one day without it. This habit has been enforced by multiple travel disasters.

Wearing the same pair of shoes for two days in a row equals the worst karma, in my opinion. There’s no proof of the sky falling down if I do wear same shoes two days in a row but I would rather not risk it.

My favourite way of passing time, especially at boring parties, is to find people to annoy. Getting on someone’s nerves gives me some sick sense of satisfaction. The easiest way to annoy people is to apply sarcasm into the conversation when conversing with people whose intellectual capabilities do not reach the level of sarcasm.

If my doorbell rings there is no way in hell I will answer it. Unless I know exactly who is behind the door and it’s a person I want to see.

There are times when my laziness reaches a peak (usually at the end of the month when my account balance has contrarily reached the bottom) and instead of cooking or ordering in I just eat ciabatta and cheese for a week. Yum!

I cry. A lot and quite often. Usually for the tiniest reasons as well, shit weather will do. Sometimes, if I feel bad, I make myself cry because afterwards I feel better. It’s a sort of mental detox.

When I return home after traveling, no matter if I’ve been away fro one night or 2 weeks or a month and whether it’s 1AM or 1PM, the first thing I need to do is make myself a cup of tea. I’m not really home until I’ve had my cup of tea (how English of me :D).

I loove watching cooking shows on TV. Only the feel-good ones, though, not those American Master Chef series where the only point is to humiliate as many contestants as possible during the weeks that the show runs. I have a soft spot for Jamie Oliver’s shows and Australian Master Chef, both are such heart-warming and cozy shows. The thing is, I don’t cook. At all! I do try every now and then but each time I am quite quickly reminded that the kitchen is not my environment; about 2 weeks ago I had one of these go’s again and decided to just make a sandwich, a simple sandwich couldn’t be too hard, right? Yes it could! I almost cut a finger off just cutting the bread. Since then I have relied on home delivery only. Every day.

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