Photo Diary Weekend in London

Photo Diary – Weekend In London

Photo Diary Weekend in London Photo Diary Weekend in London

I don’t understand what it is about me and London but things never go according to (travel) plan. Ever. There hasn’t been one flight from or to London where my flights wouldn’t have been late or cancelled for good. Not one! And when we consider the number of times I have flown to and from London, it starts to near unacceptable dimensions.

Obviously this time was no exception. Although, the beautifully blue sky and lack of volcanoes in vicinity made a piece of me wish that this once things might go exactly as they’re supposed to. Fat chance.

The plane arrived on time but we were able to take our seats when it should have been ascending already. Half an hour we sat there (not that bad, I gotta admit) until they announced that there’s something wrong with the door and they can’t close it.

I think I swore out loud. In the end we were “only” 45 minutes behind schedule. But with as strict a schedule as I had for this trip, I was not happy at all for losing those precious 45 minutes.

There was one positive aspect to this flight, though: through all the panic I couldn’t not notice a bit of eye candy, which came in the shape of a super cute Hungarian steward. Poor thing probably felt a tad uncomfortable when me and the girl next to me shamelessly stared at him as long as he was within our sight.

The pilots must’ve driven full throttle because we landed only 10 minutes behind schedule. And for once in my life I was able to get through the face recognition machines at the border. After running back and forth around the bus terminal, with just 2 minutes to departure to Paddington Station, I finally found my way onto the correct bus and we were off. To London, baby!

Photo Diary Weekend in London Photo Diary Weekend in London Photo Diary Weekend in London Photo Diary Weekend in London Photo Diary Weekend in London Photo Diary Weekend in London

My hotel was very close to Paddington station but my bag was heavy and I was probably going to get lost so I opted for a taxi. The first taxi driver told me I could walk, it’s only 5 minutes away (it wasn’t) and I was so confused that I actually turned around and started walking.

The second taxi then pulled over next to me asking if I was alright. He then agreed to drive me there and spent the whole way moaning about what an idiot the first driver had been for refusing work. To be honest, I agreed.

The hotel was on Kensington Gardens Square, an amazingly beautiful neighbourhood, and the room much nicer than I had anticipated. A quick shower, change of clothes and I was out walking to the wrong direction despite Google doing its best to try and show me the way to Hyde Park.

After 10 minutes of walking to the wrong direction I realized my mistake and doubled back. Oh, Hyde Park… when I got there I wasn’t lost anymore.

These were my hoods, hoods which I had roamed every day for 6 months. From there I walked down down the Gloucester Road and sat down in a pub with a beer and a steak pie. I can’t imagine there could’ve been a happier person alive at that moment. I was home.

Photo Diary Weekend in London Photo Diary Weekend in London

Photo Diary Weekend in London

Traveling alone is quite stressful when you’re afraid of flying; your stress levels are going haywire 24/7 and that makes a person tired. So, I abandoned my plan of also visiting Buckingham Palace on that day, and instead walked from the pub towards the familiar Waitrose at Gloucester tube station.

On the way I passed the Starbucks where I spent my first weeks in London 8 years ago looking for an apartment. Oh lord, the memories! In Waitrose I purchased a bottle of wine and snacks, and walked back to the hotel through the darkening Hyde Park (why on Earth are there no lights in the park??). I ended the night comfortably in bed watching Gogglebox. What a Friday night, right?

Next morning I was up before 8, had a quick breakfast, checked out and went for a proper tourist tour on my own before Vix’s event. Oh, how fun it was to get my hands on the tube map again! I spent a good 15 minutes pondering where I was, where I was going and how I would get there. But I made it! Without going wrong once!

I just HAD to see couple of places, quite insignificant places, really, but they hold a lot of amazing memories for me. Places like Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and London Eye.

Photo Diary Weekend in London Photo Diary Weekend in London Photo Diary Weekend in London Photo Diary Weekend in London Photo Diary Weekend in London Photo Diary Weekend in London Photo Diary Weekend in London Photo Diary Weekend in London

All of these places were very familiar ground to me, and an absolute delight to see after such a long time. But something was different; I found myself avoiding crowds, walking behind or ahead of the mass of people crossing a road, and constantly looking around in case someone looked fidgety. I hate to say this but it seems those little murderer fuckers have got to me…

There were plenty more places I wanted to visit after such a long time apart, but time caught up with me and I had to find my way to Shoreditch to Vix’s awesome workshop on brand collaboration and e-mails. I received an applause from all the other participants due to traveling from so far away, which was embarrassing but super funny too. The second farthest arrival had come down from Glasgow.

After the workshop my head was so full of ideas and I felt so inspired that I couldn’t wait to get to work! But blog work had to wait because it was time to rush through London and locate my darling flatmates, who had cancelled all their Saturday plans just to be there for me. Can you imagine!

It was too short a meeting with some of the funniest people I have ever met, and with who I had the privilege to live. Despite it being such a long time since I moved out from our lovely home together, none of us has changed one bit looks or personality-wise. And we’re all still just as nuts.

Photo Diary Weekend in London Photo Diary Weekend in London

I should probably mention that on my way home history was made; my flight was on time, completely fine in terms of no turbulence, and actually landed ahead of schedule. But just this once I wouldn’t have minded one bit if the whole flight would’ve been cancelled and I had to stay in London an extra day, haha.

Arriving to Tallinn I was greeted by the constant, low-hanging, impenetrable wall of dark clouds. The irony was it was actually Estonia’s Independence Day and they had to cancel the hornet performance due to the clouds. Just like every year.

Despite this having been such a short trip, it couldn’t have been much more perfect. The Sun was shining like never before, it was warm, like, seriously warm, and I got to see most of the places and the people that I wanted. Now I’m living on my happy memories of this trip until it’s properly Spring here, and hopefully find myself on my way to London again really soon! xx


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