ultimate lifestyle post my life

The Ultimate Lifestyle Post – What Where When?

ultimate lifestyle post my life

There’s an abundance of guides, courses, blogs, websites, and tutorials on all matters lifestyle. But what exactly is lifestyle? I know I sure put it as one of my blog’s main niches because I thought it basically covers everything; food, furniture, life lived, relationships, everything. How quaint to have a subheading that allows me to write whatever whenever for whatever reason.

In the spirit of trying to bring my blog to a new level this year I decided to clarify this very wide subject a bit and explain why it became to be a niche I wanted to dive into on my blog. So, what does ‘lifestyle’ mean exactly?

Wikipedia tells us, Lifestyle is

“…the interests, opinions, behaviours, and behavioural orientations of an individual, group, or culture.”

The word ’Lifestyle’ has been used as a description for people’s style of living since the 60’s, and since then it has spread across industries and become a very familiar and widely used concept. Lifestyle is dependent on both, tangible and intangible factors, such as a person’s demographic profile and psychological aspects, such as values and preferences.

What we most often mean when talking about ‘lifestyle’ are our individual lifestyles and world views. Particular lifestyles are very difficult to pinpoint or categorize since lifestyle is very much the same as our individuality in many ways. But there are some broad categorizations of different kinds of lifestyles:

For example “green lifestyle” refers to people attempting to lead a life that is as economical and sustainable as possible from diet to housing choices.

It is a very versatile concept, no denying that, so blogs that dabble in multiple niches and a wide selection of subjects can end up seeming confusing to readers. And I don’t want to do that. I want my blog to be informative, easy to use and known for some specific subjects, on which I feel I have something worthwhile to offer.

So, here are the aspects of Lifestyle that I attempt to cover, provide tips on, and hopefully produce interesting thoughts or even light-bulb moments on.

ultimate lifestyle post my life ultimate lifestyle post my life


Without getting too personal, I love discussing relationships; whether it’s the relationships concerning friends, family or a significant other, the connections, and different ways of experiencing different kinds of relationships interests me greatly.

Relationships are also one of the most important aspects of my own life and how I live it. The people in my life are my bedrock and my ultimate safety-net, and I don’t think I could ever praise them enough. So, you will probably see quite a lot of people-praising here in the future, as well.

And since this subject is so close to my heart I want to make sure that you all remember to value the people around you too. So, posts where I talk about and give tips on how to make time for the people you love, recognizing and dishing out people in your life who you really don’t need, and not taking any of the people in our lives for granted can be expected on this blog in the future.

Mental well-being

I’ve always been interested in psychology and on why people behave the way they do, why do people react to certain situations the way they do, and how they learn to behave the way they do. Human beings are definitely the most fascinating creatures on the planet.

And, of course, it’s not just everybody else that I’m interested in. I do think about my own behaviour, reactions and perspectives very much as well. And I’ve always been seeking the best way to live my life by observing everybody else and that way determining which behaviour models work and which don’t.

The fact that I have traveled a lot and lived in multiple countries and cultures brings its own flavour to these observations of mine. And those observations and experiences have shaped me into the person that I am today.

Because of this curiosity, I’ve noticed some patterns in human behaviour that don’t differ, no matter what your culture or upbringing may be. At the same time I find it easy to recognize and accept cultural differences and opinions differing from my own.

I’ve been through a lot that most people with my kind of background never will. In good and bad. And every single event, occurrence, and experience that I’ve been through and done has taught me valuable life lessons. And because of everything that I’ve seen and done, I can honestly say that I am happy. Despite everything, I am so happy.

And I hope that I might be able to reflect here on my blog some of the things I’ve learned, and that those lessons could act as tiny guidelines for you, my darling reader, on your journey to find happiness.

ultimate lifestyle post my life

My life

Following on the same happy note; I love my life. Despite the fact that I live in a country that I literally hate, work on the “wrong” industry, and only see my energy source (Sun) once a week, if even then, I seriously do love my life. Because at the end of the day there are so many positive aspects to my life that they outweigh the negatives.

Things like food (ah, the restaurants in this country are superb!), traveling, friends, style in the sense of planning my outfits as well as my home’s interior, and everything that goes on around me: events, happenings, weird occurrences, etc.

That’s all at the center of ‘lifestyle‘, right? So, why would I not record everything that happens in my life, and what I enjoy particularly, on my blog? This is the best creative outlet that I could’ve ever dreamed of.

My thoughts

I think a lot. Like, a lot! I think about all kinds of things; my life, the people around me, the world around me, future, marketing, hopes and dreams, how to bring hopes and dreams alive, you name it.

Random thoughts and more serious things, and sometimes, if I feel like it fits, I write my thoughts out and publish them here.

I hope it’s a way to bring myself a bit closer to you and, in the best case scenario, my thoughts might just have a point that someone needs to read right at that moment; a tip or truth of some kind that helps them solve something they’ve been pondering about.

ultimate lifestyle post my life

So, at the end of the day ‘lifestyle’ is exactly what you make it. And that’s precisely why it’s such an interesting and versatile niche to have on one’s blog; we’re all individuals and very different despite whatever cultural and socio-economical similarities.

We each perceive the world around us in different ways and we all have our own, individual problems and aspects of life that we particularly appreciate. None of us can be put in the same box because we’re all unique. And that’s why it’s so interesting, and in my opinion also important, to read about each of our individual thoughts and perspectives about life and everything it entails.

I’d absolutely love to hear whether you write or love to read about lifestyle issues on your blog, and if so, which subject do you enjoy in particular?


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