Ultimate Packing List for Edinburgh

Ultimate Packing List – What To Wear In Edinburgh

Ultimate Packing List for Edinburgh

Scotland holds a very warm place in my heart. I spent one of my happiest years there studying in Robert Gordon University.

I fell completely in love with the Scottish way of life, which is much more chill than, for example, London, and the amazing nature and their wonderful pubs. When I arrived in the Aberdeen airport in August 2010 I immediately felt at home.

Somehow I’ve always been very fond of the UK, so it’s no wonder I’ve already lived in 3 different cities around the country. But Scotland is special to me.

It’s been too long since I’ve been back there. I think it was 2015, so it’s about time I made another return. But this time I’m not going to Aberdeen, though, but to the actual capital, Edinburgh.

It’s a bit embarrassing, actually; I’ve never been to Edinburgh despite living in Scotland. But hey, better late than never, right?

Ultimate Packing List for Edinburgh

Everybody knows the jokes about the not-so-glorious Scottish Summer weather, and it seems I won’t be getting much luckier. A bit of rain and temperatures hovering at 20 degrees Celsius throughout the week. But it could be worse! Back in Estonia we have already moved on to Autumn, despite it being the heart of July…..

In fact, when this post comes out, I’m already in Edinburgh. Have been for one day, which you probably know if you follow my adventure on Instagram.

My previous posts about my hand luggage essentials to London and to Milan have been so popular that I thought I’d record my ultimate packing list for this trip as well. I’m an experienced packer, and knowing the climate of my destination, I had no problem in choosing clothes for this trip.

I’m staying for 4 days (thank you Ryanair for making this possible by not flying more frequently), and will be attending a blogger event by the end of it. Since I’m so crazy about the Scottish landscape I’m hoping to find a guide to take me hiking up the Holyrood Park one day, so I’m literally packing a bit of everything.

My Ultimate Packing List for Edinburgh

Ultimate Packing List for Edinburgh Ultimate Packing List for Edinburgh

I have a simple formula according to which I start packing; I choose one bottom half (jeans / skirt /shorts) for each day, one top half (T-shirt / blouse / top) for each day, one ‘scalable’ dress, and at least 3 pairs of shoes regardless of the length of the trip.

First I take everything out of the closet and pile them on my bed. Then I mix and match those pieces so that I have a day and a night outfit for each day. Ultimate capsule travel wardrobe for the ultimate packing list.

Here’s what I’m taking along for this 4-day trip:

Scalable dress: By this I mean a basic dress that works during the day but can also be upgraded to a night out-worthy piece with some heels and jewelry. For me, this dress is definitely my brand new black bardot neckline dress. Works for all occasions.

Sport gear: As I mentioned I’d love to go for a hike on this trip, so I’m packing my running trousers and my gym top just in case. Under normal circumstances I would never pack sports gear, but Scotland’s special.

Ultimate Packing List for Edinburgh


Jeans: A good pair of jeans are the starting point to any ultimate outfit, so they are often the first thing I pack to my suitcase. If there is ever a clothing crisis, I can always count on my jeans and add a nice top to it.

White trousers: Due to the unpredictability of the Scottish weather I’m packing a second pair of trousers along. A black pair would be the obvious option if I was attending business events on this trip, but since it’s just me vacating pubs during the day, a pair of white trousers will do very well.

Leather leggings: These have the lovely aspect about them that I can fit them into the smallest of spaces in the suitcase, so I usually pack them along, no matter where I’m going. Leather leggings work really well for the day and for a night out.

Skirt: There should always be a skirt on the list, just in case the weather decides to throw me a surprise and warm up unexpectedly. I live on hope, so I will prepare for it.

Ultimate Packing List for Edinburgh


White T-shirt: The absolute, ultimate classic; the white tee. I recently discovered this Tommy Hilfiger tee, made of ecologically produced cotton (yes, I’m bragging), and I fell in love with its shape, feel and versatility. It looks amazing with a pair of jeans and with a skirt.

Bardot neckline top: You might be able to gather by now that I’m crazy about bardot neckline tops and dresses. I just think that collar bones are the sexiest part of my body, so I will showcase them any chance I get.

Colourful top: You could go for a basic top, that’s the safest and the easiest option. But I never liked staying safe, so for colour I go! Orange is one of the trendiest tones you can wrap yourself in this Summer, so this piece by River Island is definitely coming with me.

Leopard print top: My friend kindly gave me the Guess leopard top, and I love her dearly for it! It’s one of my most precious and versatile clothing pieces, and I love creating new outfits with it; you can wear it just as it is or you could open the bottom two buttons and tie the ends into a nice little knot to bring a bit of pizzazz to it.

Ultimate Packing List for Edinburgh


Wedges: My brand new Tommy Hilfiger wedges are my favourite Summer shoes due to their level of comfort and looks. I can walk all day in these shoes, and my feet would do much better than after a day in ballerinas.

Basic trainers: Just in case it rains and it’s not warm enough to stroll in the city in just ballerinas, it’s good to have a pair of basic trainers in the suitcase. I will avoid wearing them up til the last moment, but if it comes to it, at least I have them.

Nude heels: Another ultimate classic that will elevate even a pajama. You never know who you’re gonna bump into on Tinder, or even just on the street, so having a pair of basic heels for a surprise night out is a good thing to have.

Ballerinas: These are my travel shoes during Summer, so obviously they’re coming along. They’re the easiest, quickest, and the most versatile in the sense that they work with any outfit, for breakfast, work and dinner in the pub (which I will have every day!!)

Ultimate Packing List for Edinburgh

So, there we go, if I can’t make it through 4 days with this batch of stuff, then that would be an issue. These are all very basic and simple pieces with a clear colour palette, so you can mix and match them to your heart’s content.

What’s on your ultimate packing list? Comment below, what are the items that you always pack regardless of where you’re going? ♥


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