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Let’s Talk Dick Pics!

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk about dick pics! Those unfortunate side effects of social media. A post in a Finnish blog The Good Morning inspired me to write about this subject due to some inside information I have received straight from the source: men.

Disclaimer: I generalize a bit here, most men and most women this and that, because it is actually true. Most men send dick pics for the reason I will reveal here and most women feel the way I describe here when they receive such a pic.

Not all, though. We all know there are men who send dick pics with the sole purpose of insulting or harassing the receiver. And then there are women who actually want to receive such pics. But I am not referring to such individuals here, I will discuss the majority.

I was single for about 8 years so I lived through the golden age of Tinder. I also lived and used Tinder in several countries so my empirical research is relatively wide and thus, in my opinion, valid for sharing.

For those who are confused about what exactly is a dick pic, it is precisely that: a random picture of a man’s dick that arrives without invitation to your Whatsapp, social media DMs or e-mail. Such pictures are sent by familiar as well as unfamiliar men, which confirms the fact that this is a very widely spread problem.

Many celebrity women have already talked about this but it’s not just celebrities that have to suffer this bs, it’s every single one of us, it could be any of us. It’s such a wide issue that some people have made money out of the many, many dick pics they receive.

Thankfully I have been lucky (or picky) enough with my Tinder selection of men that I have been unlucky enough to receive such a pic only 4 times. But to be quite frank, even once was too much, because I never wanted to receive any of those pictures.

Even though dick pics are disgusting (in my opinion) I like talking about them. Because here is another opportunity for me to learn a different side to the issue, and to understand how “the other side” sees the whole thing. So, I have talked about this with A LOT of men, friends and random acquaintances, simply because I’m curious:

Why do men, even decent, intelligent men send dick pics!?

Outlandish blog discretion discussion flowers reflecting

Here’s what I’ve found out by asking men about this issue, plain and straight:

Science already proves that most men are able to look at any issue only from their own perspective. Whereas women automatically see the “big picture” and are able to take into account other people’s perspectives.:

Men are able to focus on narrow issues and block out unrelated information and distractions. Women naturally see everyday things from a broader, “big-picture” vantage point.

So, already when we take this into account the whole thing starts to make sense. And then when we add the comments I got from the men I asked about this subject it’s confirmed: men think women want dick pics because they would happily receive surprise pictures of women’s genitalia.  “I like it, so they must like it too!”

Alas no, women do not find such images exciting in any way whatsoever. OK, I can’t say all women, just like I know that not all men send dick pics. But we are talking about large majorities in both cases.

The important thing to remember is that men and women think in completely opposite ways here. And since women tend to have more emotional and considerate brain-power in their use we should maybe also be the ones to keep calm and put the issue on the table in a way that doesn’t necessarily hurt the sender’s feelings. Because most men actually send these pictures thinking that they are cheering women up.

We all know that a man’s dick is probably the most precious thing to each and every one of them on this planet, right? So, imagine if you thought you were doing someone else a great favour of sending them a beautiful picture of the best part of you, and their come-back was rage and disgust. You might feel a little bit hurt as well, right?

No, I am not saying that men seeing their dicks as the single most important thing on the planet would make it in any way acceptable for them to send pictures of them uninvited. I’m just pointing out the way they see the issue so that we might understand why they would do such a thing.

And when we understand the why, we can move on to

the ramifications

Outlandish blog discretion discussion flowers reflecting

3 of the dick pics that I have received have been from men who I know. Only one came from someone totally random. My way of dealing with the situation every time was to first delete the picture (because I didn’t want to see it), and then tell them that I did not want to see that and ask them why they did it.

In 2 out of the 3 (familiar) cases the answers were calm and genuinely surprised: “Really? I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, I thought you’d like it.” Only one person felt their ego shatter, and his response was at first quite aggressive. But when I explained to him that women don’t generally like seeing dicks, but if they do they will for sure ask for a picture, he calmed down and apologized.

The one random picture I just deleted and blocked the person. Basically ignored completely. I think this is the right way to act with random people sending dick pics because I suspect that their only aim is to shock and somehow try to “overpower” you. Probably just because you are a woman. Which is obviously the scariest thing in the world.

For those who are so unlucky that they receive multiple dick pics, which qualifies as harassment, I have an idea: store each pic with the name of the sender (because most of these idiots send such pictures with their own name attached) and maybe organize an “art” exhibition where you can then invite the senders and their extended families to marvel at these centers of the universe.

I have a feeling that this issue has maybe diluted a bit due to large coverage of the subject in the media for the past 5 years. A lot of men have already become aware of the fact that women do not find their dicks particularly appealing to look at, and thus refrain from sending such pictures without invitation.

But there are millions and millions of damaged souls who imagine that the Universe revolves around their penises alone, and thus they have the ultimate power of all humankind if they spread the pictures of that center element to as wide afield as they possibly can.

May we forgive them for their inadequacies and show them who really has the power at the end of the day by either ignoring them, humiliating them or by reporting them to the police with the hope that that way their families will become aware of their apparent issues as well.

The only way to end this post is to put on some Beyoncé so here you go:

Beyonce Run The World

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