starting a newsletter

Why I Started A Newsletter – And Why You Should As well?

starting a newsletter

If you have a blog you’ve probably heard other bloggers raving about starting a newsletter. I sure have, but the justifications for why I should start one seemed a bit out of my reach as a relatively new blogger:

I don’t have hundreds of thousands of people following my blog, I don’t have a clear product or service to sell, and most importantly, I didn’t really have anything to say.

In all honesty, when I heard the word ‘newsletter’ all I could think about were the very dry and flashy spam e-mails dropping into our mailboxes every day. The word ‘newsletter’ didn’t really evoke any positive connotations in my mind.

So, I kept asking myself, why should I join this group of spammers? Well, it turns out ‘newlsetter’ doesn’t necessarily mean spamming. I researched a bit further and subscribed to couple bloggers’ newsletters, and the big idea started to clear itself out.

Even though at some point starting a newsletter can actually act as a promotional platform for your product or service, it’s first and foremost about creating a community, a loyal group of followers who might one day become also customers.

This sounded like something I could get on-board with, so I embarked on a journey of setting up a newsletter of my own. Just one problem: I had no idea why. I was setting it up with no plan for what I’d be using it for and doing with it. So, I built everything up… and then left it hanging.

But now, almost a year later I’m back with a second try, and this time I have a plan!

starting a newsletter starting a newsletter

Why I Started A Newsletter

We all know by now that Instagram is largely a very fake platform: faked photos, fake followers, fake you-name-it. On top of it being very fake, it’s also extremely unstable a platform, and constant changes happen without our consent, and often to our cost.

So, while Instagram perhaps once was the main marketing platform for brands who hire “influencers” (I detest the word) to promote their products, it’s quickly losing its sparkle. Everybody knows that half of major celebrities’ followers are not human beings, but bots, and the same goes for most “influencers”, who, at some point in their career, resorted to buying followers.

There was a point, very recently, when even I considered buying followers, because the brands I had approached in regards to a very cool collaboration all complained about my small (under 1K) Instagram following and declined to collaborate due to this.

But instead of me embarking on the path of ‘lawlessness’, I’d rather that the brands actually got their act together, and did their bloody research! What use is an “influencer” whose follower count on Instagram is 100K, but engagement rate around 2% because most of those followers are bots who do not buy shit?

Another thing is the fact that social media platforms have lately decreased your organic reach on the platforms so much that fewer and fewer people see your content. Whereas your e-mail goes through to everyone.

So, it’s no surprise that e-mail marketing has 40 times bigger conversion rate than social media marketing. And if brands are ignorant of this, they can by all means stay ignorant and lose.

starting a newsletter

So, even though I’m not giving up on Instagram, because I just love creating content there, I did want to find a different, more stable and more genuine platform to grow a following on.

And starting a newsletter really is the most efficient way to grow a genuine following, which you can then use as leverage against obnoxious and uneducated brands. Bots don’t subscribe to newsletter, and those who really don’t feel like they’re your kind of people, will unsubscribe.

As scary as the option to unsubscribe might sound, in the long run it will only benefit you. After all, those who are not ‘your people’ will not benefit you at all: they will not participate in your campaigns, they will not give you feedback, they will not engage with you in any constructive way.

And that’s the whole point of a newsletter: building a community of like-minded people who can help you build your business, like Instagram followers never could. Sending an e-mail can be so much more personal, than reacting to someone’s Insta story with a quick emoji.

My newsletter is still very much at its early stages, and I want to hear your opinions on it:

what would you like to see on a newsletter, what kinds of campaigns would you like to participate in, and what would you NOT want to see on a newsletter?

I really, really want to hear your opinions, so please either subscribe to my newsletter and e-mail me back to the welcome e-mail; or comment below what you’d like to / not want to see; or DM me on Instagram or Twitter.

I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, so I really want to give something back to y’all as well.

starting a newsletter starting a newsletter

Why You Should Start A Newsletter?

Now, every time you google ‘starting a newsletter’ or watch tutorials on the matter, all they seem to be focusing on is the fact that it’s a great way to sell, sell, sell. But what if you, like me, don’t have anything to sell (yet)?

Well, that’s exactly what I wanted to cover on this post: a newsletter doesn’t have to be all about selling, selling, selling! For me it definitely wasn’t the reason to start one.

Instead, I’d like to emphasize the community side of the whole kerfuffle. One of the biggest strengths of the blogging community, the whole industry in fact, is the fact that it’s probably the most supportive industry in existence.

We build actual relationships on our online platforms, some even form life-long friendships. We give honest feedback to each other, and we support each other like nowhere else.

I, for example, have received help from my Grow & Glow crew with HTML coding, research for a blog post, and getting the wheels turning on a project that hadn’t moved anywhere for a year.

starting a newsletter

If we’re not starting a newsletter with the sole purpose of selling something, other good reasons to still send one are:

  • sharing your content to the most dedicated people
  • asking for ideas / feedback / help
  • having more honest communication than you’d have on other platforms
  • keeping your followers up-to-date on what goes on in your life and what they can expect from you.

As I mentioned, my newsletter is a very fresh one, but it is so exciting to follow the subscriptions number going up day after day. And it also makes me want to provide these people, who have seen fit to support me, content that is worth their time.

My first campaign is going to be a sustainable outfit challenge, which will take place on the second week of December, and will be held on both, my newsletter and on Instagram. So, if you’d like to take part in the challenge, and perhaps win a little something in the process, click your way here and subscribe.

And if you’ve got any ideas or feedback what you’d like to see on a newsletter, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Do you have a newsletter? Let me know in the comments! ♥


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