Day In Life of Blogger

Day In The Life Of Blogger With A Full-Time Job

Day In Life of Blogger

I always keep an eye out for what people like to read about, and I’m glad to find that there are plenty of us nosy ones, who just want to know what people get up to in their everyday lives.

Particularly bloggers want to read about how their ‘colleagues’ juggle their everyday routines with constantly creating beautiful and interesting content. So, obviously I had to stick my spoon into that bowl of soup too.

For introduction I can reveal that I do have a full-time job and my blog is (for now) just a side hustle. I work as a Social Media and Affiliate Marketing Coordinator at an online casino.

I do have the regular 8 hours per day schedule, but thankfully the creative nature of my job allows me a lot of flexibility in terms of where I work from and when I work. Also, my job is very closely related to what I do with my blog; Social Media marketing, affiliate marketing, creating content. Check, check, check.

It’s a dream situation, because I can, for example, travel to blogger events almost whenever I like while still do the work I get paid monthly for.

Here’s a little look into how a regular day schedule looks like for me:

Day In The Life Of Blogger With A Full-Time Job

Day In Life of Blogger Day In Life of Blogger

1. Wake up. I’m not one for hitting the snooze, so when my alarm goes off around 8AM (oh yes!) I stretch, get up and open the curtains. I then cook coffee and turn on the TV’s morning program. I don’t like a quiet house.

While I enjoy my coffee, I put on my mascara and then use some time to do minor blog-related tasks; write down ideas, do spell-checks and schedule posts, or take and edit pictures.

2. Arrive to the office. For those who wondered about my late wake-up, it’s possible because my commute takes about 2 minutes. I walk across the street to the office, and first things first, make a list of all the things that need doing today. Then I prioritize those tasks.

This saves me an hour or more a day; when I have everything written down and in an order according to their importance or urgency, I don’t have to spend one minute to consider what I should do next.

3. Time-management to the max. After the most urgent (top 2 or 3) tasks are done, usually way before lunch, I use the extra time to write blog posts, to plan new posts, answer and write e-mails, or to do research for a blog post I want to write.

There are jobs where no amount of time management will allow you enough time for this, but in many cases you could do as I do, and get some blog work done along with your 9-5 job.

Day In Life of Blogger

4. Time for lunch! The best time of the day: lunch! I have my own lunch 4 days a week but Fridays are dedicated for a proper lunch with my colleagues. Then the whole point is to enjoy the company, browse social media, take a walk, and chat with the people I spend most of my time with.

5. Work, work, work. Afternoons are often dedicated for meetings, and doing all the little routine everyday tasks. At the end of the day I also know what tasks are going to be left for the next day, so I make another task list for tomorrow.

Most often I try to get everything done within the day, because sometimes surprise disasters and campaigns appear out of nowhere, and overrule everything else.

So, if there’s a task that you could do today but you decide to leave for tomorrow, there’s a chance you might not have time to do it tomorrow. Experience has taught me that it’s better to get it done now rather than later.

Day In Life of Blogger

6. Blog work. Sometimes I stay longer at the office to finish a blog post I started earlier, or use the last half an hour of the day to that, if everything else for the day is done.

I know I’m in a very fortunate situation in regards to flexible working hours and also the fact that I’m very far responsible for my own work. I can also spend more time on my blog during working hours and then do the not so urgent work things in the evening at home.

7. Evenings. I’m someone who likes to enjoy life, and I value my free time highly. So, after work I just want to relax, and often that means lying on the couch scrolling through SoMe or reading blogs while TV rumbles on the background.

Evenings are also my favourite time for creating Pinterest posts and searching for inspiration for future blog posts. Basically I use a lot of time each day on my blog, and that’s a big reason why I’ve been able to grow it so fast within just a year.

Day In Life of Blogger

8. Creative weekends. Weekends are dedicated to photographing, editing and creating visual content. I also do a lot of planning and scheduling during weekends when there’s plenty of time for just launching about on the couch.

On top of blogging I also write articles to an online magazine, B.L.O.G Unwritten, once a month, and weekends are the best time for me to plan, write and edit those articles.


My week revolves largely around my blog; I build my work schedule around it and fill all available gaps in my work-load with blog-related tasks.

So, I work on my blog pretty much 7 days a week with irregular hours. Thankfully that suits well for a creative project. There are no set hours needed, as long as you get the amount of material out that you have deemed necessary for whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve with it all.

At the end of the day not one day schedule is the same as the next. We’re all individuals and our lives have different distractions. We just need to learn to navigate those distractions in order to direct as much resources to whatever we want to achieve with our ‘side hustle’ as possible.

How do you balance your blog work with everything that goes on in your everyday life? ♥


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