Hand Luggage Essentials Weekend Milan

My Hand Luggage Essentials For Weekend In Milan

Hand Luggage Essentials Weekend Milan Hand Luggage Essentials Weekend Milan

Oh yes, it’s fast approaching; our trip to MILAN!

As I’ve mentioned before, I feel like I’ve been committing a crime all these years moving from one year to another without visiting Italy. I’m 30 and I’ve never been to Italy! Well, things are about to change.

I’m the one who starts packing way before the actual trip. I’m also the one who tends to over-pack even if I’m supposed to make do with just hand luggage. Particularly shoes are a weak point for me: I tend to pack 2 pairs per day, but shoes are the ones that take most space from the bag.

Wizened by our trip to Portugal I intend to do better this time. These historic European cities are notorious for not being particularly high heel friendly, so I’m going to try and keep things in check this time around.

Since this is going to be quite a short trip (only 2 whole days), and because I’m flying on a budget airline, I’m only taking a duffle bag with me. Thankfully I am a professional packer by now, so fitting 3 days’ worth of clothing + everything else in a handbag shouldn’t be too much to ask.

Even though I’ve never been to Italy, I’ve traveled enough to know that Milan is going to be extremely crowded this time of year. It’s not the peak holiday season, but since traveling around Europe is so easy and affordable, a lot of us opt for a weekend away from the home hoods.

I will be keeping this in mind when planning my outfits for the weekend trip. Here’s how to get the most out of just couple pieces of clothing on your next weekend trip.

My Hand Luggage Essentials For Weekend In Milan

Hand Luggage Essentials Weekend Milan

For the Day

I’ve only got 1 thing in Milan that I absolutely have to see; Duomo di Milano. The iconic cathedral with its incredibly decorative facade is a must-see when in Milan, just like the Eiffel Tower would be in Paris.

But other than that I am not planning on being a tourist. Instead, what I want from this holiday is ultimate relaxation in a beautiful, sunny country that I’ve dreamed of visiting for a decade.

And ultimate relaxing for me and my bestie means wine (accompanied with some pizza, of course) enjoyed in a park chatting and people watching. So, my outfit for daytime must be quite relaxed, easy to sit on the ground in, but obviously also stylish. I mean, this is the Fashion Capital.

So, for day-ware I opted for 3 outfits (it’s 3 days after all, and you never know about the weather), which I can mix and match. Always focus on classic colours and shapes when choosing travel outfits! I went for

  • a leopard top paired up with skinny jeans,
  • a white T-shirt with a basic black skirt, and
  • a black&white striped bardot neckline top with basic shorts.

Simple colours and shapes that you can mix whichever way; the white tee goes perfectly with jeans and the shorts as well, as does the leopard top.

Hand Luggage Essentials Weekend Milan

Hand Luggage Essentials Weekend Milan

For the Evening

I like any excuse to dress up. And just a basic dinner out is good enough reason for me to amp up the volume on my outfit and make-up.

That’s why, no matter where or when I travel, I will be adding one dress into my bag. The problem this time around was choosing between black or white dress.

I have some super nice skirt-top combos but since space in my bag at this point is limited it’s better to settle for a one-piece. This black dress is from Springfield and made out of organic cotton. On top of which it’s sooo beautiful, because it’s got this flamenco-inspired ruffle running down the hem.

I always have to have some special effect on my clothes. That’s why I couldn’t go for the plain white T-shirt, but had to have a wider neckline and a logo stamped on it.

Hand Luggage Essentials Weekend Milan

Hand Luggage Essentials Weekend Milan


And now we move on to my favourite subject; shoes and bags!

Obviously I want to take my PIHKA beauties everywhere I go, so the chili red Armi was one of the first things I chose to add into my duffle bag. But Armi is too small to fit my camera, so I also went for a basic   tote bag, that would fit all my day-necessities.

On the shoe front I struggled: I wanted to really take 3 pairs, 2 pairs of high heels (my brand new Tommy Hilfiger wedges and the perfect nude sandalettes) plus one pair of ballerinas, but space was very, very limited.

But no worries, I am the packing-pro after all! I’ve found a way to utilize every little space in my travel bag and my best tip is to fill your shoes with items of clothing; roll up a top and squeeze it in there, or ram all your underwear and socks in the shoes. That’s how you maximize a small space!

And thus I could fit all 3 pairs in my hand luggage.

hand luggage essentials weekend Milan Hand Luggage Essentials Weekend Milan

For My Face

As I documented in my London Hand Luggage Essentials post in February, when traveling with just hand luggage, beauty products can cause a little bit of headache. But they don’t have to!

The rules are simple enough to follow; keep the bottle sizes small and keep everything in a plastic bag that’s easy to lift on the belt at airport security. I’ve horded small shampoo and body lotion bottles from hotels, and those are perfect to take along for a short weekend getaway.

I’ve also purchased some well thought out hair and skin products in mini size, because I don’t want to spend any time at the destination trying to locate a pharmacy where I can buy all the essentials.

For the ecological traveler I suggest buying small bottles into which you can squeeze enough of each bathroom product (shampoo, moisturizer, etc.) to last for the whole weekend. This way you reduce wastage at the hotel. For great tips for traveling more ecologically read this article!

Even if your skin care routine includes 15 products and takes an hour, for a wee weekend trip you can surely loosen up a bit, and just go with the essentials, right? My advice would be to include the following into your bag:

  • small shampoo, soap and body lotion bottles
  • mini-hairspray
  • small deodorant (preferably a roll)
  • tooth brush + small tooth paste
  • face wipes
  • maximum 100ml moisturizer

Hand Luggage Essentials Weekend Milan

T-shirt & wedges |Tommy Hilfiger; leopard top | Guess; jeans | Stradovarius; shorts & skirt & stripe top | H&M; black dress | Springfield; bag | PIHKA collection (get 10% off with code TERESA10 here)

My packing routine is quite simple; I pile all the things I want to take along on my bedroom couch and then roll them into tight rolls and assemble them into my duffle bag waiting on the floor.

And now, all that remains is for me to remember that passport, throw the bag on my shoulder and leave the cold Baltic countries way behind! I can already smell the fresh pizza!

If any of you have been to Milan, please comment below for any must-dos and must-eats! ♥


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