My Schedule For June

June Schedule – Weekend In Milan And Finn-Fun In Tallinn

My Schedule For June

My Schedule For June

Let’s be honest, I will not miss May! Jesusmária it was cold!! I had to e-mail my landlord AND the building manager to turn the heating back on on the first week of the month because 16 degrees inside is not a livable temperature.

Even though the month started in cold weather, May Day (aka Vappu) celebrations kept us warm. Regardless of the little mishap of me dislocating my knee in the process of all that partying, and spending 2 weeks avoiding stairs and taking the taxi to work.

At work I was kept busy by the Ice Hockey World Championships being played in Slovakia (as big a sport in Northern countries as football is in the UK). My job was to arrange all sorts of social media campaigns and competitions during the 2-week event. I loved it; being busy at work doing something that you like is the best!


May is the month when Summer events roll into action. So, also here in Tallinn weekends started filling up with dozens of great events, like the Museum Night (all museums, castles, sights have free entry for one day), Kalamaja Day (a food event in a beautiful hipster area), whiskey trade show, craft beer trade show, etc., etc.

Then there was that one Saturday when I organized the Eurovision game studio, complete with a drinking game where we ended up practicing our skills in somersaults. I haven’t laughed so much for ages.

On the blog-front I’ve planning, scheduling and scoring goals on multiple fronts. Mote on those wins later on, but I can already reveal that I joined a community for creators, Grow & Glow, and will have a role in developing and evolving the project. I. Cannot. Contain. Myself!! So excitedproudhappy!

And the last weekend of May I spent with my brother and his girlfriend getting to know some of the local sights here in Estonia. This year is nearing it’s halfway point and so far so good!

Let’s see what’s up in the coming month:

My June Schedule

My Schedule For June


I am at this very moment, when this post comes out, in the process of stuffing my laptop into my duffle bag and preparing myself mentally for the flight. For those who are new to my blog, I’m not the biggest fan of flying.

But oh dear, Milan! That fashion capital of Europe in a country I’ve wanted to visit for a decade. I’m well aware of the fact that me and my best friend will not be the only tourists roaming the beautiful city, so I’m setting my expectations on a realistic level for this vacay;

I am not planning on running from one sight to another in search of that compulsory Instagram photo to prove that “I was here!!“. Instead we are going to concentrate on the most important: the company, good food (piizzaaaaa!!) and wine. Enjoyed in a park or a piazza. What could be better?

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“I made my bag!”

In the spirit of #WhoMadeMyClothes I am going to participate in a pop-up course where I get to make my very own bag from sustainably produced leather. How cool is that!?

The course is arranged by PIHKA collections, and I am beyond excited! I’m super interested in sustainable fashion and in where and how my clothes and accessories become the wonderful items that I wear on a daily basis.

PIHKA collection arranges these courses multiple times a year and anyone can participate. On the course we will get to know more about the materials used on PIHKA’s beautiful bags, and how the bag-making process works.

I wouldn’t count myself among the most dexterous of people, but I do fix my own clothes and have knitted scarves and such for myself. So, to get the opportunity to make something that I will be wearing for years to come is an exciting prospect.

To get a sneak peek on what goes on in Helsinki on this course, follow me on Instagram. I will be writing a post about the process later as well.

And later in the month I will be traveling to Helsinki again to meet the PIHKA girls at their Advisory Board meeting. This is another project I am extremely proud of; I can give feedback to the brand from a customer’s point of view, provide them with new ideas and plan their collections with them. I mean, is this a dream opportunity or what?!

My Schedule For June

Best friend weekend

I love having friends over! The reason why I took such an enormous apartment when I moved here is that I wanted to be able to accommodate my family and friends when they come to visit. To be honest, I could fit a small army in my apartment.

Most people visit me once a year, which is easy since Estonia is only a short boat trip South from Finland. And every time my bestie comes for a visit I’m extra excited!

She is a proper career woman; she has her own attorney’s office, which means that she’s busy af. That also means that sometimes she needs a proper getaway from all those responsibilities, and that’s where I can help!

Tallinn offers amazing restaurants, shopping opportunities and multiple spas for getting one’s mind off work stuff. I’m planning a spa weekend for us topped with cocktails in the evening.

My Schedule For June

Family reunion

Our family is very tight. And I’m not talking about just the core family but instead cousins, aunts and uncles included. We spend Christmasses, Midsummers, and Mothers’ Days together always.

My mum’s family comes from the Turku archipelago, and the family still owns property and land there. Our own Summer house is on those lands as well, of course. And this year my mum’s cousin decided to put together a family reunion there.

I know some of you are cringing like hell right now, but let me tell you something; even if family reunion sounds like an unnecessary evil, you at least (very likely) speak the same language as your extended family. Not the case for us.

The people living on the archipelago are mostly Swedish-speaking. There’s a big number of Swedish-speaking people living in Finland, which is expected since Swedish was our language for over 600 years. But the thing is, my grandmother never taught Swedish to my mother or me.

It’s a real shame, because fact is that the more languages a child knows, the better off they will be in life. But hey ho, this is how it is now. We do have to study Swedish at school in Finland, but for me that was over 10 years ago, so I remember very little.

I’d love to be able to speak it though… Maybe I’ll try and find someone to converse with in Swedish before the reunion at the end of the month.

How’s the Summer looking for you lovelies? Busy bees or lazy leisure-rs? ♥


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