photography challenge how to style ruched boots
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Day 12: How To Style Those Ruched Boots For Office

Photography Challenge Day 12:


I love the word ‘joy’. It literally means “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness” so could there be an emotion more precious. Being able to enjoy the little things in our everyday lives and finding joy ‘in the moment’ is what sets us apart as happy people. Being able to find joy especially at those moments when everything feels particularly dark is essential.

What brings me joy, then? Planning my outfits and discovering new ways to style my clothes, that’s what! Yeah, many other things as well, like food and hanging out with friends, etc. but for this photography task I wanted to concentrate on my newly discovered favourite outfit and style.

photography challenge how to style ruched boots photography challenge how to style ruched boots photography challenge how to style ruched boots

What’s in fashion this winter season? Ruched boots and layering, yeah baby!

Okay, I’ve never been a fan of layering because I often feel like a stuffed animal, aka, very uncomfortable. But this year I discovered a new way to layer clothes instead of the old manner of adding a jumper over a blouse over a top. And this style right here is my new ‘go to’ outfit for those days when I’ve got “nothing to wear“.

The turtleneck is perhaps not considered the sexiest thing to wear. But if you style it well enough, it may just become your new confidence booster. For example, pair a turtleneck with a well sitting blazer and voilá! How great is that?!

Look for a well sitting, neutral coloured turtleneck, which is not too thick, since it’s going to be worn underneath other pieces. In addition to a blazer you can wear a turtleneck under a basic blouse, a wool jumper with a wide neckline, or even tone down that LBD to an office-appropriate outfit by adding a turtleneck (with long sleeves) underneath.

photography challenge how to style ruched boots photography challenge how to style ruched boots

But now, let’s talk about the main thing; shoes. Ruched boots are an item that I’ve noticed returning to the winter fashion scenes over and over again. So, once again, here’s a classic you should invest in, and take care of, and you will ride that fashion wave every couple winters with no problem at all.

Perhaps the most striking example of the return of the ruched boot was the stirring performance by Cheryl at X Factor UK couple weeks back. Although I would advice against buying ruched boots of that specific shape; they didn’t do her legs any favours flatter-wise.

But an ankle boot or a knee-high option is what you want. Subtle enough to pass the trend security check each year but equipped with a twist. Invest in leather or quality suede and don’t forget to purchase that protective spray as well! That substance has ensured so many shoes surviving extra 2 years with me.

Ruched boots can be really sexy when styled right but I wanted to style them office-appropriately. It all starts with skinny jeans. Skinny because the ruched boots already make your legs look a bit wider so the skinny jean effect brings the scale back to level.

The top half should preferably be covered, rather than showing shoulders, to keep the look neat. Hence, the turtleneck (I can’t get over this new style discovery I’ve made, my apologies). I’d also keep the colour scheme quite neutral or within just 2 colours so that we don’t take any attention away from those boots.

photography challenge how to style ruched boots photography challenge how to style ruched boots

ruched boots | ALDO

turtleneck | H&M (also liked (this)

blazer | H&M (also liked (this and this)

jeans | Stradivarius

bag | DKNY

What’s your opinion on this style and the ruched boots trend? Yay or nay? xx


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