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The Best Campaign In Fashion This Year #LabelsAreForClothes

Outlandish blog River Island fashion campaign #labelsareforclothes high heels clothes Outlandish blog River Island fashion campaign #labelsareforclothes high heels clothes

Have you heard of LAFC already? If not, it’s about time you did!

Ditch The Label is a website and an online community dedicated to preventing and, oh if world was so perfect, eradicating bullying and prejudices. Their campaigns so far have touched such issues as body confidence, social media vs. real life and sexism in the gaming world.

Some may have seen their hashtags #ditchthelabel and #labelsareforclothes teeming on Instagram and their collaboration partners include huge players, such as EA Games and boohoo.com. And now their campaign has received a collaboration partner in the form of a global superstar: River Island!

River Island happens to be one of my favourite brands and my closet has recently started to look like a River Island showroom. I’ve got bags, shoes, trousers, tops, blouses, dresses, skirts, culottes, jackets, you name it, I’ve got it with a River Island label on it.

So, when I discovered their newsletter from my e-mail last week I was impressed and happy to find models displaying the clothes who were different sizes, heights, colours, sitting on a wheelchair, etc. People just like you and me.

Yeah yeah, models are people too, but I can’t relate to them. And that’s what fashion should be about, in my opinion; relatability. With this I mean that when I see an outfit on the runway I want to get the feeling that “daamn, I could rock that as well!” At the moment, watching runway shows, I never have that feeling.

The e-mail read:

Meet the latest reps of our movement, unapologetic in their mission to stay 100% true to self.

Amen to that! But why is this important, you ask?

Outlandish blog River Island fashion campaign #labelsareforclothes high heels clothes

Because the world has become a horrible place when comparing to what it was like only 10 years ago (#PersonalOpinion)! Nazis are roaming the streets and the world is run by dictators, again. It seems like we have learned absolutely nothing from our very recent history.

That’s why now it really is all on our youngsters! We have to make sure that they grow up to be better and cleverer than the past generations because they will need to eventually stop this shit (no pressure). But in the meantime we have to also try and educate the ones who already are in power, even if in some cases it seems like a hopeless task.

Tsunamis grow from small waves just like horrible acts by humans usually have root causes in a childhood trauma. Such traumas are more often than not results of consistent bullying due to looks, sexuality, a disability, you name it. These days one can become the target just by turning up at school in the “wrong” pair of sneakers.

To prevent our youngsters growing up as “damaged goods” we need to be able to drill it into their heads at an extremely young age that everybody has a right to live just as they are despite whatever they may look like, even if they don’t like the same ice cream flavour as you, and while their opinions on breastfeeding don’t coincide with yours.

And, I think, these huge campaigns are one of the best ways to achieve this! Getting brands that young people like to deliver the message to them. Brands have an incredible amount of power on what people think and how they preceive things so we need to get big brands incorporating a more versatile group of people into their marketing!

More people of different colours and sizes, more people with disabilities, more people with extraordinary looks! We need to make today’s weird the future’s normal! Exactly as River Island put it:

“These little individuals are here to remind us that what makes us different is also what makes us AMAZING!”

Outlandish blog River Island fashion campaign #labelsareforclothes high heels clothes


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