Natural Cosmetics Questions Answered
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Natural Cosmetics – All Your Questions Answered

Natural Cosmetics Questions Answered

Natural cosmetics is a huge part of the fight against the climate crisis. So much of the materials used in cosmetics is damaging both, our climate and our complexion. So, I embarked on a project on Instagram and Twitter with an agenda: to get all your natural cosmetics questions answered.

I collected your queries and went to my favourite natural cosmetics brand, HAVU cosmetics, to get answers. Why did I do this? Because somebody has to.

Last week people around the world participated in the #ClimateStrike while the UN asked politicians to come forward with concrete examples and strategies for tackling the climate crisis.

We are literally running out of time, and the biggest industries in the world, fashion and beauty industries in the lead, don’t show any initiative in changing the way they operate to a more sustainable direction.

This means that we consumers are now the ones with the power! Our consumer habits and decisions have a big impact on what happens to the planet in the future.

It may sound like a daunting prospect, a lot of responsibility for a small individual. But fret not! The changes we need to make, and the things we need to consider are not big or complicated. It’s little everyday things, like decreasing (not leaving out altogether) our meat consumption or clothes shopping.

When we buy clothes more rarely, we’re left with more money in our disposal, which means that we can invest in better quality clothes, that don’t go out of style or fall apart in 4 months.

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Natural Cosmetics Questions Answered
Natural Cosmetics Questions Answered

Why You Should Consider Natural Cosmetics?

But today I want to focus on the beauty side of things. Couple years back I was shocked to learn that the 2€ eye shadow palette I so loved consisted of nothing but led. It looked amazing, but long-term use can be damaging to the eyes.

Just the thought of applying led on my very fragile eyelids made me feel sick. And after a little bit of research I was ready to throw up. A lot of cosmetics, even the expensive brands, are manufactured in China, which has very loose restrictions on what materials are used, or how the products are tested.

Some brands are even insisting on testing their products on animals. The amount of dangerous chemicals we apply on our faces on a daily basis is incredible.

Thankfully awareness on these issues has been spreading fast and wide in the past couple years. Demand for natural cosmetics has soared in particular in the Middle East and Asia. And you know how it goes: what Koreans do in beauty, we all want to copy.

But even though I’ve moved from market beauty products to brand products, I’m not big on trying new things on the beauty front. My skin is very particular and it reacts to changes in seasons, of which we have 4, so I need to know that what I buy is worth the buck.

That’s why I often go for products that are familiar and “close to home”. And HAVU is very much close to home: its products are manufactured in my home country. I’m so fortunate having been born in Finland, a pioneering country when it comes to ecological fashion and beauty.

In addition to having a wide range of sustainable fashion brands available, the advertising laws in Finland are so strict, that I can honestly trust in a sustainable brand’s marketing. This is something that can’t be said for most countries in the world, which gives a great advantage for Finnish eco-products. No green-washing allowed there!

Natural Cosmetics Questions Answered

Why I Chose HAVU cosmetics

I wrote last week about the shock of being influenced to purchase a product. Being a ‘slave of advertising’ has always been a distasteful thought to me. But is it actually so bad if you’re influenced to do something that helps the planet and local businesses?

Because that’s what it was: I purchased an ecologically made lipstick from a small Finnish company that manufactures their products in Finland from natural ingredients.

I’ve followed HAVU cosmetics on Instagram for a long time, and I LOVE their informative stories on how they manufacture their lipsticks and their casings. Because they’ve thought about the environmental impact all the way to their packaging. So awesome!

The brand is as clean and beautiful as their products, and that made me want to know more about them. So, without further ado, here are your natural cosmetics questions answered:

Natural Cosmetics Questions Answered

Q: How does HAVU cosmetics’ organic make-up differ from conventional make-up?

HAVU cosmetics only uses natural waxes and oils, and safe inorganic pigments in their products. HAVU’s products are manufactured in Finland and the packaging can be disposed as biowaste after use.

Q: Why are organic beauty products better?

In natural cosmetics the resources are chosen with a tighter comb. Renewable resources from organic sources are preferred in the products, as well as ingredients that are safe and inert for the skin.

Animal testing, gene-manipulated resources or radiating is not used. Natural cosmetics is a lot more straight-forward and more minimal in regards to the resources used. Simple can be good!

Q: What, in your opinion, is bad about conventional make-up?

Well, in conventional cosmetics, a lot of plastics and micro-plastics are used, in addition to silicone compounds and petrochemical derivatives. Those are taxing to nature even if they might not be full-on dangerous for humans.

Natural resources are also used in conventional cosmetics but considerably less. In terms of the future it is critical that resources are reviewed more critically.

Q: Why did you want to create an organic make-up brand?

There were no locally produced colour cosmetics available in Finland, and as a consumer it vexed us.

Back then natural cosmetics still felt like something that was secondary, as if one had to give up something when buying natural cosmetics (which isn’t true, but perhaps the branding back then wasn’t quite up to scratch).

Finnish companies were avoiding manufacturing natural cosmetics because it’s laborious and foreign brands seem hard to reach. So, we had to get to work ourselves.

We felt like the market was missing our kind of a Nordic natural cosmetics brand.

Q: What sets HAVU cosmetics apart from all other make-up brands?

HAVU has a unique brand and product. We work for the future on the side of nature. We don’t use unnecessary ingredients, extra perfumes or preservatives in our products, which means that we are not unnecessarily taxing nature.

The product as a whole, including the casings, recycles back into nature. Our products have clean ingredients and after use they don’t leave a mark behind.

You can get aesthetic natural cosmetics from HAVU, without having to bargain on quality. Glow of green cosmetics!!

Natural Cosmetics Questions Answered

Few of us consider the impact that the cosmetic casings have on the environment. That’s one of the reasons why I fell in love with HAVU cosmetics from the beginning: they’ve thought of everything.

And even if taking care of the environment or nature isn’t good enough an incentive to someone, surely they’d like to take care of their skin’s well-being. In the world we live in, where wrinkles are a sign of all evil and skin cancer rates are soaring, surely we’d like to do better for ourselves, right?

So, putting the environment aside, would you consider switching to natural cosmetics to your own sake? I’m not saying that’ll spare you from getting skin cancer, but it sure is more healthy. Or have already made the switch? I’d love to hear your views on natural cosmetics!

So, there you have it, your natural cosmetics questions answered. Please let me know if there’s anything more you’d like to know about natural cosmetics, I’m happy to continue my research ♥


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