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Why I Moved From Market Beauty Products To Expensive Brand Products?

From Supermarket Beauty to Brand Products From Supermarket Beauty to Brand Products From Supermarket Beauty to Brand Products

About 5 years ago I made the relatively drastic change and moved to do my beauty shopping in actual beauty stores instead of the beauty section in the supermarket.

Drastic in the way that this obviously made my wallet much lighter than it had been previously. But also drastic because supermarket beauty is rising in popularity right now.

As a woman I, of course, have my beauty essentials that I use on a daily basis. Products like mascara, cleanser, and concealer. I had a serious case of acne when I was 15, which left visible pockmarks on my cheeks.

I also had a 6-month drug regimen to get rid of the acne, which dried my skin out completely and it took over 10 years until I was able to get any sort of a tan again on my face. So, my skin requires some proper tender care.

During the acne period I believed that layering as much makeup on the pimples and the pockmarks as possible would hide them. Of course it didn’t. If anything, it all made them more visible. On top of which, the products that I used didn’t stay on all day, so my face would be extra patchy, with mascara stains on my cheeks by lunch hour.

But now, since the pockmarks have settled down a bit and I’ve managed to develop a little bit of a tan (with freckles!) on my face, I’ve realized that when it comes to skin, less is more.

From Supermarket Beauty to Brand Products

On a regular Tuesday I don’t usually wear much make-up. Most days I only cover the black under-eye bits with a little bit of concealer, and during winter I’d splash a bit of bronzer on my cheek bones. That’s it.

On Fridays I usually add a swish of mascara and pack a lipstick in my bag just in case there’s an after-work.

When it comes to skincare, my routines are again very simple and straight forward; I wash and moisturize my skin every evening, and that’s that. I never sleep with make-up on, but I also don’t have the time and energy for long and complex cleansing routines in the evening. I don’t need them anyway.

But why on Earth did I change from cheap supermarket make-ups and beauty products to brand products that are multiple times more expensive? Well, there are 3 main reasons that I couldn’t ignore anymore when the big thirty came knocking:

Why I Moved From Supermarket Beauty Products To Brand Products?

From Supermarket Beauty to Brand Products

The Design Aspect

Okay, this is completely shallow, but since I’m a woman I can’t even manage to feel ashamed of this. Brand products simply look 10 times better than market products.

And we all know why; one reason why branded products cost more is the fact that they put enormous efforts to designing their products outlook as well as what goes into the bottle. The shape of a tube or a bottle, the colour scheme, the positioning on the shelf in the store, all of that is carefully thought out.

That’s also why those products look much better on your bathroom shelf than the flashy, often pink, market cream. I don’t have any cupboards in my bathroom, so having even just a little bit of design in there makes the whole place look a tad better.

From Supermarket Beauty to Brand Products From Supermarket Beauty to Brand Products

The Quality Aspect

I used market products for years and years, and oh my lord they’re bad. My skin is very fragile and particular, in addition to which my Scandinavian hair and eyelashes are a nightmare to “dress” each morning.

That’s why I need proper quality! And quality often costs more. But I am very willing to pay more money for a mascara that makes my eyelashes pop, rather than pay 5€ for one that looks like I haven’t got eyelashes at all.

The other problem area is my hair. It’s as thin and see-through as a cobweb, slippery as hell, and probably the straightest thing in existence. No curler works on this material! My hair is quite damaged as it is, because I dye it with blond stripes, which is the worst thing to do to such fragile hair.

So, I need miracle substances to even keep my hair on my head, and looking as good as possible. Once again, I used market products for years, but then one time I had extra money and I bought a conditioner/hair mask that cost over 20€. And the effect was clearly visible and tangible after one wash.

I went back for a market product when I couldn’t find this expensive hair mask in the store anymore, and regretted it. My hair hasn’t been this frizzy for a long time. So, I have now returned to the brand side and am currently trying out, and liking, Tahe Botanic hair mask.

From Supermarket Beauty to Brand Products From Supermarket Beauty to Brand Products

The Sustainability Aspect

Since I’ve developed a bit of a hatred towards fast fashion brands, I can’t imagine buying cheap beauty products either. Sustainability is what I aim to support with every purchase that I make (have they come up with a sustainable tooth brush yet, instead of these plastic ones? Please let me know!)

There’s also the health and security issue; splashing my face with led-infused chemical mixtures created in a factory in China, where they produce actual weapons on the next conveyor belt, is something I really do not want to do to myself!

Branded products beat market products in this aspect again 6 – 0. Many branded products are produced in Europe, where product safety is on a high level, and brands put a bit more thought into their packaging. There’s a rising trend of many products becoming refillable.

For example, German beauty brand, Artdeco, gives you the option to save money and the environment by replacing the product inside the plastic casing with a new tray of rouge.

Also Lancôme has just launched a brand new perfume, which is refillable. I love this idea! Why sould we buy new casings along with the product when the casings were made to withhold a nuclear explosion.

In addition to refillable make-up, there are more and more ecological brands popping up like mushrooms in rain. I discovered ILIA on out trip to New York in January, and absolutely love their shades as well as their values and mission.

They want their production chains to be as transparent as possible, and their materials are ecological, without compromising on quality.

From Supermarket Beauty to Brand Products From Supermarket Beauty to Brand Products

At the end of the day, our skin is the biggest and one of the most precious organs we all have. In a way I show my appreciation for it by investing in products that I know my skin prefers instead of going for a ‘cheap fix’.

We can’t avoid all the pollution and chemicals that inevitably attack our skin every single day when we leave the house, but we can try and protect it as best we can.

I can’t see myself going back to the supermarket beauty products, the quality is just so noticeably worse. If you don’t believe me, try changing something small, like a moisturizer to, for example, an ecological equivalent. I’m quite sure you will notice the difference.

Of course, if you wear a lot of make-up and prefer to have multiple products in your bathroom cupboard, investing in brand products might crash into a financial barrier. In that case you could just focus on one thing; do you want the best for you skin, your hair, or your nails. Focus on just that.

I’d love to hear your views on the supermarket beauty products versus brand beauty products! Which do you prefer and why? ♥


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