Outlandish blog October schedule goals happiness lifestyle

October Schedule – Holidays & Happiness

Outlandish blog October schedule goals happiness lifestyle Outlandish blog October schedule goals happiness lifestyle

Have you heard of SAD? As in Seasonal Affective Disorder. It’s a temporary mood disorder “in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year exhibit depressive symptoms at the same time each year, most commonly in the winter.

People suffering from this tend to experience, for example, extreme tiredness during certain periods each year. Ring a bell? For me it definitely does! Autumn is a depressing time for me and I find it quite difficult to function most of the time then:

When it gets dark in the evening my body literally goes to sleep. So, when it gets dark already at 5PM during winter months I struggle even to get home from work. When I eventually do get home I often simply lie on the couch napping, get up to eat something and retreat straight to bed. I sort of hibernate. And there’s nothing I can do about this.

There are all sorts of guides telling us to start going to yoga and eat healthy and bla bla bla, I’m sorry but all that simply doesn’t work. The power of darkness is too great!

Ok, let’s not get too Star Warsy, but in all honesty if I could actually get all the way to the yoga studio I would fall asleep during the lesson. And eating healthy, yeah I can do that, but that don’t keep me awake.

So, I have had to come up with an action plan to survive this coma period. First of all I allow myself the (multiple) extra hours of sleep. If that means going to sleep at 7PM so be it, or sleeping until 1AM on weekend, fine. Why not?

Secondly, because I understand how my body and mind react to this season, I’m able to plan my Autumn better and to set goals and schedules that I actually can realize despite the fact that it’s cold and dark. And there’s one thing that keeps me energized, no matter what; social encounters!

So, here’s a little list of what I’ve got planned for this October, and if there are people suffering from this incapacitating period same as I, maybe some of these points will also help you:

♥ Take up running again

Last year I discovered running. Like, properly discovered it. I’ve run before but it was just something I did as an extra measure on top of dance practice 5 times a week and my own exercise of 100 sit-ups and squats every single day. Being so ripped anyways the runs didn’t really feel like much.

But when I started just running I realized that even after years of being a lazy ass I still had some stamina left. Which obviously gave me a nice boost to challenge myself to go even further. And noticing how fast my physique and stamina grew just added my hunger for going faster and further.

And then came Autumn with its never-ending rain and then Winter with frozen streets and unlivable temperatures so running stopped dead. This past Summer would’ve been perfect for taking that habit up again but instead I concentrated on spending my days on the beach and terraces.

But now I have a proper incentive: at the end of the month I’m going hiking to the Tatra mountains. And knowing how hard it is to hike so high up, even when you’re in shape, I got a bit worried on whether I might actually faint or get sick there IF I didn’t start exercising right now.

So, I’m going to try and go running at least 3 times a week… Unfortunately the weather report doesn’t look too good because I ain’t going out if it rains! But let’s hope for the best.

Outlandish blog October schedule goals happiness lifestyle Outlandish blog October schedule goals happiness lifestyle

♥ Autumn photographs

On the last weekend of September we had a little double-date night and baked cinnamon buns. In addition to it being a great evening in wonderful company we also wanted to take full advantage of the baked treats and saved some of them as props for an Autumn-inspired photo shoot.

But, as is customary in Estonia, the day of the shoot was so dark that proper photographs were a no-go and it rained so hard all day that it was safer to stay indoors. We are living extremely challenging times as bloggers because from now on we will only have 1 or 2 days a week when there’s enough light for photographing.

Nonetheless, Autumn is such a magical time, and the colourful leaves covering the ground demand our attention, so we just need to stay attentive and keep an eye on the weather report in order to re-schedule our photography session.

♥ Weekend at home with theater and fine dining

I cannot WAIT for this weekend to arrive! A live theater version of the Lord of The Rings is playing in the Turku City Theater and the play was so popular last year that they put out another set of tickets at the beginning of the year. And my mum somehow managed to get her hands on 3 tickets!

I then decided that since it’s a Friday night, let’s make it a proper Friday night! So, I approached the best restaurant in Finland, Kaskis, and somehow, somehow managed to book us a table there! Believe me, it’s not an easy feat!  So, we’re planning to dress up nicely, do our hair and make-up, and have a lovely Friday evening out with culture and amazing food.

What more would you want?

♥ Traveling to Vienna → Bratislava → Tatra Mountains

The long-awaited, super-exciting, always so joyous, my once-a-year visit to my former home city, Bratislava, is fast approaching!

I made some of my life’s best friendships there and spent probably the happiest years so far there. The climate is made for me, the people are the kindest I have ever met and the country with its mountains and ancient castles is stunningly beautiful. It’s become a tradition that I go visit my old hoods each year.

Last year I went there to experience the Christmas market and we also included a trip to Vienna into my week there. This time I’m going vice versa: I’m flying to Vienna and spending the first 2 days there with my boyfriend. On Friday we continue to Bratislava to meet up with my best friend and to embark on our weekend trip to the Tatra Mountains. I CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF!!

What have you got planned for October? Any great Halloween party costume ideas anyone wants to share? ;)


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