Passion is Everything in Brand Collaboration
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Why Passion Is Everything In A Brand Collaboration?

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Passion is Everything in Brand Collaboration Passion is Everything in Brand Collaboration

Let’s talk passion in brand collaboration!

It’s September and even I have to admit the inevitability of Autumn descending on us. My way of surviving this depressing time of shortening days and plummeting temperatures is to focus my whole energy on things that bring me joy and inspiration. And thankfully I don’t need to search too far:

My blog is my ultimate happy space. And not just the website itself, but everything that surrounds it, in particular the most amazing relationships that I’ve been able to form through this happiness project.

There are two types of relationships that are essential in blogging. Firstly, by building or joining in a community of bloggers you will make blogging a hundred times easier and more enjoyable.

You can share your wins, ask for feedback and share your troubles with people who can relate to what you’re saying, unlike family and friends can (assuming they don’t blog as well).

For me, that community turned out to be Grow & Glow; the people, courses and resources I found in that community, have catapulted my blog into brand new spheres. If you’re not yet part of the community, you can join in here.

Passion is Everything in Brand Collaboration Passion is Everything in Brand Collaboration

The second type of important relationships are the ones you build with brands that you want to work with. There are plenty of bloggers who would grasp any collaboration opportunity without caring about who the person at the other end of the e-mail thread is. Often in such situations the motivator is just the couple extra £.

But those sorts of collaborations rarely lead to anything major. I tried those bulk affiliate link deals at the beginning of my blogging career, but quickly realized that they’re not the way to go for me, because passion in brand collaboration is what sets it apart from the rest.

Having no human contact behind the affiliate links felt like there was no point to it. I couldn’t communicate any ideas to them about campaigns and posts that I had, and when the links eventually expired, clearing them out of the dozens of posts was such a waste of time.

Passion is Everything in Brand Collaboration Passion is Everything in Brand Collaboration

When I started approaching brands I quickly realized that if I wasn’t seriously interested in the brand, its story and the people behind it, I wouldn’t be able to represent them in the way they deserve. Passion in brand collaboration is so important. So, my motto of ‘quality over quantity‘ became the mantra for my blog.

One of the blogging relationships that I cherish the most, and am so very proud of, is my Brand Ambassadorship with PIHKA collection. The fact that PIHKA is a small brand has given me the possibility to meet the girls behind the brand, and discuss ideas of campaigns and blog posts with them whenever inspiration strikes.

Having a personal connection with the people behind the brand is very important to me. I need to know that they like what I do, and I also want to know that they will be there if I need to discuss an idea. I want things to be done properly, or not at all.

Another aspect of PIHKA, that I appreciate very much, are their incredibly beautiful quality products. I’m a materialist, there’s no denying that. But my materialism manifests in finding joy in quality clothes that I already have, or investing in sustainable products that I know will travel through life with me.

Passion is Everything in Brand Collaboration Passion is Everything in Brand Collaboration

I’ve purchased quite a collection of PIHKA’s bags already; something for every occasion (NOTE that these bags come in multiple tones, use code TERESA for -10% discount):

Mint green Armi Crossbody

This bag consumes my most important everyday items without any problem. Wallet, keys, lip balm, chewing gum, smart phone and a little mirror all tucked into the 3 separate compartments.

In the beginning the bag was a bit stiff, but the great thing about quality leather is that it adjusts and stretches. Due to its delicious colour this is my go-to accessory when my overall outfit is monotone.

Armi Clutch in Dark Plum

The large Armi’s little sister, small Armi is more of an evening bag than its larger sister. Everything else fits in the small Armi, except my Salme wallet (also a PIHKA product).

But the gorgeous shade of this bag makes me go for it, no matter if I’m going to work or to a dinner. This shade of plum is one of my favourite colours and probably the most beautiful of all trendy Autumn shades.

For day use I’d clip on the long shoulder strap, but if going to dinner, I’d take off the shoulder strap and replace it with the short wrist strap. Armi looks so simple and plain, but it was made to be worn at all occasions.

Passion is Everything in Brand Collaboration Passion is Everything in Brand Collaboration

Chili Red Agata Clutch

Agata clutch is always one of the most beautiful evening bags in the room, without fail; its simplicity, vibrant colour, and extraordinary buckle win on so many levels.

When I got this bag I developed a bit of an obsession with it. Check this photo on my Instagram, the caption says it all. Despite the bag’s seemingly small size, I’ve never had any issue fitting all my life essentials in it.

Nude Vieno

This bag quickly became my most worn handbag when I brought it home. It’s got a little pocket inside for smaller items (like my mirror and lip balm) and plenty of space to accommodate a wallet, sunglasses and my phone.

This is the only one of my PIHKA bags, that doesn’t have a removable shoulder strap. But that’s good for me, because having a shoulder strap means having both hands free, which is often necessary in this rainy and windy country; you gotta hold on to that umbrella with both hands!

Passion is Everything in Brand Collaboration Passion is Everything in Brand Collaboration

Black Kide Tote

The Kide tote bag is everything you need for traveling: it accommodates your clothes and shoes for a long weekend trip, WITH your laptop and camera without any issue. Perfect for those Ryanair flights where you’re only allowed a bag that fits under a seat.

I’ve purchased couple large totes for travel purposes in the past, but since they are fake leather they do look worse for wear after couple years; the “leather” is cracking and straps are coming apart, which is the last thing you want happening when rushing through an airport.

Now I’ve got myself a reliable travel tote that will hopefully travel through life with me. Even if it suffered a breakage, I can send it back to PIHKA and they will fix it. That’s how sustainable brands work, people; they provide fixing and maintaining services so that you can enjoy your favourite products forever.

You will be seeing this bag every single time I travel, both here on the blog as well as on my Instagram stories.

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photos: Angie

Now, I’m not going to pretend that being specific with the brands you collaborate with will mean that there will probably be less collaborations to be had. But I’ll keep repeating myself, because it’s true; quality will always count for more than quantity in the big scheme of things.

Or what do you think? Is passion in brand collaboration important? I’d love to hear about your brand collaborations; what kinds of collaborations do you prefer? ♥


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