My Personal Style And City
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My Personal Style And How The City I Live In Affects It

My Personal Style And City My Personal Style And City

My style has always been colourful and experimental. I’ve never been afraid to try out even the weirdest outfit combos, as long as those combos flatter my figure and make me feel good about myself.

I grew up in a country where the culture revolves around ‘not showing off’ and where those who go unnoticed are considered exemplary. Gray mass all the way. But I’ve never been one to follow the crowds.

Also, my obsession with high heels was sometimes frowned upon quite publicly. Mostly I have been approached on the street or in a supermarket by people who just wanted to let me know that they found my style delightful. Still makes me smile ♥

But then there were those less pleasant encounters: I was once followed by a (presumably) deranged woman who saw it as her business to hiss at me how ugly I was, how thin my legs were, and how I looked like a whore. All this just because I wore heels.

My Personal Style And City

Since I moved abroad ages ago, my personal style has been influenced greatly by my surroundings; Scotland brought along even worse greater obsession for heels and with Primark in town I got to try out some of the wildest styles ever. London, on the other hand, taught me that no matter what you look like, as long as you’re happy with your looks, it’s all that matters.

In Slovakia my style matured. Our office had strict dress codes, particularly for Summer. This was fine with me since I was back then obsessing over Rachel Zane’s and Jessica Pearson’s style in the TV phenomena Suits.

And then I moved to Tallinn, Estonia. It was January, the heart of Winter, and I’m not going to lie, it was horrible. Starting a life here turned out surprisingly difficult, and I got low. For couple years I didn’t have any inspiration to dress up in anything other than a hoody and some running trousers.

But when I met Mr. S. and made new friends my style buds started to come back alive again. My style is a sign of respect to the people around me, and where before I saw no-one worth the effort, all of a sudden there were people worth dressing up for.

And now, after 3 years here I know exactly where to go when in need of style inspiration!

My Personal Style And City

How The City Affects My Personal Style

Estonia’s capital city, Tallinn, is rather unknown but it’s an up and coming city. Only 30 years ago this city was nothing but empty wasteland, but now it’s one of the leading e-commerce hubs where paperwork is taken care of by flashing your ID card.

On the architecture side Tallinn is one of the most interesting cities in Europe; they’ve managed to incorporate brand new skyscrapers and ultra modern dwellings around the UNESCO World Heritage site, Tallinn Old Town, while still maintaining the Old Town’s integrity and the city scape with turrets and towers visible far from the Baltic Sea.

From a blogger point of view, Tallinn provides a ton of inspiration and unique photography spots. There’s, of course, the beautiful Old Town with its colourful and decorative doors and ancient passageways.

Then there’s the intriguing hipster area, Telliskivi, with old factory buildings turned into restaurants, cafés and little boutiques. There are relaxing terraces everywhere, and colourful spray paint artwork covering whole buildings.

Or you might like a bit of serenity and direct your steps just a kilometer East from the Old Town, to Kadriorg. This area used to belong to rich aristocrats during the Russian imperial time, and it’s still visible in the beautiful houses and parks with swan lakes and fountains. There you can also find the Kadriorg palace and the President’s (pink!) dwelling.

And let’s not forget the seaside! Tallinn resides by the Baltic Sea and there are plenty of beautiful spots along the coast line worth visiting. Special mention for one of my favourite restaurants, NOA, by the sea. If you’re looking for the ultimate romantic date night spot, this is it.

My Personal Style And City My Personal Style And City

Tallinn really has something for everyone; pristine, historic sights, bohemian hipster areas, and the sea. This city is a dream for a blogger (except perhaps during winter months) because you can make it look like you’re in a different country every day.

Particularly for someone like me, who’s interested in fashion and in coming up with new outfits every day, Tallinn provides a lot of inspiration.

Here women dress very femininely, and a recent study showed how Estonians spend the most money on their clothes in Europe. And it’s visible; people here do look more stylish than an average European. It’s inspiring!

Also, the city itself bears a lot of resemblance to my personal style. I was surprised to realize that my style goes hand-in-hand with Tallinn’s style in many regards;

I like to mix old and new, cheap and expensive, classic and unpredictable. Just like this city; it is not afraid of colours, which suits me just fine, and here they try out new architecture without hesitation, just like I try a new look without prejudice, in case it might just suit me.

Have you ever thought about how the city you live in might affect the way you dress? Can you see any connection there? ♥


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