Outlandish blog recipe cosy night home candles darkness relax

Recipe For Ultimate Cozy Night In

Outlandish blog recipe cosy night home candles darkness relax

Outlandish blog recipe cosy night home candles darkness relax

Rainy days have their own, special appeal. And that appeal is the fact that for a change you’re forced (at least I am, I can’t stand rain) to stay indoors and find ways to amuse yourself.

There is, of course, the array of treatments that you can pamper yourself with ranging from face-masks to pedicures, running yourself a bath, and just enjoying a movie marathon. We’ve all probably been there, done that.

But since I do not have a fancy, spacious and well-furnished bathroom where I would like to spend hours on end treating myself, I tend to ignore all such self-care advice in blogs. If I want a facial, I’d much rather book an appointment than do it myself in my small, dingy bathroom.

So, I decided it’s time to come up with other things, more down-to-Earth options for us who like to enjoy the time spent hiding from the raging Autumn storms outside. Things that don’t require a big bathroom or that wouldn’t blow a massive hole in your wallet.

The point with all of these is for you to get properly cozy and feel all warmed up inside the way that no facial ever could make you feel.


Yeah, we all do that every day, right? Nothing special there.

Unless you make it special! Get you boyfriend/girlfriend involved or invite friends over and cook the unhealthiest comfort food you can imagine together. The more complicated the dish, the more fun you will have and everybody can get involved mixing, chopping, peeling and tasting.

We all deserve a little treat every now and then anyway. So, why not treat yourself on that particular day when things are as gloomy as ever (hopefully only weather-wise) and have a proper cheat day from your usual healthy eating routine.

Read a book (or blogs)

Netflix & Chill is the obvious thing to do on a rainy day but since I don’t like being obvious I’m gonna suggest you actually opt for a book instead! Believe me, reading can be a social activity as well: me and my boyfriend often just lie on the couch cuddling and reading. He reads books, I usually concentrate on blogs. But in fact I should find my way back to books as well!

If you like suspense my mum would recommend books by a Norwegian bestselling author, Jo Nesbø. From what I understood from her, these books are not for the faint-hearted, they can get quite rough. I know that with my imagination, I should stay away from them :D

If mystery is your genre I can warmly recommend Kate Morton’s books. She’s able to entwine history and the present in a really exciting way. I particularly liked the Forgotten Garden.

Outlandish blog recipe cosy night home candles darkness relax

Outlandish blog recipe cosy night home candles darkness relax

Plan a party

This is especially for those who are good with their hands because HALLOWEEN IS COMING!

It’s time to get carving those pumpkins, blowing balloons and sowing a ghost cloak from an old sheet. Instead of crafting by yourself, make an event out of it; invite some friends over, pop a bottle of bubbly and let inspiration flow.

And since you go into all that trouble go and put up a Facebook event and invite everyone to celebrate this end-of-October fest!

Play board games

This might seem like a childish thing to do but you would be wrong! Board games are the best and the funniest way to pass time. You’ve got all the games on your phone from Pokemon Go to Candy Crush to Solitaire but seriously nothing will beat the social element that board games bring to the table (literally).

OK, I do recognize that not everyone is fit to play such games (the bad-loser-syndrome) but most of us should be able to hold our calm in our best friends’ company even in a losing situation, right?


When you’re stuck inside you’re given the perfect opportunity to stand in the middle of any given room, take a good look around and think how you could give the space little face lift. It can be as little a thing as planning a new pillow arrangement on your sofa or it could turn into a moment for envisioning big changes, like a whole new plan for the entire living room.

I like to prep my home for winter with few simple decorative touches: digging out all the candles and candle holders I can possibly find and scavenge my closets for the warmest and biggest blankets, which I then position on the arm chairs and sofa ready to be thrown on when the temperature in the apartment plummets (because our building manager refuses to turn on the heating before as late in October as humanly possible due to costs).

I’ve never been that keen on home decor or furnishing but recently I got bitten by the interior design-bug. I was browsing in H&M Home section and they had such amazing stuff available for this Autumn season that I seriously started to think about moving to a nicer flat just so that I could decorate it. That’s a first!

How would you spend a rainy day in? I’d love to hear your survival tricks and tips. One can never have too many ideas, right? ;)

Outlandish blog recipe cosy night home candles darkness relax

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