Shopping Strike What Did I Buy
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The Shopping Strike Is Over – Here’s What I Bought

Shopping Strike What Did I Buy Shopping Strike What Did I Buy

What a feeling!

Yes, I’ve been on an involuntary shopping strike for almost a year now. But since starting the new job just over a month ago I have been able to return to the world of Middle class people financially. And that meant it was time to hit the shops!

I have a post coming up in couple of weeks on how the shopping strike has affected my shopping habits and views on consumerism, but I can reveal already that the changes have been very visible and tangible.

The first sign of changes in how I approach shopping was the fact that going to H&M, Primark, or any other sweat shops didn’t even occur to me. I did accompany my friend to browse the stores, and there were plenty of beautiful, wonderful Spring and Summer clothes, but buying any of them didn’t cross my mind.

I myself was in search for that basic white T-shirt, which my wardrobe has been missing forever. I do have white tees, but not the very basic one to pair up with some nice jeans for that ultimate classic look.

Shopping Strike What Did I Buy

During the shopping strike I was bombarded with news about the fashion industry being one of the biggest polluters on the planet. I watched documentaries, read blogs and listened to stories of how fashion industry literally destroys lives in the third world countries.

So, when I embarked on my first shopping trip after the “strike” I wanted to check out what the high end stores, which I would previously have avoided, had to offer. I was particularly interested in the price range compared to the fast fashion stores.

Since I was looking for a basic white tee, I decided to first up check out Tommy Hilfiger’s store. Their aesthetic is quite simple and they always have the most basic clothes in their selection.

I walked into the store and the first thing I see is a white T-shirt with the Tommy Hilfiger logo printed on top. I didn’t want any print on the T-shirt but the neckline looked very appealing; I don’t like regular T-shirts where the neckline comes all the way up to the neck. I need some space there.

You know how it goes right; most often the first thing you see is the thing you should get. I know this, but didn’t even try the T-shirt on. Instead I settled for browsing around the store. Nothing caught my eye… except the shoes.

The beautiful wedge sandals set out nicely on shelves with mirrors behind them. I needed new ones just like them, because shoes like that are the ultimate Summer shoes; comfortable and pretty. And I had to throw mine away at the end of last Summer due to un-fixable breakage. I admired the shoes for a while, but then moved on to Zara after my friend.

Shopping Strike What Did I Buy

I was browsing in Zara like always but my mind was somewhere else. I had left it in the Tommy Hilfiger store with the T-shirt. I had to go back and try it on.

While I waited for the salesperson to find my size from the back, I browsed around the shoes again (they call my name, what would you do in such a situation!?). So, when the girl brought me my T-shirt to try on, I asked her to go and find the right size for one of the shoes as well.

The T-shirt was perfect! Yes, it has a logo blasted on the front, but it’s a nice brand so it’s totally fine. The shape of the shirt was absolutely perfect for me, and 30€ was completely reasonable a price to pay for a tee made of organic cotton, I thought.

When I came out of the fitting room, the girl was taking my shoes out of the box for me to try on. I dislocated my knee last week among all the May Day festivities, so trying on high heels was a bit tricky. But the shoes fit, they were sooo comfortable and absolutely beautiful.

The thing with me trying on high heels usually ends the same way. I avoid trying on any shoes, or going to shoe stores in the first place, because if they are a perfect fit, I can’t leave without them.

And that’s what happened: I tried them on, and it was a split second decision that the shoes were leaving the store with me!

I mean, there was always the risk that when my involuntary shopping strike ended, things would get out of hand. And I don’t think anybody was surprised that the extra item, on top of the T-shirt I actually needed, was a pair of shoes.

Shopping Strike What Did I Buy Shopping Strike What Did I Buy

I got home and I just had to film a wee story for Instagram because I was so insanely happy! Shopping makes me happy, I can’t deny that. But this time the things I got were branded and of premium quality, so my elation lasted for days… In fact I’m still super happy about buying them.

The thing is, I don’t know what the fuk happened with the weather but after couple weeks of proper Spring weather, Winter returned. So, it’s waaay too cold to wear my new shoes outside.

But I’m hoping that this Sunday, on Mothers’ Day, the temperature would rise just enough that I could wear those beauties to the Mothers’ Day brunch. Cross your fingers for me please!

What do you think of these items? Would you pay 30€ for a T-shirt, or have I gone bonkers? ♥


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