How To Brand Your Blog

What Is Blog Branding And How To Do It?

how to brand blog

In my blog’s anniversary post I wrote about the fact that blogging as an industry is becoming much more clarified in the sense of revenue streams and industry regulations.

Yes, there are millions and millions of blogs out there, but should that scare you from setting up your own? Absolutely not! And I will tell you why!

First up, read this article on the raise of nano and micro influencers. And if that doesn’t convince you on the fact that today you don’t need 10k followers on Instagram to become a successful blogger, hear me out.

Today anyone can approach and bag a brand collaboration. I just did so 2 days ago and I only have 200 followers on Insta. Imagine that! Also, anyone can charge for writing articles where they include links or promote a certain product or service. And once you get going, there’s no stopping you.

But how do you get to that point? How do you convince a brand that you’re the right partner for them despite your relatively small Instagram following?

Like so many things in life, from job interviews to those never-ending Tinder dates, it’s all about branding. It’s all about separating yourself from the others with an edge that makes you you. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? Considering we’re all unique to begin with ;)

Not sure what I mean? Okay, let’s elaborate. Very often bloggers think that the content that they produce is enough as itself. But in fact it’s the branding that makes people stick around on your page long enough to read that content.

A blog is, in many ways, similar to a business. Both want to attract an audience, and both want to find ways to create value and to get paid. The difference, though, is that blogs and businesses occupy different conceptual categories, which is why many would-be bloggers fail to attract as much attention as they would need and want.

I’ll provide you with some concrete ideas on how you could start building a consistent blog brand. When you’ve got a clear and recognizable brand, you can spread your image far and wide, and thus become more recognizable to your existing and future audience.

How To Brand Your Blog

How To Brand Your Blog

Determine Your Set of Graphics And Colour Palette

The first, and the most powerful branding tactic you should take is setting your blog up with a clear colour palette and graphics. Keeping them consistent is a huge part of your brand, and how people recognize that content as yours.

When you change colours or graphics too much, or use different graphics and colours on different platforms, your audience becomes confused and begins to wonder whether you or somebody else has created the content.

Ideally, you want your branding to be consistent across all channels, including any physical media you may use (such as posts). Your blog’s theme should reflect the content that you want to communicate.

For extra measure, you can check out the vast resources available on the interweb, such as that will help you create and maintain a consistent brand across channels.

How To Brand Your Blog

Choose Your Font And Stick With It

The type of font you choose says a lot about your business. Fonts should be both readable and suitable for your audience.

Did you know that, according to studies, fonts that have letters with a “tail”, for example Times New Roman, are more pleasant to read than the more generic fonts, like Calibri.

When I launched my blog I went for 2 sets of fonts; one font for headlines and another for all text. Both fonts are similar in style so that the overall image remains consistent.

If you’re communicating scientific information, make sure that you choose professional typefaces, like Arial. If you have a more artistically-minded audience, you can use fonts with more embellishments, but keep in mind that readability is your main priority.

How To Brand Your Blog

Choose A Voice For Your Content

What’s going to set you apart from everyone else more than anything? The content that you create! Branding isn’t just about what your blog looks like: it’s also about how it sounds when people read it. So, make absolutely sure that your content is a 100 per cent you.

Don’t try and copy someone else’s writing style, or use certain filters on your photos just because everybody else is using them. Let your personality shine through, because that’s what people will fall in love with.

If you feel hesitant about how to do this, I would suggest that you think of, and write down 3 adjectives about your personality that often show on your content and that you love about yourself; it could be aspects like humor, openness and honesty.

Focus on those adjectives and make sure they show on your content. Because just as with visual imagery, people want consistency in how your blog content sounds.

How To Brand Your Blog

The Length Of Your Posts Says A Lot About Your Brand

Last, but not least, you should think about what it is that you want to achieve with your blog? Do you want to educate or entertain, or both? The length of your posts can tell a lot about your blog brand.

Many celebrity icons choose to post deliberately short messages on their Instagram accounts because they know that these will gain the most traction with their audience.

Likewise, other blogs focused on specific topics will often generate a lot of content because they know that their audience’s primary motivation is to educate themselves.

How much information you include in your blog, therefore, will inform how people see your brand. Shorter posts are great for blogs that want to nail the entertainment side of things, while longer posts are for those who wish to cement themselves as authorities.

According to Heidi Cohen, a brand is about much more than just images and pictures. It’s a holistic term describing how people perceive what you do. And I would agree.

How To Brand Your Blog

At the end of the day these are all very simple and achievable things to do, but which have a big impact on your brand. Like in so many things in life, consistency is key. When your content is consistent throughout all platforms, your brand image is clear and recognizable.

And that’s how you stick to people’s minds instead of being another blog that they just stumbled across and passed by.

What do you think, is branding your blog important? Would you add something to this list? ♥


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