Outlandish blog recap photography challenge self portrait black&white pose modeling
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Day 30: Self Portrait vol. 2 And Recap Of The Photography Challenge

Outlandish blog recap photography challenge self portrait black&white pose modeling

Photography task: Self portrait
Location: Windowsill, Estonia
Camera setting: Portrait

The month ends tomorrow but the last task on my 30-day photography challenge is today, the 30th. The last task was the same as the first task, ‘Self portrait’, and I think there has been some development in a month’s time.

The writing challenge for this day was “Daily routine” but I already covered it here, so instead I thought I’d do a recap of the photographs of the past month and explain how I perceived the tasks set for that day, and why I chose to interpret it the way I did.

So, let’s begin:

Day 1: Self Portrait

I chose to go for the classic self portrait and show me as myself; no expressions and no make-up. For some reason I relate self portraits with black and white images, so that’s why I edited them thus.

Day 2: What I Wore

Oh yes, I thought when I saw this task! My favourite kind; come up with an outfit and strike a pose.

Since it was still Summer and the heatwave was intense I opted for the most classic one of all the Summer classics: white, flowy dress. It was an impulse buy from Springfield but I tend to not regret the occasional impulse buy. And I’ve never needed to regret this one, the dress is one of the most beautiful items I own.

It’s a shame though, that it is so bright white. I don’t tend to wear it much because I’m afraid of wearing it out…

Day 3: Daily Routine

I actually cheated here a bit: the photography task for day 3 was actually ‘Clouds’ but the writing challenge was about my daily routine and I wanted to incorporate a picture diary in it. So, I moved the ‘Clouds’ task further down the list and concentrated on picturing that particular day.

Day 4: Something Green

This was an easy one, and also a very pleasant task. I knew exactly what to photograph for this one: there’s a secret Japanese garden here in Tallinn hidden in one corner in the Kadriorg Park. If you want greenery and zen, head there!

I remember that this particular day, when I went to take these photos was a bad day, so submerging myself into beautiful and calm surroundings with the smell of flowers everywhere was exactly what the doctor would have ordered.

Day 5: After Dark

In the beginning I thought this might be a bit troublesome a task. I wanted to either capture the city of Tallinn after dark or the beach close by. There was just one problem: here up North the Sun doesn’t set before 11PM in August.

And there weren’t many evening’s when I felt like going out to the city or the beach to wander around by myself with a very expensive camera that late. Actually, I never feel like that. But thankfully an opportunity presented itself to me!

Day 3 included a city festival and obviously you will stay at a festival later than 11PM, so I was able to capture some scenes on the way there. To be honest I wish I had been able to take more pictures of this intriguing place, but the poorly done festival arrangements made me so angry that I just wanted my beer, after which we pretty much headed home.

Day 6: Obsession

First things that popped into my mind when I saw this task were: my boyfriend, traveling, and Indian food.

But I wanted to be a bit more artistic and try out some layouts and different angles. So, I went for red wine because who the heck doesn’t love a great red wine! Second reason for picking this was the fact that there was a (short) point in my life when I was unhealthily obsessed with red wine. You can read the story from the link above.

Day 7: Changes To Come

Now, this was a challenging one. How the heck do you photograph the future when you don’t have any idea what it looks like?

But thankfully I’ve been blessed with a creative mind and a flexible imagination so I decided to interpret this as “what would I like my future to look like”. And as I wrote in the post, I intend to put a lot of effort into my blog in the future, so a business plan with a cup of tea was a natural option for that day’s photograph.

Day 8: Clouds

Here I finally took the task that was initially put on the 3rd day of the challenge: Clouds.

We were photographing some outfits in the gorgeous Kadriorg Palace’s gardens when a sudden storm appeared. I was able to capture the clouds rolling over the glimmering Sun with sunrays desperately trying to escape the takeover just before the clouds emptied their load on us. It was altogether 3 minutes of insane rain. After which we kept on photographing.

Day 9: Someone You Love

When it comes to my family and friends I want to keep them out of this blog picture-wise. They all value their privacy and I don’t even want to ask if photographing them would be OK. So, even though I knew I would write the story of how I met my boyfriend I also knew that I would need to come with alternative photographs.

I’m not a particularly romantic person (romantic comedies make me feel extreme embarrassment for anyone who’s involved in the movie and if a guy pulls out a guitar to play me a serenade on a date, I will run for my life). But the only way I could think of displaying love was a gold necklace with a big heart pendant. Still a bit tacky, but I really like how the shadowy black&white photos turned out.

Day 10: My Shoes

Here I cheated again: I switched the places of Day 10 ‘Childhood memory’ and Day 18 ‘My shoes’. The reason for this was very simple: I knew exactly what I wanted to photograph for the ‘Childhood memory’ but I couldn’t get the pictures before mid-August when I would travel home to Finland.

So, I could instead concentrate on one of my favourite things on this planet: high heels! I have a closet full of them.

Day 11: Something Blue

I had plenty of ideas for this one: the Baltic Sea, which is particularly close to my heart, the beautiful blue houses in the Kadriorg area, one of my many, blue pieces of clothing… But I decided to continue on the shoe theme and went for a pair of blue high heels paired with denim shorts and lace top with blue details.

Day 12: Sunset 

These pictures were taken already beforehand in July. We did a little trip South from Tallinn into an interesting submerged quarry that these days acts as a beach. We stayed in a camping area that was beside the lake which had taken over the said quarry and sat on the beach after sunset when the sky was still pink.

Day 13: Cannot Live Without

This was an obvious one: my smart phone and a cup of coffee.

I’ve become aware of just how dependent I am on my phone when there were times couple weeks back when my internet provider had some problems with roaming signals. There was a whole day when I didn’t have internet on my phone at all. And oh lord, I’ve never felt so lost!

Day 14: Eyes

One evening, when there was something worth putting make-up on happening, I took a few quick close-up snapshots of my face (what a terrifying thing to do, let me tell you!) and witnessed the precision and power of the zoom on my new camera when I cut off 90% of each picture leaving just eyes there.

Great pictures, even if I say so myself. And my make-up didn’t turn out too shabby either. Unfortunately the writing challenge didn’t coincide with the photograph task.

Day 15: Flowers

And here again I tweaked the order: I replaced ‘Silhouette’ with ‘Flowers’ from further down the list. These beautiful pictures are also from the secret Japanese garden as the pictures on Day 4 post. This place seriously has some magic about it because it just makes you relax and breathe easy even if you’re having the worst day ever <3

Outlandish blog recap photography challenge self portrait black&white pose modeling

Outlandish blog recap photography challenge self portrait black&white pose modeling

dress – United Colours of Benetton

Day 16: A good habit

This was a surprisingly difficult one for me to come up with. I’m not big on sports or healthcare other than daily doing things that make me feel good. But then I thought that eating is quite a good habit, right?

Especially for me since I’ve had some issues when it comes to eating overall. Not even eating healthy, but just eating. You can read more about it on Day 14.

Day 17: Technology

Initially I wanted to venture to an old, derelict construction site or a factory here in Tallinn and take pictures of the long-gone technology that’s rusting there. But time was scarce and I had to come up with a plan B.

Technology is everywhere right now, soon probably underneath our skin as well. Literally. So, I decided to continue on the Day 13 theme and take a more ‘artsy’ approach to my twisted relationship with my smart phone. Thus the chain around my ankle and the phone resembling a ball that would’ve been tied to a prisoner’s leg in the olden days.

Day 18: Childhood Memory

Finally I got myself to Finland and to our Summer house in Nauvo, in the Turku archipelago. This is the place where we spent all of our summers as children and where some of my favourite childhood memories were made.

Day 19: Something I Want

Well, that’s easy. I want a DOG! Or 2. I wouldn’t mind having 3, either!

I’m sooo happy I got to babysit those 2 hairballs in this day’s photos for a whole week in Finland. Dog therapy is the most tangible and the most effective therapy form I know. For me.

Day 20: In My Bag

If you’re interested what my life essentials are, this is the post for you. I also decided to share my views on handbags overall here.

Day 21: Faceless Self Portrait

Basically, I interpret these self portrait post to be just ‘outfit’ posts. So, I took advantage of the opportunity again and displayed another one of my favourite late Summer outfits with a leopard print, which is completely in fashion this Autumn season.

Day 22: Black & White

And again I took matters into my own hands and switched places with the task on the list: instead of ‘Inspirational’ I photographed Black&White simply because I had a selection of photos that would, in my opinion, look great black&white.  Not too shabby, are they?

Day 23: Patterns

This was a difficult one due to the amount of options. But one day strolling in the Kadriorg park I realized that the flower beds have been arranged rather marvellously so that the different colours and flowers form huge patterns. As I like to stand out from the rest of them, I thought this was a different enough approach to ‘Patterns’.

Day 24: Animals

My initial idea was to go to Kupittaa Park in Turku because there’s a little enclosure with big birds and small animals in it. But I just couldn’t find the time to go there. So I got another idea.

There are hundreds of statues scattered around Turku and many of them are animal-themed. The most famous of them probably the lion on top of a fountain in front of the beautiful old library. So, I went with that idea. I didn’t have time to go find some of my favourite animal statues in the city, but at least I found couple different kinds, like the elephant fossil in front of a museum.

Day 25: Strangers

This was an easy one since it was Summer, which meant that the riverside in the Turku city center would be packed. And it sure was!

Day 26: Close Up

Oooh, I had waited for this task! I knew exactly what I wanted to do: I needed rain and I needed vegetation. And I got both!

I don’t know anything as beautiful as drops of water resting on leaves after a rain or a drop of rain just falling into a puddle of water. I didn’t want my new camera to get wet so I couldn’t realize the latter idea but I definitely got some great shots after the rain.

Day 27: Celebration

There has been plenty of celebrating this month; my best friend’s wedding, a get-together with my Uni. friends and just me being in Finland. But instead of carrying a huge camera around at the wedding I decided to photograph a dinner with said University friends and incorporate couple outfit pictures in there too.

We gather with this girl squad every year couple times a year and those few days are like a therapy session for most of us. Some of them lead a busy life with full-time jobs and very young children whereas I’m attempting to balance out my life in a country and job I never wanted to be in. Lifeline they are, my friends!

Day 28: Silhouette

Man, this was a difficult one! I really wanted to go to the beach and photograph people against the setting Sun. But those bloody twats closed the beach due to road building activities in the beginning of August! All I can say is, fuck them for ruining a bloody brilliant running spot.

So I thought, and I thought, and I just couldn’t seem to come up with any good ideas. The day was drawing nearer and eventually I just had to go with my own silhouette next to a light. In the end the pictures turned out better than I expected. With the writing challenge I got serious when discussing the concept of family and even if I already complimented myself there, I think the text that came out is quite good as well.

Day 29: Inspirational

This one was another hard one. Probably that’s why I pushed it down to the very end of the list of tasks. Here I also thought about photographing the sea but as I mentioned before, they had completely fenced off my darling beach at the beginning of the month. So, I had to come up with another plan B.

And it was style and clothes. Because every single day I try to come up with original outfits from the pieces that I have had in my closet for years. And it brings me such joy, it’s like a little moment to forget about everything and just concentrate on all the beautiful items I have purchased along the years. Now, that’s inspiring to me!

Day 30: Self Portrait

And here we are! I decided to stick to the black&white but put a bit more of myself into the pictures. Me watching out of the window in a princess dress and having a little dance couldn’t be more descriptive of me:

One of my favourite hobbies is people-watching (hence, sitting on the window sill spying on neighbours); I always wanted to be a princess and this dress is as princess as it gets; I’m happiest when I’m dancing and bouncing around in my rather enormous apartment.

So, that’s me in a bit longer a post than a nutshell but anyways, if you’re new to my blog, WELCOME! And if you’ve been along for the ride, THANK YOU!

Any comments on my photos are most welcome; what were your favourites, where could I improve, and so on :) 

From now on my blog will go back to normal and I will probably be posting at least 3 times a week about subjects revolving around fashion, lifestyle hacks and traveling. I have a trip to Slovakia booked already and loads of other ideas for the rest of the year.

Have a lovely day y’all! <3

Outlandish blog recap photography challenge self portrait black&white pose modeling

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