Culottes Favourite Spring Outfit
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Let’s Talk About Culottes! My Favourite Spring Outfit

Culottes Favourite Spring Outfit

Happy Fashion Revolution Week!

Do you remember the #WhoMadeMyClothes campaign from couple years back? Yeah, it’s that one! It’s time to pay attention to who exactly made your clothes, and celebrate those people’s skills and human rights, which are too often stampeded on in the countries producing a fare share or our fast fashion.

If you’re not quite sure what this is all about, let me remind you; in 2013 a clothing factory in Bangladesh collapsed killing over 1000 workers and injuring 2500 people. That’s way too high a price for a pile of T-shirts that will be unwearable after the first wash!

The point of this campaign is to direct your thoughts to who exactly did produce the clothes on your back. Not the brand, but the actual human being who made that blouse and those jeans you’re wearing. Because if we don’t care, why should the fashion industry?

Fashion Revolution wants to encourage you to challenge the fast fashion brands to actually find out this bit of information, because that way someone, who right now is just a number, suddenly becomes a human being. And that is where the change will start in fast fashion. We all need that change ASAP.

How can you participate? One of the most popular and effective ways to take part is to take a selfie, or just a photo of a piece of clothing, and tag it with the brand and #WhoMadeMyClothes. Brands can’t and tend not to ignore this. For extra measure, check out this list put together by Guardian on how you can make a difference this week.

Culottes Favourite Spring Outfit

On a more positive note, let’s talk those clothes! This outfit is 100 per cent #slowfashion. All pieces are many years old, worn a lot, and will still be worn by me for years to come.

As it often tends to do, Spring smashed itself on us with its full force, all of a sudden. And I’m not complaining!

One day we were traipsing to work in our thickest winter jackets, and the next morning we were greeted by the gentle 20 Celsius degrees when stepping out of the door. I myself dashed back upstairs to change out of the wool coat and into my leather jacket!

Leather jacket is THE sign that Winter is now done and dealt with. It’s time to move on to cheerier times on the style-front, and leather jacket is the all-time classic; it brings a bit of rock’n’roll to cute dresses and makes a pair of skinny jeans look the best they can.

But I’m not here today to talk about leather jackets. Oh no, instead I want to introduce you all to my ultimate favourite Spring outfit:

Culottes and a turtleneck crop top!

Culottes Favourite Spring Outfit Culottes Favourite Spring Outfit

Oh yes, when it’s warm enough to wear culottes my style-buds are dancing the salsa. This type of trouser was a style I used to hate very much up until last year when I bumped into this pair in River Island.

I just thought I’d try them on for once, having never tried on anything like them (I always preferred skinny jeans). And I immediately fell in love! This particular piece was perfectly shaped for my body, the length was perfect, and I absolutely love a high waist, with which I can pair a nice crop top.

I know I’m a little late to this party since culottes have been very popular for couple of years already. But most often you see people pairing them up with trainers. I would or could never do such a thing! The length of my culottes is so specific, that if I wore flat shoes with them I’d look 10 kilos plumper and 10 centimeters shorter.

So, it must be high heels! Always high heels. Preferably with a thin heel and bare ankles. These particular heels are a discovery I made in Slovakia couple years back and the leather is perhaps softest I have ever touched. Nude heels are also always trendy, so investing in this pair was a no-brainer.

Because culottes are a loose sort of garment I prefer to pair them up with a snug top. My ultimate choice would be a top with bardot neckline. Colour-wise I’m thinking bright red. But since I haven’t found such a top yet, I keep to crop tops.

As I’ve mentioned before, this year I’m going through some sort of a turtleneck craze. I’m reeally loving turtlenecks, and thus I thank the day when I bought this top. Because it was many, many years ago.

I love the pattern on it, and it goes so well with high-waist jeans and skirts, and obviously with culottes. It’s quite a basic top, but with the right bottom half it can be transformed into a party-worthy outfit.

Culottes Favourite Spring Outfit

Culottes Favourite Spring Outfit

Here’s couple things to pay attention to when choosing the perfect pair of culottes:

  • Pay attention to the length. Culottes should come just above the ankle.
  • Determine which fabric is best for you. I like a fabric that settles nicely and has wavy movement about it. There are a lot of culottes available in crispy cotton and denim, but such fabrics have no movement, so I’ll give them a pass. Stick with what you like.
  • Opt for a classic colour. White, black and brown culottes will never go out of style. Even if they do, they come back every couple years. And, of course, a simple tone is easier to pair with graphic tops and colourful shoes.
  • Invest in quality. Culottes have made their mark on the classics’ map and they’re not going anywhere. So, make sure you put your money on a pair that lasts through the years even with minimal maintenance.

What’s your opinion on culottes? Take or Toss? I would love to know how you would style them?


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