things that made me happy

5 Things That Have Made Me Happy Lately

things that made me happy

Oh lord, what a week! I’ve been on the highest cloud and the next second at the bottom of the deepest pit. My life is always a roller coaster and I’ve said it before; there isn’t much that would surprise me! But sometimes life does throw me some curve balls that really test my patience.

For example, this week I was on cloud 9, jumping around the office happy as a kite, because I got a positive response to a collaboration request. Note, just a response, but after sending piles of e-mails any answer makes me happy. And then, about an hour later I found that my entire site was down.

I mean, the whole domain had been inactivated. It turned out that when this happiness-project of mine, aka blog, was created my boyfriend put the domain under his hosting account, not mine.

That meant that when the one year subscription came to an end, and I wasn’t aware of the payment that needed to be made for the next year, the domain was taken down.

I can’t describe the panic, the frustration, absolute fury and fear that I felt for the following couple of hours when we tried to get the page back up again. All I could think of was “What if that potential collaboration partner sees that my page is down?!” Not professional, is it?

But the relief was overwhelming when the page was finally back up. Those 2 hours, that it was down, where probably the longest hours of my life. But now everything’s good again, negotiations continue AND I am a wee bit wiser when it comes to domains and hosts. Always a silver lining, peeps, always a silver lining ♥

So, now that the website is good and back to normal again, I want to direct my stressed out thoughts to more positive things. And there’s one thing that makes me very happy indeed!

things that made me happy


always has a very energizing and positive effect on me, but this year seems to be extra-charged with energy! I feel like I’m on a roll, and it’s not necessarily even my own doing, but life just seems to be going the “right” way for once.

I’m aware that this sort of ‘positive roll‘ will only last for so long, so I intend to enjoy this to the fullest. Soak in all the sunshine, and concentrate on the little things in my everyday life that make me smile. Such things as flowers popping up from the muddy ground and leaves appearing on trees.

Nothing makes me happier than the world around me being alive, so once again I damn the day that I decided to move back to Northern Europe. No no, let’s not get distracted by negativity! Back to the positives → Running! That’s what I need to do when negativity tries to take over. And the weather finally permits this, so out I go!

New job

Oh yes, finally! Since moving to Estonia I’ve been on the lookout for that ‘dream job’. It hasn’t been easy, and I struggled to understand how someone with my professional and educational background could find it so hard to get a job here. I still think that they all missed out big time when they passed and hired someone else instead of me.

Until finally, in one job interview, I confronted the two girls interviewing me and asked them straight off what they thought might stand on the way of me getting that particular Team Lead position. And to my surprise they answered honestly; they told me that the basic problem was me being so energetic and racy.

I still can’t believe that being super-social and full of energy could ever be considered a draw-back or a weakness as a Team Leader. But I have to say that that bit of honesty shed light to so many other bewildering moments I’ve had in this country. So, even though I didn’t get the job, I was grateful.

Eventually it was all about knowing the right people, as it often tends to be in today’s job markets; a friend of a friend found me on LinkedIn and brought me together with a company looking for someone to take care of their Social Media Marketing. That aforementioned friend of mine started in the same company a month before me.

I have just finished my first week at the new company and I am STOKED!

This job is exactly what I wanted! I get to create marketing campaigns and content, and work on their website, which is WordPress-based, so I had no problem getting started. I also get to meet influencers from different industries and learn about personal branding first-hand. Finally I get to be creative, and that makes me smile.

Another thing that puts a smile on my face is my commute; it’s one that would make anyone’s morning extra special. I walk through the beautiful Tallinn Old Town before and after work every day. Pretty surroundings really do raise the quality of one’s life.

things that made me happy


As long as I live up here in coldness, traveling is what basically keeps me alive. That’s why our trip to Portugal came at the most perfect time.

I was due to start a new job in April and I had an extra week of holidays in my disposal before my notice period at the bank ended. In addition we were still dealing with suffering from wintry weather, and I was ailing for some sunshine and warmth.

The trip surprised me so positively, I couldn’t have expected it to be so amazing. It was the perfect romantic getaway with an abundance of castles to explore for the castle-nerd that I am.

It also gave me just the right amount of energy and inspiration to embark on a new adventure on the job-front when the month changed.

things that made me happy

Spending time with friends

My first year in Estonia was a tough one. Working in a very small company and really struggling to make friends, despite participating in all sorts of gatherings and networking events, had a big toll on me. I’ve never had trouble making friends but here the unforeseen problems got me really low.

What saved me, in the end, was changing jobs. The new job was in an industry that I had no interest in, but finally I had a team! And in that team I was able to connect and find people to hang out with outside of work as well.

I need that in life! Social encounters, after-works, coffee breaks at the office with stupid humor, etc. And now that I’ve got a whole new team to acquaint with, my social circle will expand even further!

things that made me happy

Taking big leaps with the blog

As I mentioned in the beginning, I was approached by a brand in regards to my possible interest of becoming their brand ambassador.

What separates this ambassadorship from many others is that I would get to be part of the actual brand, instead of just showcasing their products. I would have the opportunity to participate in their advisory board and have a say in their future products and campaigns. And THAT is bloody brilliant!

The negotiations are still ongoing, but the fact that they showed interest in me tells me that I am doing something very important right with my blog.

And that’s huge! All that time and effort, the countless ideas that I have been able to bring to life, are paying off. And that makes me very happy!

So, please cross your fingers for me that everything goes well with these negotiations, because I really think you would benefit greatly from this collaboration as well. Otherwise I wouldn’t even consider it, obviously ;)

I’d love to hear how your Spring has started off? What has made you particularly happy lately? ♥


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