amazing life of Teresa Maria

The Amazing Life of Teresa Maria vol.2 – You Win Some, You Lose Some

Amazing Life of Teresa Maria Amazing Life of Teresa Maria

We continue on my series of the amazing occurrences that my life tends to throw upon me every now and then. Last time I told you the story of an exploding shower (I’ve got a brand new, much nicer one now!), and this time we’ll look at the hell I had to go through in order to find the brand collaboration of my dreams. Enjoy!

Amazing Life of Teresa Maria

I knew something was wrong when, in the process of departing to the airport in Lisbon, we noticed that our check-in hadn’t gone through. There had been only 2 seats next to each other left on the plane the previous night, but now the application said we were seated on different rows, on different aisle.

This is not the first time this has happened, and it’s an understatement to say that I WAS NOT HAPPY. For someone who’s scared of flying this was a clear sign: this was going to be a flight from hell.

Okay, the flight itself was okay-ish, but not having Mr. S. next to me to distract me, I concentrated on every teeny tiny little shake and wobble that occurred. Desperate to find some form of distraction I reached for the in-flight magazine and started reading.

I can’t remember anything else from this magazine but an article about 3 girls my age who were making gorgeous and sustainable leather handbags in Finland. I thought wow, this sounds exactly like something I’d like to get involved with.

I wrote the name of the company in my phone’s notes with a reminder to check them out IF we survived the flight. But then I had to put away the magazine because we were flying over the Baltic Sea, Estonia was sliding away underneath us on the right, and the Northern winds were starting to make my life a living nightmare.

Amazing Life of Teresa Maria

I had been right to think that our check-in going wrong was a bad sign! Never in my life have I been in such panic and so certain that we were all going to die! Have you seen this video? Well, that’s almost as bad as our descent was.

I cried my eyes out because every time the plane tilted to turn, it dropped straight down for several meters. I could not cope, but thankfully the women next to me were from Lapland (they’re really friendly and kind, unlike most people in the South), and they held my hand and stroked my shoulder while we attempted to land… And failed!

Seconds before the plane hit the ground the pilot decided to pull the plane back up. Because if we had hit the ground, the plane would’ve toppled over. So, around we went again, the plane shaking like those asphalt drills, dropping down unnecessarily every time it tried to turn.

Thank goodness the pilots nailed the second landing attempt and I gave in for a fit of hyperventilation, trying to remember how breathing worked, while the women next to me attempted to assure me that we were on the ground, everybody was fine, and it was all over.

And that is how I became aware of the brand that – after me harassing them on Instagram, via e-mail and through an application form on their website – offered me an opportunity to be their brand ambassador!

I mean, I just wanted them to give me the all-clear for promoting their brand and hopefully showcasing their products to all you lovelies, but they wanted me to get involved on a larger scale. Yes please!

Amazing Life of Teresa Maria

So, what does this story tell us? You need to go through hell to find whatever you’ve been searching for for a long time! This is a pattern in my life that never changes: I go down, very deep, until I find the lifeline to pull myself up again with an added lift. Nothing comes to me easily, nothing is given for free.

But hey, I’m one more experience richer AND I got my first brand collaboration out of it, which I will introduce to you next Tuesday! You really do win some, lose some.


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