Sunday routine successful people

The Ultimate Sunday Routine for Successful People

Sunday routine successful people

I’ve done it all, worked in a shop from Monday to Sunday, been a Project Manager with deadlines looming in the near future all the time, and worked in an office 5 days a week doing the same routine tasks all over and over again.

All of my jobs have been very different job description-wise and also working hours-wise. But it has never mattered what job I’ve been doing, there’s always that one day in the week when you don’t have work obligations, and when you should just concentrate on yourself.

Success is a relative subject and the definition depends on what each of us values in life. So, to make a list of Sunday routines where ‘successful people‘ are defined as a marginal group of people, (who more often than not tend to over-achieve) would mean undermining the rest of us. I don’t want to read a Sunday routine list that makes me feel like an under-achiever and a lazy-ass, would you?

Setting goals in life is good and even necessary. But they’re just that, goals. Not life. Everybody needs a break from constantly trying to achieve something, and preferably that break should occur as often as possible.

From personal, and rather extensive, experience I’ve determined that putting yourself first and really embracing the slow living at least once a week sets you up for the next racy week very nicely. Here’s what I’ve deemed most beneficial a way to spend one day a week to boost your overall well-being, which then reflects to everything around you.

Sunday routine successful people Sunday routine successful people
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Stay in bed

Now, when Googleing “successful people Sunday routine” every single list tells you that “successful people get up early“. I’ve got just one thing to say to the people who came up with that ridiculousness:


Nobody is obliged to get up early on a Sunday, ever! Least of all successful people who probably over-achieve 7 days a week anyway. Dedicating one day each week for family, but especially for yourself, is the key. I will take no arguments on this. Because fact is you ain’t really a successful person if you sacrifice the people around you and your own well-being to reach all dem goals.

So, on Sundays you’re well allowed to sleep in. Really enjoy the warmth and softness of your duvé and pillows, and the fact that the world outside can’t get to you while you’re submerged in your bed.

Enjoy a slow breakfast

I’m not a brekkie-eating kind 90% of the time. But to make a Sunday that little bit more special I would start it with a proper breakfast. But I’m not going to advice you on what you should have for breakfast because honestly, the best breakfast for you is exactly what you want, not what I want.

But I can let you in on my ultimate Sunday breakfast buffet:

  • there must always be bread, preferably rye bread, and with it there has to be a selection of condiments; cheese, charcuterie, and fresh cucumber and tomatoes sliced.
  • Then we need a bit of scrambled eggs and fried bacon
  • accompanied with a cup of strong coffee and a glass of orange juice.
  • Last, but definitely not least, I recently discovered (read: learned to make) smoothies. My personal favourite is blitzing a banana and a selection of berries, and mixing them with yoghurt (plus a desiliter of sugar thrown in to top it off).
  • Sometimes I replace the smoothie with porridge, both are great sources of fiber so it doesn’t really matter which one’s included on my Sunday starting pack.

If that doesn’t set your day in motion, then I don’t know what will :)

Immerse yourself into a hobby

Sundays are perfect days for just doing you; if you like to use the day cleaning the house, go for it. If you like to go running, horseback riding or do some yoga, what better day is there to do those things? Or you might have something in mind that you’ve wanted to try but haven’t yet. It’s Sunday, you’ve got all the time in the world, here’s your chance!

Just as I’m not big on eating breakfast I’m also not too eager to exercise. I like running, but I’m very specific when and how I like to do it; it needs to be done as a first thing in the morning (but not before 10AM) and it can only be done if the weather allows (snow and rain are a no-no!)

For some reason Sundays are often the sunniest and the most beautiful days of the week so I take all the joy out of that one time a week when I get to go running.

Sunday routine successful people

Take a quick look at the week ahead

Even though I think Sundays should be dedicated to slow living and enjoying the moment, I do still think that spending minimum half an hour of that day to check your calendar, to see if there’s something specific you should remember to pay attention to next week, will take you way ahead of the curve;

Schedule those blog posts, remember that meeting on Wednesday and prioritize what’s already there. When you know you’ve got the next week covered as far as possible you don’t need to spend any more thoughts on it. Small sacrifice with a big dollop of extra calm for the rest of the day. They say well planned is half executed, right?

Cook something special

If I was a cooking-kind of a person, Sunday would be the day when I’d experiment with new recipes and took my time with slow stews and such. In fact, I did sort of challenge myself in my November schedule post to cook more. My boyfriend is away for weeks and that means a lot of boredom. And when I’m bored I eat!

But instead of ordering in or walking to the shop to get some frozen shite I should really pick up the game and cook something myself. Sundays are quite often lazy days anyway so why not embark on that recipe that will slowly cook in the oven and result in bliss both physically and mentally.

Our recent holiday in Slovakia introduced my boyfriend to goulash and he’s been begging me to make it ever since. As a joke, of course, he knows I don’t cook. But how cool of a surprise would it be if he came home from this monster of a business trip he’s on right now and I had his new favourite food waiting?! I’m gonna put this thought into my “High consideration” box.

Sunday routine successful people Sunday routine successful people

Plan your outfits for the week

OK, this is just me, or is it? I llloove planning my outfits beforehand! I do that every day, in fact. I come home from work and go through my closet with the thought “What would I like to wear tomorrow?” I always try to come up with new outfits by mixing together pieces that I haven’t worn together before. Life is so routine, so this is the teeny bit of inspiration that keeps me awake.

Of course, weather conditions might bring some major setbacks and limitations to the planning process because you never know what the weather’s going to be like before looking out of the window that specific morning.

But this exercise isn’t necessarily about carving the plan in stone, ho no.  Instead, it’s another way of making the coming week that little bit less thought-consuming by checking what sort of events, meetings, and gatherings you’re going to have next week, and to spare a little though on what sort of an outfit each happening requires.

By organizing each outfit of the coming week into your closet, in order of each day, you can just do as Donald Duck would, and take the first hanger down in the morning and just dress up. Makes your Monday morning a tad more fluent as well, right?


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