December Photography challenge for bloggers

December Photography Challenge for Bloggers

December Photography challenge for bloggers

I’m struggling somewhat when it comes to blogging at the moment. November is always a challenging month for me with the whole Seasonal Affective Disorder, which obviously doesn’t do any favours creativity-wise. In addition, it’s been dark day and night, so I’m struggling to stay awake: I’m half asleep during the day and completely asleep when evening arrives at 4PM.

I’m out of blog post ideas. And the posts, that I have scheduled, are waiting to be written. But I don’t have anything to say at the moment… All of my energy literally goes to trying to stay awake at least 12 hours a day. 

Despite all of that, I don’t want to take a break from blogging. It’s my happiness project; it gives me a purpose and a routine that I don’t have work-wise right now. I work in an industry that doesn’t interest me at all so it’s really important to me to have this extra project that brings me so much joy and inspiration. And as an added bonus, the blogging community is an industry that is probably the most supportive one in existence. 

So, when words fail me I have to come up with a plan B; photography!

December Photography challenge for bloggers

I took up a photography challenge in August and it turned out to be much more fun and inspiring than I originally thought. It’s brilliant to look back at the photos and see how much I developed as a photographer, and how I interpreted the given subjects. So, now that I struggle to write interesting, engaging articles I’m going to take up a new photography challenge, and see if that might tickle my writing sensors back to life as well in these challenging times.

But because I know the toll that the current darkness has on me I’m not going to be doing the whole 30 days. Instead I’m going to post every other day. We all should remember to be kind to ourselves especially during challenging times, whether those challenges stem from relationship issues or the weather.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing; I know my limits at the moment, so I’m not going to set myself goals that I know I probably can’t achieve anyway.  

To start off I rummaged around on Pinterest looking for an interesting list to photograph through but couldn’t find one that would inspire me. So, I made my own. I picked tasks and subjects that I thought might go well with each day of the month. 

This list is 30 days long (instead of 31) but I will only be doing every other day starting from 2nd. As my body functions with only 50% of its usual energy amount I think it’s suitable to do this challenge accordingly, and do only 50% of it. I know too many burnout stories from close friends and I know better than to risk going the same way myself. 

The actual challenge here is the sad fact that we only have about 7 hours of daylight per day. And that 7 hours is the exact time that we spend at the office. So, figuring out how and when I’m able to take the photos that I’ve planned is going to be interesting. 

I need to be very particular and plan everything beforehand; I probably need to use my lunch hours and go home from work to photograph, and use all weekends to catch up on as many tasks in this challenge as possible.

Have you ever done a photography challenge in your blog? I’d love to see how you got on so please link your blog in the comments below :)

And here’s the list I will be going by this coming December. Feel free to join me and let’s compare how we each interpret these tasks:

December photography challenge christmas


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