July Schedule Summer Vacations

July Schedule – Enjoying Summer & Planning Holidays

July Schedule Summer Vacations July Schedule Summer Vacations

Time truly does fly! We’re already halfway through the year. And 2019 has been one of the most action-packed years I’ve had so far;

I changed jobs, I’ve traveled in 5 different countries, and I secured my first ever major blog collaborations. The arrival of Summer was welcomed by me with as open arms as I was able to stretch them.

And what a Summer it’s been so far! Sunshine and staggering warmth for weeks on end, FINALLY! Before we dive into what I’ve got planned for July, let’s take a quick look at what went on in June:

The month couldn’t have started any better than with a weekend trip to Milan with my best friend, who I see all too seldom. Italy has been on my travel bucket list since I was able to understand what and where Italy was. And where pasta came from!

With Milan now visited, I was able to cross off another destination from my Travel Bucket List for this year. 2 down, 2 to go!

July Schedule Summer Vacations

In June we also moved office, which now resides just  2-minute walk away from my front door. This has meant that I’ve been able to go for a morning run multiple times a week. Because I save plenty of time in the new commute.

On weekends I would direct my steps to the beach first thing in the morning. I’ve managed to develop a bit of a tan already, and what’s best, my freckles have returned!

After the beach I’d join my friends for lunch and drinksies on one of the many terraces in the Old Town, and we’d stay there until late chatting away.

At the end of June we Northeners celebrated Midsummer, which means that the Sun doesn’t set at all. We always retreat to our Summer houses during Midsummer, but I had decided to stay in Estonia this time around.

And even though it may have been the most boring Midsummer I’ve ever had, it was a great idea. I haven’t had any me-time for 3 months, and for a Finn it’s important to have me-time. I really enjoyed chilling on the beach and catching up with blog work.

So, what’s up next?

My July Schedule

July Schedule Summer Vacations July Schedule Summer Vacations

If I’m completely honest, I don’t have much planned for the coming month. I just hope that the weather stays as lovely as it has been so far, so that I can keep on going to the beach and running.

Mum is visiting me for couple days now, so that’s a nice start for the month; mum & daughter pamper time. We’ve got pedicures booked and of course food will be involved.

I also purchased tickets to a networking event in Edinburgh, Scotland with the Grow & Glow crew. I bought the event tickets before I checked the flights and it turned out that the prices had soared since I last checked.  For a time it seemed that I would have to pass the whole event.

But all good things to those who wait! Just yesterday the prices had come down to a level that I could work with and ZADAAAM, I had myself a flight to Edinburgh and a hotel for 4 nights.

Few people will unfortunately be able to understand exactly how ecstatic I am! Scotland holds some of my life’s best memories and it’s a country with a unique magic about it. Going back after too many years made me literally lose my shit. Just 2 weeks to go!!

July Schedule Summer Vacations

Despite traveling, I don’t have any holidays booked. I’d love to go somewhere for 2 weeks at some point, but where and when, and most importantly, with who is still up for debate.

There is also the sad business of one of my lovely ladies here moving on, as in moving away. Out of the country. Not too far though, she’ll be just across the Baltic Sea in Sweden studying her Masters. But no more emergency after works or Friday dinners with this lady.

As a farewell party we wanted to go to a spa city here in Estonia, Pärnu, for a nice girls’ weekend. But July is always busy, everybody’s got their weekends booked or are away on holidays so we’ll have to wait and see whether this plan comes into life eventually.

July Schedule Summer Vacations

I guess this is another sign of me becoming old; just couple years back I would’ve panicked if a Summer month looked completely empty on my calendar. But now I look at my calendar like “Nah, there’s plenty of space for surprise events and extempore trips“.

Maybe I will decide to go visit home, or maybe I’ll hop on a bus to Tarto to see our family friend who has a dog(!). I like a surprise element, so an empty calendar looks like a Summer of opportunities to me. Loving it.

How’s your July looking? Are there friends’ weddings, big holiday plans, or just chilling in store for you? ♥


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