What It's Like Being 30

15 Observations On What It’s Like Being 30?

What It's Like Being 30

Pinterest is teeming with all sorts of listings on what 50 things you should do before you turn 30. If I’m completely honest (which I can’t help but be) these listings are a waste of time.

Take it from me, you can’t bloody well plan your life! What ever plans you may have, the odds are Life itself has other plans, and things will always go its way rather than your way. So, to add a list of insignificant actions on top of your everyday activities and occurrences seems completely useless.

To showcase just how extraordinary Life can turn out to be without bucket lists within just 30 years, I’ll list here some things that I have been through in that amount of time:

I learned to ride a horse and dance ballet, jazz and hip hop

I learned to cycle, swim and drive a car

I moved to Brighton at the age of 15

I graduated from high school

I got over all the teenage angst and jealousy, found my self-confidence and got a tattoo as a reminder of it all

I was the first in our family to graduate from a University

I had a weird period when I only dated soldiers for couple of years

I got robbed by 2 separate landlords on 2 separate occasions in the UK

I went to Disneyland Paris

I moved to study in Scotland

I moved to work in London

I moved to graduate in Finland

I moved to work in Slovakia

I moved to work in Estonia

I found love

I lost friends

I changed jobs 4 times in 4 years

I wrote 3 different blogs before purchasing a domain and going for it full-on

I achieved all dreams I’ve had thus far

That’s just about 5 per cent of all the things and events that fit in just 30 years. The first 30 years of a person’s life are probably the most important, because within those 30 years you evolve from child to adult, from knowing nothing to knowing perhaps too much.

And I don’t need to mention the enormous changes that your body goes through along the way as well, right? No such drastic changes are going to happen for the next 30 years onwards.

But when you arrive to the serene harbour of the 30th chapter of your story, some things become immediately clear. Here’s a list of things I’ve noticed that have changed since I turned 30 this past January:

What It’s Like Being 30?

What It's Like Being 30

⇒ I have less tolerance for useless drama and bullshit. When you turn 30, and people around you start to move to whole new directions in their lives, you suddenly realize that there has been a bunch of people in your life who you really don’t need. Pretentious friends, jealous relatives, people who use you on a regular basis. Big changes in life mean changes in social circles as well. And suddenly it doesn’t feel bad at all to let go.

⇒ I somehow started seeing my life much more clearly than before. You look back and it suddenly dawns on you how far you’ve actually come from that child sitting in the sand box luring her baby brother to eat worms. You may not have everything figured out, like the world peace and equal rights for all, but it’s ok.

⇒ I really want to settle down! I’ve traveled for the past 10 years and moved from one country to another alone. I don’t want to live alone anymore. I want to build a home, get a puppy and know that if I get sick someone will be there to hug me.

What It's Like Being 30

⇒ I have found my style! Looking at pictures in my 20’s, I am shocked to notice that I looked older then than I do today. And it’s all because my hairstyle was horrendous.

⇒ I’m not bothered about anybody else’s opinions. If someone thinks I’m a shit person, I just pass them by. There’s no space for such negativity in my life and I ain’t got no reason to pretend to like someone.

⇒ I don’t panic anymore if I have no plans for the weekend. Instead, I welcome the opportunity to embrace some Me-time and do things that I want to do, when and as I want to. Even I need days sometimes when I just keep quiet :D

⇒ Life-goals have become irrelevant. By life-goals I mean things that many under 30-year-olds spend a lot of time and energy stressing out about; having children, mortgage, a certain position, 2 cars and a dog-sort of things that will come to you when and if it is time. By 30 you realize that you ain’t got no control, and you’re able to accept that fact.

What It's Like Being 30

⇒ Hangovers become a matter of life and death. Yes, the 30 is some sort of a solid threshold that, when crossed, you need to start scheduling time from your calendar for a hangover. It may take up to 2 or 3 days. Brace yourselves!

⇒ You suddenly become someone that is taken seriously. Just remember to talk about the fact that you’re 30 all-the-time. Oh yes, this applies particularly to women and it’s fucking fucked up! I am in fact considering tattooing “I’m 30” on my forehead because I still get treated like a child due to my gender and looks. Until I announce that I’M ACTUALLY THIRTY YEARS OLD!

⇒ I’ve become interested in my health. No, I still won’t get a gym membership, but I can’t escape the fact that my knees are acting up especially during winter, and my back can’t handle the 100-euro bed from Ikea as well as it could. By health I also mean putting a little bit more thought on what I eat, and dream of Spring just so I can go running again. Insane.

⇒ Money becomes an issue. The student loan payments have started by now and oh, how they fuck up my monthly budgeting! Credit card bills have been accumulating for the past couple of years and there are so many things on which I’d rather put all my money, than bills. Like investing!

what it's like being 30

⇒ Staying in hostels when traveling is not an option. Yes, I’ll say it, I’M TOO OLD FOR DAT SHIT! I’d rather pay more for the little luxuries like my own room and a breakfast served.

⇒ I approach a decision about whether or not to go to a music festival through “Do I want to walk for miles and miles to the taxi stop and queue for hours after the festival?” rather than “Who’s performing?!” And gone are the days when I would buy tickets for 2 days or more.

⇒ Going to bed at 9pm is totally acceptable. I have even started to love going to bed early. It’s just so comfy and warm and safe and nice in my bed.

⇒ And yes, I’ve started to do it; I sometimes opt for certain pair of shoes because they are more comfortable! This is shocking to me, I never expected this to happen. But here we are…

Any other 30-year-olds in the house? Would you add something to this list? ♥


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