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How To Easily Style Up Those Basic Shorts

Outlandish blog style up shorts fashion trend sustainability

Outlandish blog style up shorts fashion trend sustainability

Outlandish blog style up shorts fashion trend sustainability

Outlandish blog style up shorts fashion trend sustainability

We’re living the age of over-consumption: the planet’s resources have a limit and we already used our share for this year by April!

One can feel so very small and insignificant among all the talk and theories about global warming and the news about the planet running out of chocolate, coffee, wine, everything that makes life worth living!

But thou shalt not despair, because we can all have an actual impact with our daily choices! When most of us pay attention to those choices while grocery shopping or browsing through another online store it will make a difference. And these days it doesn’t even take up much more effort or time to figure out which are the more sustainable options available.

One popular thing to do is to minimize your wardrobe into a capsule wardrobe, which I’m sure is a familiar concept to all those in the blogosphere. The trick with capsule wardrobe is to know how to mix and match those pieces of clothing that you already have in your closet.

Classic pieces are always the best things to invest in, they never go out of fashion and when maintained with care you can easily wear the same jacket for 10 years (one of my winter jackets is actually 15 years old and it still looks like new).

Basic black shorts are one of my favourite pieces of clothing. They are always in style and very versatile. And if the sleeves are long enough you can wear them to the office regardless of the time of year. Just add a pair of tights in the winter (colourful tights to bring an extra effect!).

But how do basic shorts turn into a night out-worthy outfit? Well, let me tell you.

First up, add some heels! Always heels to elongate the legs and bring the slimming effect.

Next, find a top that’s a little bit loose; a camisole goes really nicely or if you’re about to attend a more conservative event, perhaps opt for long sleeves. The classic rule is that if bare skin is visible on your bottom half, then wear something a bit more covering for your top half, and vice versa.

My favourite option for dressing up a pair of shorts is this white, sheer blouse with little lace details. The blouse is completely see-through so wearing a black top underneath is pretty much a must.

Last, but not least, wear your favourite jewelry, do your hair nicely and, if the colour scheme of the outfit is neutral, add a splash of colour with a lovely clutch. The one I have in these pictures was actually made by a friend in Slovakia and the bag is 100% recycled; it’s made out of magazines.

To be honest this entire outfit is a celebration of sustainability: I bought these shorts around the age of 17-18 and the blouse is almost 10 years old and has been a constant companion to me in job interviews. The heels are a newer addition, but also they have seen a fair share of traveling.

What’s your opinion on this outfit? How would you style up basic shorts?



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