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4 Things That Inspire Me This Summer Season


Summer is the best time to be alive! That explains why it’s also the most inspiring. If you live in a country where winter doesn’t mean bare trees for 9 months then you might not be able to grasp exactly how exciting and thrilling it is to be able to enjoy this temporary greenery that Summer provides us.

The rare sunshine and warmth allows so much extra energy to our use on a daily basis that you can actually see the difference in people’s well-being.

In addition to all this I find myself super inspired about the littlest things in my everyday life! I’ve found myself drowning in ideas when it comes to blog posts and outfits to photograph in addition to activities I want to engage in instead of wasting time at the office.

Here are the main things that really make my life tick at this very moment:


Couple weeks back I bought a new camera. The old one has been a loyal companion to our family and will still keep serving, just not with me. Photography has been an interest of mine for many, many years and in the past couple of years it evolved into a passion.

I love capturing moments in life, whether it’s just a bouquet of flowers or a gathering with friends, there are so many things happening around us all the time that are worthy of memorizing into a physical form. I also love learning and developing my skills, and photography provides me with a visible learning experience through trial and error.

In fact I’ve devised a little challenge for myself for next month in regards to testing out my new camera and learning about its tricks and tweaks. More about that next week!

Tallinn terraces

There are so many! Oh, so many wonderful, versatile, cozy terraces wherever you go in this city. I especially love the rooftop terraces here, which you can also find plenty. It’s a bit ironic, though, because the weather here is rarely favourable for spending time on the roof.

Some of my favourite terraces here are the Sky Bar on top of the Radisson Sky Hotel, Suveterrass (or Summer Lounge) next to the harbour and Peatus terrace in the Telliskivi hipster area. I very recently discovered another rooftop terrace above a shisha bar called Terrass and need to return there as soon as possible and as many times as the weather allows this year.

Outlandish blog things inspire inspiration peonies quote perfume

Industrial areas

Estonia has quite a violent recent history and having endured under the Soviet regime there are a lot of abandoned, derelict, spooky buildings and formations all over the country. Most of these structures have been heavily graffited, which brings an extra flavour to the derelict pieces of history.

What I really like about these places is the contrast that they have with the country that Estonia is today; a thriving digital hub, which is becoming more and more international every day. Although they still refuse to take in any immigrants despite the fact that they have some serious holes in the restaurant scene (edible pizza and kebab are almost impossible to find here), which I think refugees could help with, hehe.

I’m planning to visit some of these historical structures (Kaberneeme Observation Tower f.ex.) with the intention of photographing some outfits. A cute floral dress next to a crumbling wall covered in graffiti, yes please!

In fact I already got to tick off one such location on my bucket list: we visited Rummu Karjäär last week and the post about this Atlantis of Estonia is coming out on Saturday, so stay tuned!

The future

There’s only one thing I know for sure: I must get out of Estonia by the end of the year. Where to, I have no idea. But at the moment I’m seriously considering Philippines (yeah, a weird direction but there are a lot of things in my private life supporting the idea).

It’s been too long since I had a plan for myself but finally I’m back in the wheel of my own life. And this time I return to the wheel with an upgrade;

I’ve never seen myself as an entrepreneur. I just don’t have the patience for the 24/7 lifestyle that entrepreneurship is often described as, or such a hard core passion for anything that I could see it worthy of evolving into a business.

But now internet provides us with so many new options when it comes to how to become an entrepreneur and what type of an entrepreneur, instead of the “old-fashioned” perception. And more importantly, on our own terms.

For example, there are multiple new channels and options available now for us to make money out of our own creations, whether it’s text, pictures, videos, services or products. Internet together with globalization has also brought us so many new freedoms for doing business across borders and regardless of currency.

All that seemed like a distant dream, if we were even able to dream such things, only 10 years ago.

I’m only learning about all the options that are available at the moment, but the outlines of what I want to do and how I want to do it have pretty much formed in my mind already. I just need to work out the details and get to work. And I can’t wait!

Having a plan after such a long time of not being able to see an end to the tunnel is the breath of fresh air that I’ve desperately needed. I will be letting you in on my plans a bit later (soon, I hope) when I’m closer to launching those plans ;)

Outlandish blog things inspire inspiration peonies quote perfume

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