Outlandish blog November schedule party season monthly goals

November Schedule – Party Season Begins

Outlandish blog November schedule party season monthly goals

This month is usually thought of as the most depressing of them all. It’s dark and rainy and cold and there’s nothing to look forwards to because Halloween is done and dusted, and Christmas is still quite far away. You can’t even open your advent calendar(s!) yet.

For me there’s an extra element of misery (ok, slight exaggeration there) because my boyfriend will be away for almost the whole month. But somehow fortune has seen fit to for once(!) fill this month with all sorts of fun events, activities and travels. Here’s what I’ve got planned for the coming month:

Holiday re-cap

We just arrived back from our Autumn holiday to Austria and Slovakia. They might seem like a bit odd travel destinations in the Autumn but in fact it’s common that it’s still 20 degrees warm there while we’re already seeing the first signs of snow up North. And tbh, even despite weather, these countries are always a pleasure to travel to! 

I will be posting a picture diary-sort of a post from our hike in the Tatra Mountains on the Slovak-Polish border. The views were, once again, breathtaking. I’ve also got some tips coming up on organizing the  bestest road trip anywhere in Europe and 5 extremely valid reasons why you should add Bratislava to your travel bucket list asap.

I didn’t have time for any outfit photo shoots, unfortunately, but I’m still going to arrange a display of my looks as a tourist, mountain climber and a dinner-goer in the coming week. 

Outlandish blog November schedule party season monthly goals

Brush up on my cooking

Since my boyfriend is going to be home only for one week this month I’ve decided to use this time alone as an opportunity to improve my cooking skills. I’ve written about my hopelessness in the kitchen’s vicinity here but sometimes I feel kind of bad that I’m unable to do such a small thing for my man as to cook him something when he’s had a shit day at work.

It would also be nice to offer something edible to my friends and family when they come to visit instead of always ordering in some sushi or other. The problem (and the reason why I do not prep my meals for a week) with this is that if I make, for example, a casserole, I eat THE ENTIRE casserole straight away. There has never been anything left for the fridge, let alone the next day when I’ve succeeded to cook something.

So, I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do this because I’d prefer NOT to gain 5 kilos by the time my boyfriend comes home in December because I’m eating for 4 people every other day. Is there a name for an eating disorder where you won’t stop eating until all the food is gone? :D

Outlandish blog November schedule party season monthly goals

Party, party, party !!

Due to schedule issues, and the fact that our last team event was in February, we are having our Team Christmas Party already in November. This is great because we just got a new team leader and with him a completely new, greatly improved atmosphere for the whole team.

We’ve all worked together for almost a year but it feels like we’re only now able to start to get to know each other properly. Yeah, how bad was the last team leader, right? The words cannot describe.

So, we’re taking the whole team bowling (yeah, I know, standard) because it’s the perfect place where we will get to interact with each other, laugh at each other when we miss the alley and just chat away, which we couldn’t really do if we had opted for go-carting.  

Fast forward one week from that and it’s my darling friend, Monika’s birthday. And not just any birthday; she’s gone for a salsa theme! I’m expecting to learn some new, fabulous dance moves and to have loads of fun with loads of sangria included. 

Weekend with THE girls

Another weekend approaches when we get together with our crew from the University days for some good food and shite-load of laughter! These weekends are such therapy treats for us and the best therapy of all is of course laughter.

There’s plenty of that on offer because in addition to these girls being funny af we’ve booked tickets to a Drag Queen show that I actually saw already about 15 years ago. I remember laughing through the whole show with tears in my eyes and my sixpack (long-gone now…) aching. 


That’s quite a good haul of things to do for the worst-month-of-the-year, right? The last weekend (or actually the first of December) I’m going to reserve for relaxing at home, light some candles and have a movie night with a bottle of wine (kalsarikännit as we like to call it). 


In the UK November is actually not that bad because they are celebrating the Guy Fawkes Night, which means loooads of fire works. I have very fond memories of that tradition, even if the story behind the day is a bit gory.

I’d love to hear what you guys have planned for November? :)



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