May Schedule Family First

May Schedule – Family First & Neon Colours

May Schedule Family First

May Schedule Family First

Sunny April has drawn to a close and we move on to the threshold of Summer. Before plunging to what I have planned for the coming month, let’s see how my April schedule turned out in reality.

I sure did start my new job and, despite the slow start, I eventually took it upon myself to take matters into my own hands. Basically that meant me taking over other people’s tasks. My job description wasn’t set in stone, to begin with, which basically meant that nobody knew yet what I was going to be doing on a daily basis.

So, I started doing what I knew; improving SEO for their website, planning social media content and campaigns, and asked, asked, asked about how everything worked. In a small company one is very much responsible for their own workload, so I really need to take initiative every day… Which I’m not particularly good at.

My biggest “achievement” in April was that halfway through the month I booked flights to the first destination on my Travel Bucket List; Milan! The original plan was to go already in May but it had to be postponed into June. I don’t mind one bit, though, I’m finally going to ITALY!

And then there was the long weekend of Easter holidays. I, of course, headed home to Finland, and on my way stopped by in Helsinki for some collaboration negotiations. I left that meeting with a contract and 2 amazingly gorgeous, sustainably produced leather handbags, which I introduced in my post about sustainability in fashion on Tuesday.

Easter itself was really busy; I’d been away for so long that I literally had a minute-schedule so that I could see as many family members and friends as possible. I didn’t manage to see all, but I did see my besties and my cousin, who had just gotten a PUPPY! So, I was satisfied. I’m going home again this mont, anyway.

I had one more wisdom tooth removed and took my first, rather unwilling steps back to the life of a single woman by going on a date with a Scottish guy I found on Tinder (obviously).

So, that’s my April covered. Goodness it was busy! But let’s move on, here’s what’s up in May; I’m dedicating this month to family, which had to take a backseat in my life for the past couple months.

May Schedule Family First


By the time this post comes out, Vappu has already passed. This is the 1st of May celebration that we take extra seriously in Finland. It’s enormous!

The classic recipe for Vappu is to get together with friends on the last day of April, cook a truck-load of food and get wasted wearing your white graduation cap. The actual May Day is a picnic day! Entire cities wander into parks to enjoy good company, great food, some more booze and the incredible atmosphere.

I really miss Vappus in Finland. There’s nothing that would beat them and I truly recommend you to visit Finland at this time of year. You’ll be positively surprised!

I spent my Vappu here in Estonia with friends. There are always Finns organizing Vappu parties here, the only difficulty is to choose which one to attend. Or many? On 30th we attended a party, and on the 1st my colleague organized a barbecue at their house. Vappu spent as it should be!

May Schedule Family First

Europe Talks

I’m that person who likes to be involved in everything. There was a time when FOMO was a massive thing in my life, but thankfully I’ve moved on from those days. But I still like to stick my spoon into as many soups as I can!

This time I decided to get involved in an event that brings together people from all around Europe who disagree. Oh yes, I basically volunteered to use an hour or two of my life to argue :D Okay, it’s not really quite so dramatic.

So, this is a Europe-wide event by an international platform for political talk, My Country Talks. Its purpose is to bring together people from different countries who do not agree on matters concerning Europe and European co-operation.

I took the initial questionnaire on Finland’s biggest newspaper just for fun. The questions were the type of “Would you change your national passport to a European one?” and “Should Europe have closer ties to Russia?

Recently I was notified on my “match” who answered differently to me on some of the questions. I was a little bit disappointed this match was as close as from Sweden. Someone from further away might have had more clearly differing opinions.

Why did I get into this in the first place? Because I know that by discussing with someone who disagrees with you, you learn. Every single time you learn a different perspective, which may well be just as justified as yours. Or you may realize that you’ve been wrong all along, and it’s time to wake up and smell the hummus.

May Schedule Family First May Schedule Family First

Mothers’ Day

This is another Spring celebration which I love very, very much. I, obviously, always head home for Mothers’ Day, and this May is not an exception. We have a tradition of getting the whole family (cousins and all) together and going for a brunch in a hotel or a restaurant.

Since I live abroad I don’t get to see a lot of my family as often as I’d like, so I wouldn’t miss going home for Mothers’ Day for anything. For example, for the past couple of years the only times I’ve seen my cousin have been these Mothers’ Day brunches.

This year we’re going to a tad more special place for the brunch. Our family friends are running a bed&breakfast business in a gorgeous 100-year-old Vaani Manor and that’s our venue. I cannot wait!

May Schedule Family First

Patarei Prison

I’m going through my Travel Bucket List with good speed! Milan is already booked and in May I intend to take my brother to visit this gloomy place called Patarei.

Patarei is a fortress turned into prison that has held Soviet spies and real-life nazis in addition to serial killers, and Russian mobsters. The place is teeming with incredible stories and boasts an execution room where they still executed people in 1991. No other country in Europe had executions in their arsenal anymore at that point.

The prison was open for tourists up til 2016, when it was closed due to its derelict condition. But this Summer they open a little part of it again and I finally get to see the place. I love a good ghost story and this place is riddled with them.

In addition we want to make a little road trip and go see the Keila waterfalls and the sunken quarry, Rummu. Local travel seems to be such a rarety these days, when you can get flights abroad for 20€, so I’m really looking forwards to finding out more about this little country with a very violent history.

That’s my May covered. Looking like another busy one, which suits me just fine.

I’d love to hear how your May is looking like? Any big plans ahead for this Summery month? ♥


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