My Shopping Diaries 2019
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Looking Back At 2019 – My Shopping Diaries

It’s almost December already, can you believe it? This year has flown by like a shooting star; feels like it was just couple weeks back when I still had a boyfriend and we were wandering around the streets of Sintra. Or that it was only a month ago I started this awesome job, visited Odessa in Ukraine, and joined the wonderful Grow & Glow community.

It’s incredible how much a person can change in just one year, and how different the world looks all of a sudden. But more on all that later on. Since we’re on the subject of looking back, I thought I’d take a look at my promise to myself when it comes to personal style.

This past year I wanted to simplify things and live more sustainably. Fashion plays a big part in that. So, I’ve been introducing some sustainable brands (check out HAVU cosmetics and PIHKA collection) here on my blog, and tried to live as sustainably as possible style-wise behind the scenes as well.

I didn’t want to do another shopping strike, but instead tone down the amount of shopping, and increase the quality of my shopping.

So, let’s see what exactly I’ve shopped on the clothing side of things this year. Here’s how I got on:

My Shopping Diaries 2019

My Shopping Diaries 2019

Just Hilfiger It Up

During my shopping strike I realized a gaping hole in my wardrobe: it was missing the basic white T-shirt. So, when I was finally allowed to hit the shops again I knew that finding that perfect white tee was the priority number 1.

The most important thing was that I wasn’t going to enter another fast fashion store. So, I (happily) made my way to the higher end fashion stores, and found The One immediately when stepping into Tommy Hilfiger’s store.

The perfect white tee was laid there, right in front of the doorway, just looking at me. While I waited for the clerk to find me the right size from the back, I browsed around the store. And oh, what a surprise, I laid my eyes on a pair of beautiful wedges.

They were another item I very much needed, having just broken my latest pair the previous Summer. So, I left the store with a pair of beautiful wedges and the essential T-shirt.

My Shopping Diaries 2019 My Shopping Diaries 2019

THE Black Dress

I’ve got couple black dresses, but none of them are show-stoppers. And I like a dress in which I can make that very famous entrance. So, one Summer’s day waiting for a friend I found myself in Springfield’s store eyeballing a simple black dress with that one feature that I absolutely love:

A bardot neckline.

I tried the dress on, and it literally couldn’t have been more perfect. Did I need it? No. Did I want it. No. I REQUIRED IT! So, I bought it. And I haven’t regretted it once!

That dress is gonna accompany me on so many cocktail parties, dinner dates and evenings at the Opera. It’s so simple that it’s so versatile. Luv, luv, luv.

My Shopping Diaries 2019

The Last Bikini I’ll Ever Buy

I’ve had an issue with bikinis: I’ve got so many cheap and ugly pairs because I’ve always been somewhere abroad and the need to get a bikini for a spa visit has arisen. This has happened so many times that it would be funny if it wasn’t so wasteful.

Bikinis are the worst on the sustainability scale: the material is extremely wasteful and such that it will never disintegrate. So, I dunno what to do with the old ones now.

Because this year I was gifted a pair of sustainable bikinis, in addition to which I purchased a brand new pair in Odessa. And this is a pair I will definitely be wearing for decades to come. That’s how long it’ll take until they “pay themselves back”.

There’s a huge difference in quality when it comes to fast fashion bikinis and actual brand bikinis. But I didn’t know that before I felt it myself. Well, I sure know better now, and there’s no going back.

My Shopping Diaries 2019

Shine Bright Like a… Shoe?

Our trip to Odessa was actually the most shopping I’ve done within the year altogether. In addition to the bikinis I also purchased a pair of Steve Madden sandalettes.

These were definitely needed, since all the heels I had packed along were very high and not that practical if we wanted to walk to the city for dinner.

Thankfully it was end of the season and there were outlets with extra discounts in the hoods. So, it didn’t take me long to find the perfect pair, and how lucky, they were the right size as well!

These haven’t been worn that much yet. The weather back up North was way too cold for wearing sandalettes when we got back from the holiday, so they will have to wait till next Summer before their next wear.

My Shopping Diaries 2019

The Good, The Bad, The Pullover

Sometimes shopping isn’t about wanting something. It can also be driven by absolute need. There was a day on our holiday to Odessa, when the temperature dropped under 25 degrees Celsius.

I hadn’t expected a beach destination to get so ‘cold’ so I hadn’t packed anything to wear for a day in the Old Town in such conditions. So, I had to hit the shops and find myself a warm pullover.

I found one, but at the same time I broke my own rule. I bought it in a fast fashion store. I still feel a bit guilty about that, and because of that I doubt I’ll be falling for that trap again.

Thankfully it is a very nice pullover, I wear it all the time and it looks great. Although, it’s a bit too open for below 0 conditions…

My Shopping Diaries 2019

Things I’ve Acquired From My Mum’s Closet

I’m actually not that into shopping anymore. This year it really dawned on me that I actually have everything I need, and so much extra that it’s more than easy for me to come up with new outfits just by digging deeper into my closet.

Instead of shopping I’ve practiced my thrifting skills on another level: every time I’ve visited home I’ve discovered something in my mum’s collection of clothes and jewellery. Here are the absolute diamonds from this year’s discoveries:

Denim jacket

I hate 80’s fashion! Or so I thought. Because when I clapped my eyes on my mum’s denim jacket in her closet and tried it on, I felt a whole new door open for me in the styling universe. Yes, the jacket is as 80’s as can be, but can I style it in a contemporary way? Hell to the YES!

Multiple earrings

Another blast from the ugliest decade in fashion history: big, chunky and colourful earrings. My mum’s got drawers and drawers of jewelry, and every time I visit I go through her collections and pick a couple to take home with me.

My Shopping Diaries 2019

Not too bad, I think. All of these garments were apparently very much needed, judging by the amount of wears they’ve had. But now I’ve really hit a point where I literally no longer need anything. Because I have everything.

How was your year shopping-wise? What did you shop? ♥


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