perfect Autumn outfit
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How To ‘Slow-Style’ The Perfect Autumn Outfit?

perfect Autumn outfit

What’s your perfect Autumn outfit? I’m sure you have one, we all do. Mainly because one of the best things about Autumn are the colour palettes and warm fabrics that dictate this season’s trends.

Despite fashion houses coming up with new selections for each Autumn, when you really pay attention to them for couple years, you start to notice that there are certain trends that keep appearing over, and over, and over again. These items are ultimate classics: they’re never ‘out’.

This is great news for us who often feel like we’re not fashionable enough when season changes, or on those days when there’s “nothing to wear”. Deep down we all know neither of these statements is true, but still we fall victim of it and run to the closest fast fashion store. And that simply won’t do!

You do know, right, that all appliances today are manufactured to fall apart and break down when their warranty runs out? The same goes for fast fashion: their collections are purposefully flashy and exaggerated, so that they won’t look good any more after one season. And we’re all aware of the complete lack of quality in regards to these garments, surely.

What a waste. Literally! Waste of your money and our planet. We all know how fast fashion works, right? And we all know why we should be avoiding it. But has anyone actually told you how to do this?

Well, I’m about to do that! And in order to do that I am going to display to you my perfect Autumn outfit, which is as slow an outfit as can be.

How To ‘Slow-Style’ The Perfect Autumn Outfit?

perfect Autumn outfit perfect Autumn outfit

Trust The Classics

We’ve all got them, surely:

  • a pair of jeans
  • a blazer
  • white T-shirt
  • a leopard-print top or skirt
  • a large wool jumper

First thing you should do when preparing to benefit from your closet to the max, and to find your perfect Autumn outfit, is to locate all of your classic pieces. I mean, is there anything sexier than a white T-shirt with a pair of jeans? Simple always works.

So, if you wanna play things safe, you can never go wrong with mixing and matching those classics (that you have now located) together. Regardless of the season.

For me, this brown shirt dress is an ultimate classic and a corner stone in my wardrobe. The factors that make it such a reliable Autumn classic are the colour (brown is ALWAYS in), the fabric and the neat shape.

I can wear this shirt dress with tights, leggings or even jeans. It’s different but simple enough to go well together with different styles. An ultimate classic is something that is always trendy, and this dress is definitely that.

perfect Autumn outfit

Play With Colours

There are certain colours that NEVER disappear from the Autumn fashion charts:

burned orange
bright red

As long as you have at least couple of these colours in your wardrobe, your Autumn outfits are secured in regards to being full on trend.

I have found that, despite never being able to name an actual favourite colour, when it comes to style I do have favourite outfit colours that change according to the season.

I tend to dress in blue in the Summer, whereas in the Autumn I luurve myself some delicious brown tones. Brown is a great colour to prefer in a favourite Autumn outfit because it’s really easy to pair with multiple other colours.

Black and brown are a match made in heaven, but for a bolder dresser I recommend mixing brown clothes with bright red, yellow or bright blue pieces. Particularly with plain pieces you can raise an outfit to the next level by playing with the colours.

perfect Autumn outfit

Consider Fabrics

Autumn is all about keeping warm and cozy while the world around us dies. Literally! If you really think about seasonal fabrics, Autumn surely doesn’t make you think of silk or linen, right?

Instead, you probably instantly go to fluffy, comfy fabrics like

  • wool
  • cashmere
  • tweed or
  • fur (yes, I know, but if a fur coat has been passing down in the family for decades, it stays!)

The right kind of fabric makes all the difference between the perfect Autumn outfit and just an Autumn outfit.

Since suede is quite a warm fabric, I’d never wear this shirt dress in the Summer. The under-arm sweat patches would be beyond horrendous. But when temperature plummets below 15 degrees Celsius, it’s time to whip this off the clothing rack!

Suede is also a fabric we do not see too often, and it looks a tad more luxurious than your average wool or cotton. So, if you’d like to amp up the fanciness volume on your outfit, opt for suede.

perfect Autumn outfit

Accessorize To Maximize

This Autumn the trendiest accessories include:

  • statement necklaces
  • wide heels
  • statement hairbands
  • wide waist-belts

And you know what’s best about each of these? The fact that they are trendy every other year, if not every single year.

In these photos we can see a leather belt that is around 5 years old, a hairband that is on its 15th year currently, a necklace that nears its 10th year in use, and boots that I just HAD to have around 2 years ago.

All of these in pristine condition (okay, perhaps there’s a bit of colouring on the necklace, but in my opinion it just makes it look cooler). How can they still be in such good condition, you ask? Because I take care of my shiz!

I’m your ultimate materialist, but in a whole different meaning of the word: I love stuff so much that I make sure that I get to spend as many years with each item as I possibly can. For me materialism isn’t about buying stuff all the time. It’s about appreciating the stuff you already have.

perfect Autumn outfit

Invest in Quality ONLY

We’ve all got so much clothes now that none of us actually need anything new. So, if you really think about it, you’ve got an ultimate favourite Autumn outfit in your closet right now as well. There’s definitely no need to hit the shops.

But if it so happens that you seriously miss an item from your wardrobe, make sure you don’t opt for H&M or Primark to find it. If you do, you’re only wasting your money and pissing on the planet you live on (I’m not gonna beat around the bush, because none of us deserve subtlety anymore).

Buying sustainably produced clothes is more expensive, but for heaven’s sake, stop complaining about it, because you know exactly why that is! And it’s not THAT much more expensive, anyway. There are so many brands to choose from these days, some cheaper than others.

The point is that sustainably produced clothes were manufactured to last. To last in use, to last in the wash, to last the tooth of time. Yes, tears and stains happen, but guess what? They can be cleaned and fixed. Many sustainable brands even offer maintenance services for the clothes you purchase.

perfect Autumn outfit

It’s all about what you think you deserve, at the end of the day. Do you deserve a better quality T-shirt? I can answer that for you: YES, YOU DO.

We need to change our mindset from “gimme all right now!” to “give me the best for a long time!” Quality is always an investment. Each pair of my expensive leather shoes has been an investment in my mind, and I still enjoy those investments. How great is that?!

So, there you have it, my favourite Autumn outfit. Now it’s your turn, what is your perfect Autumn outfit and what’s the recipe behind it? I love a bit of fashion talk, so please share ♥


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