What Made Me Happy Lately

4 Things That Have Made Me Happy Lately

What Made Me Happy Lately What Made Me Happy Lately

It was a rather difficult Spring, I’m not going to lie. No matter how much I searched for reasons to be happy every day, there were times when I failed miserably. All I could think about was my relationship ending and how unfair it was.

But since then, having solved certain issues and getting my confidence back, I’ve been able to find the wonderful little everyday things that bring me joy in life again. And obviously, Summer arriving and being as warm and sunny as it is, it’s very hard not to be bloody, hilariously happy.

In general I’m a genuinely grateful person, in the sense that I know how bad things could be. So, having a home, even if not perfectly functioning one, and being able to afford food and travel already makes me very happy indeed.

Also, little things like fresh flowers on my living room table, an interesting conversation with my colleagues over lunch, or helping an old lady over the road (this actually happened) make me feel like #lifeisgood.

In addition to the everyday things, there are events and people that make life extraordinarily awesome. And after all the gloom and doom of the past Spring I’m really living life right now.

Here are a couple things that have made me super happy lately:

What Made Me Happy Lately

Chill Weekend With Friends

I used to get really stressed out throughout the week in case I had nothing planned for the approaching weekend. Spending a weekend with nothing to do was considered by me as ‘wasted’.

I guess turning 30 the past January turned some specific switch in my brain because nowadays I welcome a weekend without plans with open arms. Maybe because since the break-up I’ve been kept so busy by friends and colleagues, who wanted to make sure I was OK (those darlings♥), that a weekend on my own was perhaps even needed.

On the other hand, not having plans opens the whole weekend up for extempore adventures. Which is something that happened couple weeks back; we had agreed to meet on a terrace by the sea with my girls for a lunch, and the day turned into an adventure.

We walked around the sea side, bought some strawberries and wandered to the end of a long jetty to enjoy them. After which we went to visit the local Botanical Garden. What a perfect day spent in the most wonderful company.

So, my advice to those who recognized themselves from my description of stressing over an unplanned weekend, is to embrace it! Me-time is important and needed, and the odds are that you won’t end up spending the weekend alone anyway.

What Made Me Happy Lately


I don’t know if there are studies about why food tastes so much better when eaten outside. But it’s the truth, it does!

I am so lucky to live in a city that is covered with an amazing restaurant after another. There’s something for everyone. And when you get to enjoy your meal on a beautiful, sunny terrace in the Old Town, you can’t ignore the #lifeisgood vibe.

It is incomprehensible for me how some people commit to food only as fuel. They consume food just to have the energy to do whatever they do. I mean… how much are these people missing out on in life?!

When I get a plate of food in a restaurant, that tastes like heaven, I literally have a little dance. Because good food makes me bloody happy! New flavours, perfect flavours, just flavour makes me smile and dance. I’d be bloody miserable if I ever had to go on a diet, that’s for sure.

What Made Me Happy Lately


As a Brand Ambassador for PIHKA collection I participated in one of their DIY courses in June. The course was arranged in Helsinki, and I had been looking forwards to it since I heard about them organizing such courses.

I’m not particularly dexterous, and even though I can change a light bulb, I’d rather pay someone to do it for me due to high risk of me injuring myself.

So, arriving to the workshop and seeing tables stacked with carpet knives and hammers did worry me for a second. But all worries were soon discarded when we got to work!

Oh my goodness, how much fun, how inspiring, and how amazingly elevating it was to cut random pieces of leather and see an actual bag forming in front of your eyes. You can read a more detailed account of how to make your own bag in my previous post about it.

But suffice to say, if you get a chance to participate in something like this, go for it! Take it from me, you don’t need to be a DIY person or particularly good with your hands, these courses are designed for everyone.

What Made Me Happy Lately


We moved office couple weeks back, and my commute is now about 2 minutes long. And I lllove it! Because it allows me so much extra time in the morning that I have finally been able to resume my running routine.

Before I only had time to go running during weekends (because first thing in the morning is the only time of day I exercise), and most Summer weekends there’s a lot to do and places to go, or just hangover, so running takes a backseat in my schedule.

Now I try to keep up a routine of going for a morning run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays or Sundays. The first week, when I managed to keep up with this routine, I slept better than ever.

I’ve never had trouble sleeping, but this was proper, deep sleep. I doubt even a dog barking next to me could’ve woken me up.

Running also means that I’ve had to resume stretching. Which, again, can only be a good thing. I mean, what could a better way to start a morning than with a gentle jog and a stretching routine… I’m starting to sound like a proper healthy person. What happened? Bring on the burgers for balance! :D


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