Blogging blogs are making comeback

The Return of The Blog: Why Blogs Are Making A Comeback

Blogging blogs are making comeback

The question pops up every couple years: Are blogs dying out? And again, and again the answer it: No, no they’re not! In fact, blogs are making a comeback more than anything else!

I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years. But until March last year it was all about keeping friends and family up to date on my adventures around Europe. In March I finally purchased my own domain, learned a bit of coding and started reading about and implementing SEO and affiliate links into the mix.

Blogging is my passion because it incorporates two of my favourite things; writing and photography. So, even though everybody was talking about “the death of the blog” I decided my passion for blogging was worth getting into the game. Even if it may be too late.

Maybe last year was a tad quieter if blogging has been your livelihood for a while already. But the fact is that even if last year might have been slower and quieter, blogging as an industry is NOT going anywhere. On the contrary, blogs are making a comeback.

Immediately after New Year my reading list was filled with blog post after blog post on how this industry will stick around and how it’s going to be even bigger and better this time around. So inspiring, so supportive, and so POSITIVE!

I was so inspired that I decided to throw some thoughts of my own into the mix as well. These thoughts were definitely prompted by the previously mentioned blog posts. But they are also thoughts that I’ve been twirling in my mind since starting this blog last Spring. And I think the time is ripe to finally bring those thoughts out into the open.

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Why Blogs Are Making A Comeback In 2019

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Taking back control

On the last half of 2018 we started hearing more and more noise about Instagram becoming victim of the forced advertising that destroyed Facebook’s appeal for many Millennials. Instagram also changes its algorithm constantly, and somehow it always changes into a less user-friendly direction.

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Then there are all these social media platforms that were super popular for a while and suddenly just died. Such platform like Vine and Snapchat. Even Twitter lost a considerable amount of users last year. What does all this tell us?

In my opinion, it means that we as consumers, users and enablers (because those platforms wouldn’t exist without us!) want to take back the control that should be ours.

And that is the main difference between a blog and a social media platform; a blog is its creator’s property. I own this domain, this website and every single word and photo on it. It’s mine and I control what happens to it, if anything.

Whatever you see here on my page, you can be damned sure it’s about me and my opinions. Written by me, edited by me, and published by me. No misleading adverts and changing algorithms here, I can guarantee that.

Trustworthiness is gaining more value every passing year and it’s fast becoming one of the most important currencies in the online world. And as awareness of the privacy issues on social media platforms grows, blogs making a comeback becomes more and more major. Trust and security are advantages that blogs have over social media always.

Blogging blogs are making comeback

People prefer less advertisements

Every time Facebook, Netflix, Instagram or any platform decides to incorporate advertisements or more advertisements, it causes shivers of dislike in each of us. Personally I am rather fed up with advertisements popping up on Instagram after every 2 pictures.

Even if they are often more beautiful adverts and related to my interests, I don’t need them and I don’t want to see them. I’m able to find the information about new travel destinations and jewelry brands if and when I deem it necessary.

And I would venture to guess that there are plenty of people who are thinking along the same lines. The particularly oppressive factor about all these adverts teeming on social media platforms is the fact that they are so extremely targeted to us thanks to the modern day ‘eavesdropping’.

We all know that if you mention a certain brand bag in a conversation, even if the conversation itself has nothing to do with the bag, the next time you go online, you’ll see an advert of that particular bag. This is straight out of Stalin’s handbook of ‘how to spy Soviet Union-style‘ and it’s fucking horrid!

And there’s another reason why I’m sensing that blogs are making a comeback; you know where every recommendation and brand praise comes from and that’s the author of the blog. Not some random robot spying on you on your phone.

Yes, there are blogs that are teeming with adverts cutting the text, and it’s not particularly appealing (#personalopinion !) But the choice is yours, whether you continue following that blog or whether you prefer to read blogs without advertisements interrupting.

Reading never loses its appeal

This is a simple fact, people love to read. Even though there are worries that people don’t read books as much as they used to, they still read. There is an abundance of news articles, science articles, blog posts and forums where people read and write daily.

Blogs are in such strong position in the future because of this; when people look for advice and information they Google. And what are some of the very first results on Google, no matter what keywords you tap in the Search bar? Oh yes, blog posts.

I’m definitely one of those who rely strongly on blogs. For example, when I search for ‘what to do’-tips for my travels. Or DIY tricks for changing a light bulb, because I’m a modern independent woman *snap!*  And I’m sure I’m not the only one, so the future of blogs is secured.

There’s just so much that goes for longer, more informative texts versus short tips on Instagram. Or Twitter that has no writing space for concrete advice. A tap and a scroll does not take you very far if you want to figure out how to take a screen shot with the new iPhone. But a few well selected search words in Google, and a quick look at a blog post with even just informative headlines will take you there.

Blogging blogs are making comeback

Blog posts stick around

From the point of view of the retailers, brands and everyone who’s interested in collaborating with influencers, blogs beat social media platforms 6 – 0! Why? Because that blog post sticks around for years, maybe decades! And every time those specific keywords are searched on Google the post gets more and more visibility.

Obviously, that also means more and more visibility for the brand. Blogs should be, and are a stable, long-term solution for anyone who wants to market their products and brands. But blogs are especially good for new brands that are breaking into the markets where competition is hard.

Choosing the right blog and blogger to collaborate with in order to kick-start your new lipstick’s sales is one of the most effective and continuous marketing strategies. 

The things that brands should pay attention to is that the blogger they collaborate with is knowledgeable on SEO and how to keep the post visible and up-to-date even years from now.

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I’m going to join my fellow bloggers in praising 2019 as the Year of the Blog! But it won’t be the Year of the Blog unless we make it so!

So, now is the time to admit to yourself (if you haven’t done so already) that your blog is good enough and even better than you’ve allowed yourself to think. Shout about it online and offline, advertise, market, make people aware.

And who knows, you may have a whole new set of followers and a new stream of revenue by the end of this year.

I’d love to hear what you lovelies think of blogging especially now that the new year has been kicked to full speed again! Is this the year blogs are making a comeback? ♥


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