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The Best Times and Ways To Promote Blog Posts

promote blog posts

I started blogging back in 2011 when I moved to London. Back then it was all about recording my weekly adventures and dumping all my photos into one place for everyone back home to see. I didn’t think about how to promote the blog posts, I didn’t need to. It was just a hobby. And I continued on that track when I moved to Slovakia.

Professionally I’ve been blogging for just 2 years. In that time, though, I’ve learned more than plenty of the best tactics with which to promote my blog posts. It has taken me a lot of trials and errors, but at the end of the day, the patterns become clear quite quickly.

I had a wee round on Google before starting this post, because I wanted to see whether my observations corresponded to anyone else’s. There were plenty of high profile online marketing professionals offering their insight. But they definitely couldn’t agree on much.

So, I decided to do this as follows: I will showcase what the experts say about these 2 issues, and then explain my own observations. I will obviously also explain why I think my way to promote a blog post works, if not better, very well indeed.

I’m definitely not saying that I would know better than the industry professionals, but let’s face it: what works for you, might not work for me. We’re all different; our niches are different, writing styles, audiences, and daily schedules.

That’s why I’d love it if you’d drop me a comment at the end of this post and let me know what you have found to work best for you! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here are my findings on the best times and ways to promote a blog post.

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The Best Times and Ways To Promote Blog Posts

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The Best Times To Promote a Blog Post

I guess there are as many opinions on this matter as there are creators. First of all, to promote a blog post is different than promoting a social media post. Blog posts take a longer time to consume, whereas with Instagram photos you can just have quick scroll through.

Thus, the time of when to post a blog post should depend on what is the best time for people to read it. When do people have extra time on their hands?

Lunch hour?

Well, according to Neil Patel, a top influencer and an expert online marketer, the best time to promote a blog post is on Monday mornings at 11.

He justifies this logic with the weekend being over and people feeling a bit fatigued after having to return to work. So, before it’s lunch o’clock they roam the internet looking for something interesting to spend their time on instead of work.

Sure, why not. It makes sense. Lunch hour is basically our own time, and reading a blog post while munching on your lunchies is definitely a lovely way to spend and hour.

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Not far off this is Blogtyrant, a resource library for blogging tools and tutorials. They suggest to promote your blog posts between 9:00 – 9:30 in the morning.

This is interesting, because that’s the time when most people start at work. Who has time to read blog posts at that time? They explain that this time is optimal because before it people are scrolling through their e-mails and social media channels instead of blog posts. I don’t quite agree, and I’ll come back to this.

Any time during the day?

The question-and-answer website Quora recommends 7AM from Mondays to Thursdays as the best time to publish blog posts. And for Saturdays 9AM. Multiple other recommendations I found on my extensive search also mentioned that between 7AM and 9AM is the best time to promote a blog post.

But also lunch hour, 12PM – 2PM, and right after work, between 4PM – 6PM, were mentioned many times. And it makes sense when we think “When do people have time on their hands?

promoting blog posts

My findings

I completely understand Neil Patel’s logic here, but personally I can’t but disagree. I definitely don’t have time on Mondays to scroll the internet aimlessly, and neither do my colleagues. Monday is when you get the wheels turning again. But then again, my job is very different to most jobs.

From my experience I’d definitely recommend Quora’s tactic. Posting at 7AM ensures that your post is there for people to read during their commute. Which is how many people like to consume blogs; while traveling.

Lunch hour is also a good time. But if you already posted at 7AM, your post will be there for people to read at lunch. Win-win. I myself do notice a peak in traffic around the time when a blog post goes out. And from asking around, many other bloggers refer to this tactic as well.

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The Best Ways To Promote a Blog Post

Especially if you’re new to blogging, you’re gonna have to put some effort into promoting it before it can “take care of itself”. By this I mean that you need to optimize your posts and spread the links far and wide by yourself.

There will come a time when traffic to your blog will flow without you needing to do so much about it. But I’m not going to lie to you, getting to that point takes time and constant effort. The more effort, the less time you might need, and vice versa.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You will have seen this before, and you will keep seeing it everywhere where you look for information to grow your traffic. In normal language this means making sure that your blog posts pop up when people look for answers on Google.

Well done SEO is one of the most profitable ways to gain organic traffic: it’s free and for little effort you gain a lot of site visits. In practice this means you need to figure out

  • the post’s key words (the words that people will most likely google when looking for this information)
  • a meta description (the couple lines of text shown underneath the headline on google), which includes the aforementioned key words
  • a slug, which is the full URL of your post. This should also include your key words, and not be too long.

Other things that also affect SEO are an SSL code (http versus https), without which Google will determine your site unsafe. Missing this means that Google will not rank your site well. You should also make sure that your website theme is SEO friendly. Every little helps.

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Facebook is one of the best traffic generators among the social media channels. For example, if you have your own group, or you’re part of a group where you’re able to promote your blog posts, share them! I get huge peaks in traffic whenever I post something travel-related to my local expats group on Facebook or on my own feed.

According to CoSchedule, a platform for online marketing tools, the best times to promote a blog post on Facebook is between 1PM – 4PM. They also point out that you should only post once a day. And read the rules in the groups you wish to promote in, some of them are very strict about spamming.


You will find a lot of tips about promoting you blog posts on Twitter minimum 10 times a day. In case you’re unable to tweet all the time, you can also schedule your promotion posts.

I have skipped this step completely. Instead, I’ve found it much more beneficial to join chats and blogging communities on Twitter, that organize blog post threads. There you can share your recent posts where it will reach thousands and thousands of people through retweets and likes.

When you also comment on others’ posts on that thread, they start commenting on your posts as well. And voilá, all of a sudden you’ve got 10 new regular visitors to your site. The times to look for these comment threads is in the morning (before lunch) and in the evening (after 5PM).

For me, Twitter is my second best traffic source. Google is no.1.

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Instagram is particularly good a place to promote blog posts IF you have a swipe up link. You don’t necessarily need it: I do get people visiting my site through the link in my Instagram bio. But the amounts are, of course, nowhere near the amounts those people have with the convenient swipe up link.

If we talk about us who have under 10K followers, and thus don’t have the swipe up option, I can’t see Instagram as a beneficial traffic source. That doesn’t mean, though, that you shouldn’t promote there as well!

If you have a blog post or a product that resonates with your followers, they will find their way to your profile and click the link. You have to do a bit of testing to figure out what times are best for you in terms of reach. For me, I post around 8 – 10AM on my feed and throughout the day on Stories.

So, do promote you blog posts on Instagram as well! All traffic is welcome.


Now this. Almost every other blogger will tell you that Pinterest is their biggest traffic source. And I believe that! Pinterest is in a way just like Google, but it’s based on images.

Pinterest is a search engine. People go there to find answers, so make sure you provide them. Also, make sure to optimize your pins with key words, just like you need to optimize your posts for Google to find. Always remember: use keywords that people would type into ‘search’. The closer your key words match, the better visibility, and thus more traffic.

Just like Twitter, Pinterest wants you to be very active. 10-15 pins per day, spread across the day, is an ideal amount. But pinning them takes time, so we need a tool.

And the perfect tool for scheduling pins throughout a week/month is Tailwind. There you can schedule your pins so that the flow stays consistent. Pinterest likes this, and will thus rank your pins better.

promote blog posts

Consistency and quality are the foundations of a great blog. The same rules apply for promoting your blog posts. Do it regularly and pick 2 or 3 main channels on which you put 80% of your promoting efforts. Don’t try and do a little bit of everything: ‘quantity first‘ never works as well as ‘quality first‘.

For example, my main promotion tactics are acing my SEO and promoting on Twitter. Instagram and Pinterest I use for promoting my blog posts only when I think it’s appropriate for that specific channel. And if I need a last minute boost in traffic I’ll pop a link on Facebook.

I’d love to hear how you promote your blog posts! What’s the best tactic for you? Let me know by commenting below ♥


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