Outlandish blog shoe collection favourites high heels
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Day 10: About High Heel-Obsession And How To Find The Perfect Pair

Outlandish blog shoe collection favourites high heels

Summer is the most inspiring season in so many regards. But one thing that makes me love Summer that much more is the fact that it is the only time I get to wear my favourite pieces of clothing.


I’ve got an entire closet full of high heels of different shape, colour and height but the past 2 Summers were so rainy and cold that my precious shoes haven’t seen daylight for too long. So, this Summer season I have made sure that every single pair gets worn!

I was only about 3-4 years when I wrote my very first diary entry, which went around the lines:

“I wish I will soon be allowed to wear such click-click shoes that my mum wears every day!”

Oh, how I longed for the day when I would be allowed to clip-clop around in high heels! I had to wait until I was around 6 years old to get my very first pair of heels. And as Emma Thompson famously said in the best movie ever, Love Actually, “True love lasts a lifetime” so my adoration for beautiful, sometimes very uncomfortable high heels is still going strong.

Outlandish blog shoe collection favourites high heels

I often buy heels on the whim but never to keep them in the closet unused. I try to find a place and a situation for all my darling shoes to be worn. Some of them are quite uncomfortable and not suited for walking more than 10 meters at a time before the cuts on my toes make me bleed dry. But there is a place and a time for such shoes as well. Like the office because there I don’t need to walk further than the kitchen.

And then there are those ultimate shoes that are both amazingly beautiful and classic, and also so comfortable that they can be worn for an entire day without any issue. Such shoes include nude sandalettes and classic, black stilettos. I’ve already got the perfect pair of nude sandalettes but I’m still dreaming of those Louboutin stilettos.

Even though some “feminists” claim that high heels are another way of suppressing women (seriously… nobody is forcing me to wear them) and sneakers are often matched with midi skirts and even fancy dresses, the classic high heel never loses its place as the no.1 choice for dress-up situations.

But unlike many believe, high heels don’t necessarily mean painful blisters and aching feet. Here are my tips on how to find the perfect pair of heels that will keep you classy for many, many years.

Outlandish blog shoe collection favourites high heels  Outlandish blog shoe collection favourites high heels

Pick the right time for shopping

I recommend you focus your shoe shopping always for the end of the day. Might sound a bit weird but hear me out:

When you leave work your feet are tired and probably a bit more swollen than normally so they are more sensitive and thus in the best state to determine which shoes are the best shape and size. If you try on new shoes straight after breakfast the risk of buying a pair that ends up being too small in the long run is much bigger.

Invest in good quality leather

I prefer to keep my wallet strings as tight as possible (at least for now) but when I do decide to spend money I’ve come to realize that quality materials are the thing to go for. In accessories, and in particular with shoes, I recommend you to concentrate on leather.

Leather is a pliable material; it stretches and shapes according to your foot and when maintained well, it becomes more beautiful with time.

Walk around for a good while

Take your time in the store. Walk around in your favourite pair as much as you can to get a realistic feel of the shoes. If the shoes feel even slightly uncomfortable put them aside and try another pair.

Take it from me, a true shoe-holic, there is never a point in buying shoes that you think are uncomfortable in the store. They will be much worse when you actually have to wear them to an event.

Outlandish blog shoe collection favourites high heels

Outlandish blog shoe collection favourites high heels

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Assess how your toes feel

This goes into the previous tip as well but I wanted to really emphasize the importance of properly assessing the level of comfort already in the store. I know from almost 25 years of experience that there is absolutely no point in investing in shoes where your toes or balls of feet are uncomfortable. You will not wear those shoes.

In order to find the best shape for you try on different heel-heights and shapes (peep-toe / stilettos with a round and a sharp tip / sandalette / wedges vs. sharp heels, etc.) It might surprise you but kitten-heels are not often the best option: for a lot of people that heel height makes your heels ache. Whereas few centimeters more in the heel is absolutely perfect.

Practice walking in heels at home

This was something I took very seriously at an early age. When I got my first pair of heels I would strut back and forth in front of the big mirrors in the hallway and practice my posture. I gotta admit, walking in heels is not quite as straight forward as sneakers: if you want to avoid looking like a twat you have to pay attention to your posture. Bad posture and hooked knees ensure that you will have blisters and also a sore back.

So, keeping in mind that nothing looks as glamorous as a confident woman in heels, I wish you all good shopping this weekend :)

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